Aliens: Dark Descent Update 1.03 patch notes (July 10, 2023)

The Aliens: Dark Descent Update 1.03 (July 10, 2023) patch notes highlight the fixes and improvements made to the game. These patch notes provide a brief overview of the changes introduced in the latest update for Aliens: Dark Descent. Don’t miss the buzz – sign up for Fresherslive now! From breaking celebrity news to insightful movie reviews, be the first to know and participate in the ever-evolving entertainment scene at Fresherslive.

Dark Descent 1.03 Update Patch Notes

Tindalos Interactive recently released the latest update, version 1.03, for Aliens: Dark Descent on PlayStation 5 (PS5). This update, which was previously released for PC, is now available for consoles. With this update, the developers have resolved various bugs and issues that players encountered, especially those related to the quest block issue. For a detailed overview of the changes introduced in the Aliens: Dark Descent patch notes for July 10, please continue reading.

Aliens: Dark Descent Update 1.03 Patch Notes


  • Save triggered by transition and rest should now work properly on The Montero
  • Fix blocking on Pryce of Deception
  • Fix data table not available on Kernel Protocol sub-target
  • Fix possible block issues with cover guides on Berkley’s Docks
  • Fixed some cases where task completion showed incorrect information when 100% completed

Aliens: Descendants of Darkness

Aliens: Dark Descent takes players on an exciting journey into the heart of the Alien universe. Developed by Tindalos Interactive in collaboration with Disney’s 20th Century Games and published by Focus Entertainment, this real-time strategy video game offers an immersive and intense gameplay experience.

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Set in a world where the threat of xenomorphs is growing, players must overcome challenging missions, using strategic thinking and resource management to survive. With the game releasing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on June 20, 2023, fans of the franchise can now join the epic adventure this period on multiple platforms.

Critics responded positively to Aliens: Dark Descent, praising the visual atmosphere, engaging storyline, and strategic gameplay mechanics. As players command their forces, make critical decisions, and confront iconic extraterrestrial beings, the game offers a compelling blend of strategy, suspense and action. .

Immerse yourself in the Alien universe and embark on a mission to overcome the relentless xenomorph threat. Can you outsmart your opponents, or will you fall victim to the horrors that await? Aliens: Dark Descent invites you to test your strategic skills and bravery in a battle for survival like no other. Get ready to experience the thrill of confronting iconic xenomorphs in this gripping real-time strategy adventure.

Game Aliens: Dark Descent

The story of Dark Descent takes place in 2198, nineteen years after the events described in the original trilogy. This real-time strategy video game offers a top-down perspective, allowing the player to command a team of four colonial marines. Their mission is to engage in fierce battles against formidable Xenomorphs and confront rogue agents from the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

In Dark Descent, players have the opportunity to choose from five starting character classes, each equipped with unique weapons and abilities. The game takes place in real time, but the player can briefly slow time to give orders or set up a strategic ambush. Exploration plays an important role as players navigate the moon station, discover shortcuts, and use the motion tracker to track alien movements.

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The game introduces a dynamic element where the player can use the welder to open locked doors or close them as they move from room to room. It is important to note that these changes to the level layout are permanent. While soldering a door can impede Xenomorph’s advance, it can also affect the player’s future routes on subsequent visits.

Prepare for an immersive and challenging experience in Dark Descent as you strategize, engage in intense combat, and navigate the intricate moon station. Your decisions and actions will have a lasting impact on the outcome of the game. Will you be able to outrun the Xenomorphs and survive the relentless onslaught? Dive into the fascinating world of Dark Descent and test your skills in this thrilling real-time strategy adventure.

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