Andrea Belotti Net Worth in 2023 How Rich is He Now?

Andrea Belotti Net Worth 2023 – The famous Italian Footballer “Andrea Belotti” has a net worth of $100 Million Dollars and he was born on 20 December 1993.
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How much is Andrea Belotti’s Net Worth? 

So how much is Andrea Belotti actually worth? According to our research, Andrea Belotti’s net worth is estimated to be $100 Million Dollars. Andrea Belotti’s net worth is largely the result of his success as an Italian Footballer.


Andrea Belotti

Net Worth( 2023)

$100 Million Dollars


Italian Footballer

Date of Birth

20 December 1993


29 years old


181 cm (5 Feet 11 Inches)


(160 lbs) 72 kg


Calcinate, Italy



Who is Andrea Belotti?

Born on December 20, 1993, in Italy, Andrea Belotti has carved a name for himself as an Italian professional footballer, specializing in the role of a striker. Sporting the moniker “Il Gallo” (The Rooster), this nickname was bestowed upon him by a close childhood friend who playfully suggested that he celebrate goals by mimicking a rooster’s comb with an open hand to his forehead. This endearing title has stuck with him throughout his illustrious career.

Belotti’s journey into professional football began at the youthful age of 17 in 2011 when he made his debut with AlbinoLeffe. His impressive performances soon attracted the attention of Palermo, where he made significant contributions, including winning a Serie B title during the 2013–14 season. In 2015, he took a pivotal step in his career by joining Torino, where he swiftly established himself as one of Serie A’s premier strikers. His zenith came in the 2016–17 season when he clinched the league’s top scorer title with 26 goals and earned a coveted spot on the Serie A Team of the Year.

Belotti’s playing style is characterized by strength, physicality, and a powerful shot. He possesses exceptional aerial ability and the capability to score from various positions on the pitch. His commitment extends beyond goal-scoring, as he willingly tracks back and defends, embodying the ethos of a complete forward.

On the international stage, Belotti made his debut for the Italy national team in 2016 and has since notched 14 goals in 44 appearances for the Azzurri. A crowning achievement came in the form of being part of the triumphant Italian squad that secured victory in the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament.

Beyond his prowess on the field, Belotti is a beloved figure among Italian football aficionados. His dedication, work ethic, and unyielding passion for the game resonate deeply with fans. He serves as a role model for aspiring young players, praised for his humility and down-to-earth demeanor. Some of Andrea Belotti’s notable accomplishments include being the Serie A top scorer in the 2016–17 season, earning a place on the Serie A Team of the Year for the same season, and contributing to Italy’s UEFA Euro 2020 victory.

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At 29 years old, Belotti’s footballing journey is far from its conclusion. With a contract at Roma until 2025, he is poised to continue making significant contributions to his club’s pursuit of silverware in the upcoming seasons. Furthermore, as a fixture in the Italian national team, he is expected to play a pivotal role in the Azzurri’s quest at the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Andrea Belotti, with his exciting talent and unwavering commitment, is destined to remain a key figure in Italian football for years to come.

Real Name

Andrea Belotti Cavaliere

Date of birth

20 December 1993


29 years old


181 cm (5 Feet 11 Inches)


(160 lbs) 72 kg

Birth Place

Calcinate, Italy




Italian Footballer





Zodiac Sign



Roberto Belotti, Laura Belotti


Giorgia Duro (m. 2017)





How old is Andrea Belotti?

Andrea Belotti will be 29 years old. Born on December 20, 1993, in Calcinate, Lombardy, Italy, Belotti has established himself as a prominent figure in the footballing world. His age reflects a point in his career where he is likely at the peak of his physical and mental abilities, poised to make significant contributions to his club and country.

Belotti’s journey from a young football enthusiast to a seasoned professional has been characterized by dedication, perseverance, and continuous improvement. At 29, he has garnered invaluable experience and has become a role model for aspiring footballers in Italy and beyond. His passion for the sport and commitment to his craft remain unwavering, suggesting that his best years on the pitch are yet to come.

How tall is Andrea Belotti?

Andrea Belotti stands at an impressive height of 181 cm, which is equivalent to 5 feet 11 inches. This stature is well-suited for his role as a striker in football, allowing him to excel in aerial duels and contribute effectively to his team’s offensive strategies. Standing just shy of 6 feet, Belotti possesses a balance of agility and physical presence that makes him a formidable force on the field.

In terms of weight, Andrea Belotti maintains a physique of approximately 72 kg, which is equivalent to 160 lbs. This weight complements his height and enables him to hold his ground against opposing defenders while displaying agility and speed when needed. His combination of height and weight, along with his technical skills, make him a versatile and well-rounded forward, capable of both scoring goals and contributing to build-up play.

