Agnosia Driftwood Remnant 2, Where to Find All Crafting Materials in Remnant 2?

Uncover the enigma of Agnosia Driftwood in Remnant 2, a crafting material that weaves mystery and potential into your gameplay. Explore its arcane depths and enhance your creations.
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Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is an engaging third-person shooter action role-playing video game crafted by Gunfire Games and brought to life by Gearbox Publishing. Serving as the eagerly anticipated sequel to its predecessor, Remnant: From the Ashes (2019), this game made its debut on the gaming scene in July 2023. Available on PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S platforms, it swiftly garnered favorable feedback from both players and critics alike, thanks to its captivating gameplay and immersive experience.

The game’s release was met with widespread acclaim, with reviewers and players alike praising its mechanics, visuals, and overall design. Notably, Remnant 2 achieved remarkable success in its initial week after hitting the market, boasting sales figures that surpassed the impressive milestone of 1 million copies sold. This reception serves as a testament to the game’s resonance and popularity among gamers, solidifying its position as a noteworthy addition to the gaming landscape.

Agnosia Driftwood Remnant 2

Agnosia Driftwood, a remarkable Crafting Material found in the world of Remnant 2, captivates with its enigmatic presence. This seemingly ordinary piece of wood conceals a profound secret beneath its surface – a symphony of unknown runes that dance and weave, defying the boundaries of static existence. These enigmatic markings bear witness to Laemir’s relentless pursuit of unraveling the mysteries of life and enduring existence.

As adventurers traverse the landscapes of Remnant 2, the discovery of Agnosia Driftwood unlocks a realm of possibilities. It serves as a vital ingredient in the intricate art of crafting, allowing skilled artisans to harness its latent energies and incorporate them into their creations. The fusion of mundane appearance and arcane significance transforms Agnosia Driftwood into a conduit of potential, enabling the infusion of Laemir’s experimental insights into various crafted items.

Agnosia Driftwood stands as a testament to the boundless curiosity and ingenuity that define the world of Remnant 2. Its very essence invites intrepid souls to partake in the grand tapestry of exploration, knowledge-seeking, and creation that unfolds throughout the game’s immersive journey.

Where To Find All Crafting Materials in Remnant 2?

The locations of Crafting Materials is given here;

  • Alkahest Powder:

    • Defeat Gwendil The Unburnt in Losomn.
    • Receive Alkahest Powder as a drop.
    • This item is used to craft the Witchfire Weapon Mod.
  • Anamy’s Echo:

    • Defeat Nimue in Losomn.
    • Locate a teleport point at Retreat’s Horizon.
    • Teleport to the area and explore.
    • Find Anamy’s Echo.
    • This item is used for crafting the Crescent Moon Bow.
  • Blood Moon Essence:

    • Wait for a blood moon event in Yaesha.
    • Defeat Root Wisps during the blood moon.
    • Obtain Blood Moon Essence as a drop.
    • Use this item to craft armor, weapons, and consumables.
  • Bloody Steel Splinter:

    • Pay 3 Crimson Coins as tribute to the Red Prince in Losomn.
    • Obtain the Bloody Steel Splinter.
    • Use it in crafting the Blood Draw weapon mod.
  • Bone Sap:

    • Defeat the Bloat King in Great Sewers, Losomn.
    • Obtain Bone Sap as a drop.
    • Alternatively, buy it from Cass at Ward 13 for 1500 Scraps.
    • This item is used to craft the Voltaic Rondure Weapon Mod.
  • Broken Compass:

    • Defeat the Annihilation final boss at Root Earth.
    • Obtain Broken Compass as dropped loot.
    • Take the Broken Compass to Wallace in Ward 13.
    • Craft the Golden Compass Engram to unlock the Explorer Archetype.
  • Broken Timepiece:

    • Complete the Clock Tower Quiz in Losomn.
    • Locate the Broken Timepiece near Hewdas Clock checkpoint.
  • Cipher Rod:

    • Access the Labyrinth via a portal.
    • Explore the area, especially tombstone-like bases.
    • Find the Cipher Rod, used to craft the Enigma Rifle.
  • Conflux Prism:

