Anna Kalinskaya Ethnicity, What is Anna Kalinskaya’s Ethnicity?

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Anna Kalinskaya ethnic group

Anna Kalinskaya is of Caucasian descent. Ethnicity refers to the identification of a group based on perceived cultural differences.

Anna Kalinskaya is a famous Russian professional tennis player born on December 2, 1998.

According to Online Source, Anna Kalinskaya is of white ethnicity born in Moscow, Russia.

Real name

Anna Nikolayevna Kalinskaya


Anna Kalinskaya

Date of birth

December 2, 1998

Year old

25 years old


5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)


62 kg (137 lb)

Place of birth

Moscow, Russia




Russian professional tennis player







Who is Anna Kalinskaya?

  • Anna Kalinskaya is a Russian professional tennis player born on December 2, 1998.
  • With a tennis career that began at the age of 5, she turned professional in 2016.
  • In September 2022, she reached a singles ranking of No. 51, demonstrating her prowess in individual competitions.
  • Her doubles record is equally remarkable, reaching a ranking of 49 in February 2023.
  • Throughout her career, Kalinskaya won three doubles titles on the WTA Tour, demonstrating her proficiency in team play.
  • For comprehensive information about her career, statistics, videos and memorable highlights, enthusiasts can explore the Women’s Tennis Association website.
  • From her early tennis start to her impressive rankings and title wins, Anna Kalinskaya remains a prominent figure in the world of professional tennis, contributing to the sport’s dynamic landscape.

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Height and weight of Anna Kalinskaya

Anna Kalinskaya, an accomplished Russian professional tennis player, boasts a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm), displaying an athletic physique that compliments her on-court prowess. This height makes her taller than the average woman, contributing to her dominant presence on the tennis court.

In addition to her height, Kalinskaya also maintains a fit figure with a weight of 62 kg (137 lbs). This weight is suitable for the needs of this sport, ensuring the agility and speed necessary for movement on the field. Her physical characteristics, characterized by a combination of height and weight, not only contribute to her overall athletic performance but also emphasize the dedication she invests in maintaining her fitness level. optimal physical fitness. As a professional athlete, Anna Kalinskaya’s physical measurements play a key role in shaping her competitive edge, allowing her to skillfully overcome the challenges of high-level tennis .

Physical properties



5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)


62 kg (137 lb)

Anna Kalinskaya’s career

  • Teen Years (As of 2016):

    • Achieved the highest combined third ranking at junior level.
    • Notable victory in doubles at the Australian Open 2016.
  • Career titles:

    • Won a total of 16 titles, including 8 singles wins and 8 doubles wins.
  • Career statistics:

    • Wins: 53
    • Losses: 66
    • Career bonus: $2,155,512
  • Single Rank:

    • 114 in 2020
    • 101 in 2019
    • 169 in 2018
    • 146 in 2017
    • Highest single ranking: 51
  • Double Rating:

    • Highest doubles ranking: 49
  • Recent achievements (2023):

    • Won his first career WTA 125 title in Midland.
    • Facing failure, missing nearly 4 months of competition due to a leg injury.
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