30 Coins Season 2 Ending Explained, Cast, Plot, Trailer and More

In the gripping conclusion of “30 Cents” Part 2, the characters unite to stop Barbrow’s apocalyptic plans. The climax ushers in a high-stakes confrontation, bringing closure to character arcs while leaving room for interpretation, providing a satisfying and thought-provoking resolution.

30 cents

“30 Coins” is a Spanish mystery thriller television series created by Álex de la Iglesia for HBO Europe. The story revolves around Father Vergara, an exorcist who is chased by the church to Pedraza, a remote village in Spain, to hide from his enemies. The series, co-written by Jorge Guerricaechevarría, delves into a mix of supernatural mysteries and the protagonist’s struggles in his new, strange environment.

Premiering its first season on November 29, 2020, on HBO Europe, the show attracted attention for its unique blend of horror and mystery. The second season, which began filming in February 2022, premieres on Max on October 23, 2023. “30 Coins” unfolds a riveting story of exorcism, dark secrets and the fight against evil forces, all set in a remote village in Spain, promising suspense and excitement for the audience.

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The ending of 30 cents Part 2 explained

At the climax of “30 Coins Season 2,” complex plot threads weave together in a tense and climactic resolution. The characters, including Lombardi, Salcedo, Haruka and Antonio, unite to stop Barbrow’s nefarious plans revolving around the ominous supercomputer.

The impending ritual adds urgency to their mission, forcing them to race against time. Meanwhile, the core story unfolds with Vergara and Elena fighting desperately to save Paco from the clutches of evil forces orchestrated by Barbrow.

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The climax reveals a high-stakes confrontation in which the characters confront the supercomputer and its apocalyptic potential. The resolution is not only about preventing disaster but also delves into each character’s personal interests.

The nuanced ending helps wrap up certain character arcs while leaving room for interpretation and speculation, ensuring a thought-provoking conclusion. Viewers are left with a mix of satisfying, suspenseful and lingering questions, making the finale of “30 Coins Season 2” a memorable and thoughtfully crafted conclusion to the supernatural story.

30 cents Part 2 Cast



Eduard Fernández

Father Vergara

Miguel Ángel Silvestre


Megan Montanar


Macarena Gómez


Pepón Nieto

Sargento Lagunas

Manolo Solo


Carmen Machi


Cosimo Fusco


Najwa Nimri


Paul Giamatti

Christian Barbrow

30 cents season 2 plot

In Season 2 of “30 Coins,” the gripping story centers on Padre Manuel Vergara, a former exorcist seeking solace in the quiet Spanish town of Pedraza.

Forced by the town mayor, Paco, and local veterinarian Elena, Vergara is pulled back into a world of mystery and supernatural intrigue involving the Vatican and the 30 silver coins of Judas. The aftermath of Part 1 saw Vergara’s sacrificial act of scattering the coins, leading to a mysterious billionaire’s quest to collect them.

When Paco’s wife, Merche, succumbs to dark forces, Vergara embarks on a dangerous mission to stop the impending threat, even if it requires escaping the clutches of Hell. Part 2 unleashes a relentless battle against evil forces, introducing new challenges and opponents.

The plot intricately intertwines themes of sacrifice, conspiracy and the relentless pursuit of justice, promising viewers a thrilling continuation of the supernatural journey with high stakes and unforeseen problems.

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30 cents Season 2 Episode




S2 E1

Ghost town

December 31, 2022

S2 E2


December 31, 2022

S2 E3

Creatures of hell

December 31, 2022

S2 E4

The Black Book of the Mad Arab

December 31, 2022

S2 E5

Complex symbols

December 31, 2022

S2 E6

Reset the world

December 31, 2022

S2 E7

Two cores

December 31, 2022

S2 E8

Eyes of God

December 31, 2022

30 cents season 2 review

“30 Coins Season 2 has received positive reviews for its thrilling narrative, complex character development, and brilliant blend of supernatural elements. The show continues to captivate audiences with its storytelling. suspenseful story, maintaining the perfect balance between horror and mystery.

The addition of new characters and the exploration of deeper conspiracies were praised, while the excellent performances of the cast, especially Eduard Fernández as Padre Vergara, contributed to the series’ success. . Part 2 builds on the strengths of the previous part, providing an engaging and satisfying continuation that keeps viewers thrilled.”

Where to watch season 2 coins?

To watch Season 2 of “30 Coins,” you can tune in on HBO Max. The series is exclusively available on this streaming platform, making it the ideal destination for fans eager to watch the latest episodes. To enjoy the supernatural mysteries, intriguing plot twists, and thrilling character developments of the new season, you need to subscribe to HBO Max.

The platform provides a seamless viewing experience, allowing subscribers to access a variety of content, including “30 Coins” and other premium shows and movies. With a user-friendly interface and rich library, HBO Max ensures that viewers have easy and convenient access to their favorite entertainment, making it the ultimate destination for Who wants to dig deeper into the thrilling world of “30 cents” Part 2.

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30 cents season 2 trailer

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