Akon Is Facing Backlash After He Compared Africans To Black Americans

Akon, a Senegalese-American artist, caused an online backlash for comparing Africans to black Americans. During an appearance on an issue of the Zeze Millz Show, the 49-year-old celebrity explained how African singers’ on-stage demeanor differs from that of black Americans. When asked about Africans, Akon said they were unique in terms of stage presence. He then made a comment about black American performers, saying:

“Now in America, oh yes, they n***** will stagger, drop their pants, bored like h*ll, half asleep because they’re as high as h*ll on stage.”

He continued:

“However, [in] Africa, we wake up in the morning. Check out these YouTube videos of all these young Ugandans. As if these kids were actors. So that’s normal for us.”

Twitter’s reaction to Akon .’s comment

Following the spread of Akon’s footage from Zeze Millz’s interview, Twitterati punished him for making unfair comparisons between African-American and American singers. Many people have mentioned famous American musicians such as Beyoncé and Michael Jackson, who have left their mark on the profession. People also mentioned how successful young musicians like Kendrick Lamar and Tyler, the Creator have become. Others simply assert that the artist built his career by “cosplaying” black Americans and became a billionaire as a result.

Akon would be nothing without cosplaying black Americans. His whole career has been him immersing himself in black American culture. If he hadn’t fooled black Americans… no one would have known him. He doesn’t stand out because of the African culture… he made it through cosplay’n black americans

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– Rock A (@RockA1Buck) December 26, 2022

Shortcut: We know Akon because he performs black American music and copies the black American aesthetic. Also, you sat there while he decried all those black American artists and agreed.

– Ida Bae Wells (@nhannahjones) December 27, 2022

Akon was also punished for making comments about Nick Cannon’s family.

However, this is not the only criticism Akon has received recently; he was also punished for supporting Nick Cannon and his growing family. In the same interview, Cannon, who is expecting her 12th child, expressed her support for the Beautiful singer. The artist says he agrees with Cannon when he says that life should be like that. The former said that Cannon is rich, responsible and caring for the kids, adding:

“And mothers of babies are on board. And they do no harm. They also live decently. He’s there for all of them. He was there for each of those children. I have nine people, and I’m there for all of them.”

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During a discussion about parenting, the presenter wondered if he participated in his children’s activities and if he attended every individual performance his children attended. family or not. Smack responds to this. The singer responded by saying that asking who was interested in the performances was “white man’s business”. He went on to say that it is his responsibility to teach the children to be responsible and empathetic, as well as to protect and help their mother.

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He went on to say that his role is to educate children to help with family planning and to be responsible people. He added that he has an obligation to provide housing and food for his family, as well as to make sure that his children are responsible and strong. The singer’s real name is Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam, he and his wife Tomeka Thiam have nine children.


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