    • Defeat the Labyrinth Sentinel in The Labyrinth.
    • Obtain Conflux Prism.
    • Use it to craft the Cube Gun.
  • Cordyceps Gland:

    • Defeat the Mother Mind in the Nameless Nest.
    • Obtain Cordyceps Gland.
    • Use it to craft the Tremor weapon mod.
  • Cracked Shell:

    • Defeat the Primogenitor in the Hatchery, N’Erud.
    • Obtain Cracked Shell as loot.
    • Use it to craft the Space Crabs weapon mod.
  • Crimson Membrane:

    • Defeat the Ravager in Ravager’s Nest, Yaesha.
    • Obtain Crimson Membrane as loot.
    • Use it in crafting the Merciless Long Gun.
  • Cursed Dreams Silk:

    • Defeat The Nightweaver in Losomn.
    • Obtain Cursed Dreams Silk.
    • Use it to craft the Nightfall Long Gun.
  • Decrepit Rune:

    • Trade the Ravenous Medallion for the Decrepit Rune.
    • Trade with Nightweaver’s Web in the Marrow Parish.
    • Use it in crafting the Rune Pistol.
  • Dread Core:

    • Defeat Venom in Root Earth.
    • Obtain Dread Core as loot.
    • Use it to craft the Skewer Weapon Mod.
  • Eidolon Shard:

    • Defeat Sha’Hala in N’Erud.
    • Obtain Eidolon Shard.
    • Use it to craft the Spectral Blade.
  • Escalation Circuit:

    • Find the Escalation Circuit in Abyssal Rift area.
    • Search near The Custodian in N’Erud.
    • Use it to craft the Overflow weapon mod.
  • Faded Grimoire:

    • Find the Faded Grimoire at Bloodmoon Altar, Yaesha.
    • Take it to Wallace in Ward 13 for crafting.
    • Craft the Tome of the Bringer Engram to unlock the Summoner archetype.
  • Faith Seed:

    • Find the Faith Seed at Cathedral of Omen, Yaesha.
    • Use it to craft the Astral Burst weapon mod.
  • Forgotten Memory:

    • Defeat Annihilation in Remant 2, Root Earth.
    • Obtain Forgotten Memory as a drop.
    • Use it to craft the Alpha-Omega Long gun.
  • Forlorn Fragment:

    • Defeat the Red Prince in Losomn.
    • Find the Forlorn Fragment.
    • Use it to craft the Firestowm Weapon Mod.
  • Heart Seed:

    • Explore The Chimney area in Yaesha.
    • Locate the Heart Seed.
    • Use it to craft the Soulbinder weapon mod.
  • Hollow Heart:

    • Defeat the Corruptor in Great Bole area, Yaesha.
    • Obtain the Hollow Heart crafting material.
    • Use it to craft the Stonebreaker.
  • Imposter’s Heart:

    • Defeat Faelin in Council Chamber, Losomn.
    • Obtain the Imposter’s Heart.
    • Use it to craft the Deceit Long Gun.
  • Medic Pin:

    • Purchase the Medic Pin from Dr. Norah in Ward 13 for 1500 Scraps.
    • Take it to Wallace in Ward 13.
    • Craft the Caduceus Idol Engram to unlock the Medic archetype.
  • Melded Hilt:

    • Defeat Faelin in Malefic Gallery, Losomn.
    • Find the Melded Hilt.
    • Use it to craft the Godsplitter Melee Weapon.
  • Mutated Growth:

    • Defeat the Abomination in N’Erud.
    • Obtain the Mutated Growth.
    • Use it to craft the Bore weapon mod.
  • Necrocyte Strand:

    • Defeat Cancer in Root Earth.
    • Obtain the Necrocyte Strand.
    • Use it to craft the Defrag Weapon Mod.
  • Old Metal Tool:

    • Purchase the Old Metal Tool from Reggie at Ward 13 for 1500 Scraps.
    • Use it to craft the Steel Enswell Engram and unlock the Challenger archetype.
  • Old Whistle:

    • Purchase the Old Whistle from Mudtooth at Ward 13 for 1500 Scraps.
    • Use it to craft the Silent Whistle Engram and unlock the Handler archetype.
  • Philosopher’s Stone:

    • Defeat Manticora in Losomn overworld, Remnant 2.
    • Obtain the Philosopher’s Stone as a dropped item.
    • Use it to unlock the Alchemist archetype through the Philosopher’s Stone Engram.
  • Ravager’s Maw:

    • Defeat the Corrupted Ravager in Ravager’s Lair.
    • Obtain the Ravager’s Maw.
    • Use it to craft the Feral Judgement Melee Weapon.
  • Root Ganglia:

    • Find the Root Ganglia at various locations in the game.
    • Use it to craft several weapon mods, including the Hot Shot mod.
  • Rusted Medal:
    • Purchase the Rusted Medal from Brabus in Ward 13 for 1500 Scraps.
    • Use it to craft the Sniper War Medal Engram and unlock the Hunter archetype.
  • Sacred Hunt Feather:

    • Defeat the Huntress.
    • Go to Briella’s Reverie and attack the sleeping Huntress with the Dreamcatcher.
    • Obtain the Sacred Hunt Feather.
    • Use it to craft the Familiar Weapon mod.
  • Scroll of Binding:

    • Find the Scroll of Binding in the Yaesha world, Remnant 2.
    • Use it to craft the Song Eafir weapon mod.
  • Seeker Residue:

    • Defeat the Astropath.
    • Obtain the Seeker Residue.
    • Use it to craft the Helix Weapon Mod.
  • Sentry’s Old Iris:

    • Defeat the Custodian’s Eye.
    • Obtain the Sentry’s Old Iris.
    • Use it to craft the Prismatic Driver weapon mod.
  • Serum W-13:

    • Defeat the Annihilation boss at Root Earth in the end-game area.
    • Obtain the Serum W-13.
    • Use it to craft the Root Blades weapon mod.
  • Shining Essence Echo:

    • Defeat the Tal Ratha boss.
    • Obtain the Shining Essence Echo.
    • Use it to craft the Void Idol or trade with the Custodian for the Siphon Heart in Remnant 2.
  • Soul Silver:

    • Purchase the Soul Silver from Cass in Ward 13.
    • Alternatively, defeat the Shrewd boss in Yaesha to obtain it.
    • Use it to craft the Rotted Arrow weapon mod.
  • Stasis Core:

    • Complete the Zombie Cave quiz in N’Erud.
    • Obtain the Stasis Core.
    • Use it to craft the Stasis Beam weapon mod.
  • Tainted Ichor:

    • Defeat the Magister Dullain boss in Shattered Gallery, Losomn.
    • Obtain the Tainted Ichor.
    • Use it to craft Corrosive Rounds.
  • Twilight Dactylus:

    • Defeat Kaeula’s Shadow boss in Kaeula’s Rest.
    • Obtain the Twilight Dactylus.
    • Use it to craft the Rootlash weapon mod.
  • Twisted Lazurite:

    • Defeat the Corruptor boss in Great Bole, Yaesha, Remnant 2.
    • Obtain the Twisted Lazurite.
    • Use it to craft the Twisted Arbalest Long Gun.
  • Worn Cylinder:

    • Exhaust Mudtooth’s dialogues and listen to his stories in Ward 13.
    • Obtain the Worn Cylinder.
    • Use it to craft the Iron Cylinder Engram and unlock the Gunslinger archetype.
  • Ionic Crystal:

    • Find the Ionic Crystal at the Timeless Horizon in N’Erud.
    • Use it to craft the Energy Wall weapon mod.
  • Wooden Shiv:

    • Collect the Escalation Protocol amulet.
    • Swing the Dreamcatcher to receive Walker’s Dream consumable.
    • Battle Bane on Root Earth using Walker’s Dream to obtain the Wooden Shiv.
    • Use the Wooden Shiv to unlock the Invader archetype by crafting the Serrated Root Blade Engram.
  • Strange Box:

    • Access The Backrooms through a portal in The Labyrinth.
    • Quickly explore and find the Strange Box.
    • Use the Strange Box to unlock the Archon Archetype and craft the Hexahedron Engram with Wallace in Ward 13.
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Agnosia Driftwood Remnant 2 Guide

The guide is as following:

1. Exploration and Enemies:

  • Agnosia Driftwood is known for its stunning coastal landscapes and treacherous terrain.
  • Prepare for encounters with diverse enemies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Adapt your tactics accordingly.