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Physical Attributes



181 cm (5 Feet 11 Inches)


(160 lbs) 72 kg

What is Andrea Belotti Nationality?

Andrea Belotti proudly holds Italian nationality. He was born on December 20, 1993, in Calcinate, Lombardy, Italy, and has since become a prominent figure in Italian football. His journey from local youth clubs to the pinnacle of the sport, including representing his country on the international stage, is a testament to his dedication and love for Italian football.

Belotti’s contributions to both his club, Torino FC, and the Italian national team have solidified his status as a true Italian football icon. His performances have garnered admiration from fans and fellow players alike, making him a symbol of pride for his homeland. As an Italian national, he continues to carry the legacy of the country’s rich footballing tradition, and his past

Andrea Belotti Career

Club Career:

  • AlbinoLeffe: This is where Andrea Belotti began his professional journey, honing his skills in the youth ranks before making his way to higher divisions.
  • Palermo: After leaving AlbinoLeffe, Belotti joined US Città di Palermo, a club in Serie B. This move marked a step up in his career.
  • Torino: Torino FC became Belotti’s home in 2015, where he truly flourished as a striker, becoming a prominent figure in Serie A.
  • A.S Roma: Andrea Belotti’s transfer to A.S. Roma signifies his continued progression in Italian football. It’s a noteworthy move that reflects his status as a sought-after player in Serie A.

2023/2024 Season Performance:

  • Goals Scored: Belotti has netted 2 goals in the 2023/2024 season. This reflects his ability to find the back of the net, contributing to his team’s success.
  • Serie A Ranking: As the 67th scorer in the Serie A, Belotti is among the top goal-scorers in one of the most competitive football leagues in the world.
  • Conversion Rate: His conversion rate of 33.33% indicates his efficiency in converting shots into goals, showcasing his clinical finishing ability.

Statistical Performance Metrics:

  • Touches (Att Pen): Belotti averages 4.62 touches per 90 minutes in the attacking penalty area. This metric highlights his involvement in dangerous areas where goal-scoring opportunities often arise.
  • Progressive Passes Received: With 6.84 progressive passes received per 90 minutes, Belotti is effective in helping his team advance the ball up the field, showcasing his ability to contribute to the build-up play.
  • Tackles: Belotti averages 0.87 tackles per 90 minutes, demonstrating his willingness to contribute defensively when needed, a trait valued in modern strikers.
  • Interceptions: He makes an average of 0.30 interceptions per 90 minutes, showing that he is not only an offensive threat but also capable of disrupting the opponent’s plays defensively when necessary.
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Andrea Belotti Achievement and Awards

Here are some of Andrea Belotti’s notable awards and achievements:

  • Serie A Team of the Year (2016-2017): In recognition of his exceptional performances during the 2016-2017 season, Belotti was honored with a place in the Serie A Team of the Year. This accolade signifies his status as one of the league’s top talents.

  • Best Italian Player at the Gran Galà del Calcio AIC (2017): Belotti’s outstanding abilities were further acknowledged when he was named the Best Italian Player at the prestigious Gran Galà del Calcio AIC awards in 2017. This award celebrated his contributions to Italian football.

  • Pallone d’Argento Award (2017): The Pallone d’Argento, or Silver Ball award, in 2017 solidified Belotti’s reputation as a football star. This recognition is a testament to his skills and impact on the field.

International Career Highlights:

  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship (2015): In 2015, Andrea Belotti represented Italy in the UEFA European Under-21 Championship, showcasing his talent on the international stage at a young age.

  • Senior National Team Debut (2016): Belotti made his debut for the senior Italian national team in 2016, marking a significant milestone in his career and confirming his potential at the highest level of international football.

  • UEFA Euro 2020 Victory: Belotti was part of the Italy squad that triumphed in the UEFA Euro 2020. This historic achievement, where Italy claimed the European Championship, reflects his valuable contribution to the national team’s success.

Serie A Goal Scoring Records:

  • 2015-2016 Season: Belotti scored 12 goals during the 2015-2016 Serie A season, illustrating his goal-scoring prowess and hinting at the promising career ahead.

  • 2016-2017 Season: The following season, he had a remarkable tally of 26 goals in Serie A, establishing himself as one of the top scorers in the league.

  • 2018-2019 Season: In the 2018-2019 Serie A campaign, Belotti continued to shine with 15 goals, maintaining his reputation as a consistent goal-scorer.

  • 2019-2020 Season: Belotti’s scoring consistency extended into the 2019-2020 season, where he netted 16 goals, further solidifying his status as a reliable source of goals for his club.

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