Are Big Brother Jordan and Henry Still Together? Love’s Reality Check: Unraveling the Mystery of Big Brother’s Jordan and Henry

Like housemates in the reality of relationships, the enigmatic status of Big Brother’s Jordan and Henry keeps fans tuning in, wondering if their love story is still being written behind the scenes.

Big Brother

Big Brother 2023, or Big Brother 20, was the twentieth season of the show in the United Kingdom. It’s the first time the series aired on ITV2, as ITV got the rights to it in August 2022, after almost four years of being on Channel 5. The series started on October 8, 2023, with a launch show on both ITV (ITV1 and STV) and ITV2. The rest of the series mainly aired on ITV2. AJ Odudu and Will Best co-hosted the show and the companion, Big Brother: Late & Live.

Jordan Sangha won the series on November 17, 2023, beating Olivia Young, who became the runner-up. This series, running for 42 days, was the shortest in the UK, even shorter than the seventeenth series, which lasted 50 days.

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Are Big Brother Jordan and Henry Still Together?

People are curious if Henry and Jordan from Big Brother are a couple. At the show’s finale, 25-year-old Henry and 26-year-old Jordan shared a kiss before Henry left the house. Even though Jordan joked that he wouldn’t say the love word just yet.

Henry, the food writer, said leaving the show wouldn’t have been the same without Jordan and praised his funny and dry personality. They have plans for the future, including a trip to New York and Florence.

After winning, lawyer Jordan explained their plans, mentioning a promise they made to stay in a fancy hotel with twin beds. He clarified that they are just friends who kiss and said he needs to learn more about “platonic love.”

While they haven’t officially said if they’re a couple, fans noticed Henry’s necklace, which Jordan wore during the show, in many of his Instagram pictures, suggesting a possible connection. However, Matty, who was part of the love triangle, doesn’t think Jordan shares the same feelings as Henry and believes their friendship is turning into something else.

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How did Jordan and Henry Their Relationship Evolve Throughout the Show?

Big Brother’s Jordan and Henry captured the audience’s attention with their unexpected connection in the 20th season of the UK reality show. Jordan, known for his stoic demeanor, formed a unique friendship and romance with fellow housemate Henry. Despite labeling himself as a “posh” individual uncomfortable living with others, Jordan’s bond with Henry unfolded in surprising ways. Throughout the show, Jordan, initially reserved, gradually opened up about his inner thoughts during intimate conversations and in the Diary Room.

Their relationship became a focal point of the season, characterized by platonic moments mixed with genuine emotions. As the season progressed, Jordan and Henry faced the challenges of the Big Brother house together, navigating through the complexities of friendship and romance.

In the season’s finale, Jordan emerged as the winner, receiving 37.8% of the total public votes. The audience witnessed a unique and unexpected journey, showcasing the authenticity and unpredictability that Big Brother is known for.


Jordan Sangha won Big Brother 20 (UK). Jordan stood out for his calm and laid-back expressions and his unique personality. He described himself as a “posh” person who prefers not living with others but surprisingly formed a close friendship and romantic connection with fellow housemate Henry Southan. Despite appearing nonchalant, Jordan often shared his inner feelings and thoughts during intimate chats with Henry and in private conversations with Big Brother.

Throughout his time in the house, Jordan gradually connected with his fellow housemates, and as a result, he managed to avoid being nominated until Week 5, which was the second-to-last week of the season.

After spending 42 days in the house, Jordan made it to the finale and ultimately found himself in the final two alongside Olivia Young. In the end, Jordan emerged as the winner of the season, securing 37.8% of the total public votes during the season finale.

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Full Name

Jordan Hailie Lloyd

Date of Birth

November 21, 1986 (Age 37)


Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.


David W. Butler High School

Known for

Big Brother 11 (Winner), The Amazing Race 16, Marriage Boot Camp


Jeff Schroeder (Married in 2016)


Lawson Keith Schroeder, Layton Sarti Schroeder

Big Brother Couples

Big Brother has featured numerous showmances over the years, where houseguests form romantic connections on TV. Viewers often wonder which showmance couples are still together and which ones have gone their separate ways.

Showmances, or romantic relationships formed during the show, have become a regular part of the Big Brother experience. While the show encourages expecting the unexpected, the presence of at least one showmance is a common occurrence in every season.

These relationships may start due to boredom or a desire for attention and love within the confined space of the Big Brother house. However, some showmance couples have transcended the confines of the game, resulting in genuine and lasting relationships beyond the show’s conclusion.

For updates on Big Brother Couples Still Together in 2022, you can find more information below.


Big Brother’s Henry made a significant impact during the 20th season of the UK reality show. Known for his eccentricity, Henry entered the Big Brother house with a unique personality that quickly caught the audience’s attention. One of the standout aspects of Henry’s journey was his unexpected friendship and romance with fellow housemate Jordan.

Despite the initial differences in their personalities, Henry and Jordan’s connection became a focal point of the season. Henry’s role in the house extended beyond just being a contestant; he played a crucial part in shaping the dynamics and relationships within the Big Brother environment.

Throughout the season, Henry showcased a blend of humor, charm, and authenticity, contributing to the overall entertainment value of the show. His interactions, particularly with Jordan, added a layer of unpredictability to the narrative, keeping viewers engaged.

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In the season’s culmination, although not crowned the winner, Henry’s presence and impact left a lasting impression on the Big Brother audience, contributing to the memorable moments that define each season of the reality show.

Henry Southan

Short Bio


25 years (in 2023)




Television Personality

Famous For

For appearing on the show ‘Big Brother’, British series 20






In feet & inches: 5′ 7″

In meters: 1.68

Weight (approx.)

68 kg (149 lbs)





Big Brother Final 2023

Jordan Sangha won Big Brother 2023 on ITV, securing the £100,000 prize in the live final on November 17. The final episode featured the last five contestants—Jordan, Noky, Olivia, Yinrun, and Henry—competing for the coveted prize. The live final, filled with drama and unexpected twists, marked the end of a six-week journey in the Big Brother house.

During the final, each contestant shared their experiences and reflected on the relationships formed in the house. Eviction announcements kept the atmosphere suspenseful, with the live audience adding to the excitement by cheering for their favorites. The remaining finalists, Jordan, Olivia, and Henry, awaited the announcement of the ultimate winner, creating an electric atmosphere.

Evicted housemates, including Noky and Yinrun, shared their thoughts in post-eviction interviews. The night not only celebrated the winner but also highlighted the engaging and controversial moments that defined the revived Big Brother series on ITV. The live final brought together emotions, gratitude, and surprises, captivating the audience until the last moment.

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