2. Points of Interest:

  • Keep an eye out for key points of interest, such as hidden passages, unique structures, and interactive objects.
  • Investigate these areas thoroughly, as they may hold valuable resources, lore, or secrets.

3. Resources and Crafting:

  • Collect resources scattered throughout Agnosia Driftwood to aid in crafting weapons, armor, and consumables.
  • Utilize crafting stations to create powerful gear that can give you an edge in battles.

4. Side Quests and NPCs:

  • Interact with NPCs you encounter to potentially unlock side quests and gather valuable information about the area.
  • Completing side quests can lead to unique rewards and deepen your understanding of the game’s narrative.

5. Environmental Hazards:

  • Be cautious of environmental hazards like traps, pitfalls, and hazards that can hinder your progress.
  • Use your surroundings to your advantage during combat, and consider luring enemies into hazardous areas.

6. Exploration Tips:

  • Prioritize exploration to uncover hidden loot, lore, and shortcuts that can aid your journey.
  • Experiment with different paths to fully explore the area and uncover its secrets.

7. Boss Encounters:

  • Agnosia Driftwood may feature challenging boss encounters. Study their attack patterns and weaknesses to overcome them.
  • Utilize your arsenal and tactics to defeat bosses and earn valuable rewards.

8. Multiplayer and Cooperation:

  • Consider teaming up with other players in multiplayer mode to tackle challenges together.
  • Cooperative play can enhance your chances of success and make the experience even more enjoyable.
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9. Lore and Storytelling:

  • Immerse yourself in the rich lore of Agnosia Driftwood by reading notes, journals, and observing the environment.
  • Piecing together the story can provide a deeper appreciation of the game’s world.

Remnant 2 Gameplay 

Remnant 2 seamlessly blends the intense action of a third-person shooter with the immersive elements of Soulslike gameplay, resulting in an engaging and challenging gaming experience. This unique fusion allows players to wield a dynamic combination of up to two firearms and a melee weapon, fostering diverse combat strategies that cater to individual playstyles.

Upon embarking on their journey, players have the opportunity to select character archetypes, a crucial choice that influences their gameplay approach. Among these archetypes, the Gunslinger stands out, inheriting the mantle of the Ex-cultist class from the original game. Armed with a specialization in firearms, Gunslingers excel in precision shooting and rapid reloads. Conversely, the Challenger archetype boasts the extraordinary ability to release a shockwave capable of disintegrating foes, creating thrilling moments of destruction. 

As players advance through the game, they unlock the power of dual-classing, a transformative feature that enhances their combat prowess. This opens up the potential to harness archetype-specific perks and skills, deepening the strategic depth of gameplay. For instance, Gunslingers can leverage their “Loaded” ability to instantly reload all carried firearms, granting them a critical advantage in heated battles. On the other hand, the Handler’s prime perk, “Bonded,” bestows their trusty canine companion with the power to revive the character when faced with defeat.

In Remnant 2, the concept of procedural generation has been elevated to new heights, expanding upon the foundation established in the first game. Notably, this encompasses a wide spectrum of elements, from enemy varieties and regional aesthetics to formidable boss encounters, non-playable characters, and the very fabric of the game’s narrative and quests. This infusion of randomness and unpredictability ensures that every playthrough delivers a unique and ever-evolving experience, keeping players on their toes and bolstering replayability.

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Whether traversing the unforgiving landscape solo or banding together with companions, the game accommodates a range of playstyles. While solo play offers a personal and introspective journey, a three-player cooperative multiplayer mode invites players to unite their strengths, synchronize their tactics, and conquer the challenges of Remnant 2 as a formidable team.

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