Are Laura and Arthur Still Together? Who are Laura and Arthur?

It’s unclear if Laura and Arthur from “Married at First Sight UK” are still together, with doubts arising due to issues in their relationship and reports of Arthur kissing another woman in a nightclub. Their status remains uncertain.

Are Laura and Arthur Still Together?

It’s uncertain whether Laura and Arthur from “Married at First Sight UK” are still together. While they initially overcame a rocky start, with Arthur getting caught for using internet-sourced wedding vows, doubts have emerged. Laura’s friends have expressed concerns about Arthur, and he has mentioned difficulty having deep conversations with her.

Moreover, the fact that they don’t follow each other on Instagram suggests a potential strain in their relationship. Recent reports of Arthur kissing another woman in a nightclub raise further doubts about the status of their relationship. So, it appears their future as a couple remains uncertain, and viewers will need to keep watching to see how their story unfolds on the show.

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Who is Laura Vaughan?

Laura Vaughan is a contestant on the 2023 season of “Married at First Sight UK.” She is described as a confident individual who is determined to find love despite having been married previously. Laura’s journey on the show has been characterized by a rocky start, but she seems to be working on her relationship with her husband, Arthur Poremba.

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Laura has opened up about the impact of losing her father at a young age, which has made her self-sufficient and sometimes mistaken for being cold and detached. She has also mentioned that she has two younger siblings, a brother named Adam Vaughan and a sister named Phoebe Vaughan. Laura was born in 1989, making her 34 years old in 2023, and she hails from Hampshire, England.

Full Name

Laura Vaughan




34 years old


Hampshire, England


Richard Vaughan and Sue Vaughan


Adam Vaughan

Phoebe Vaughan


University of Plymouth and Itchen College


Above 5 feet 7 inches

Laura Vaughan Career

Laura Vaughan’s career has seen her working in various roles in the insurance industry. She is employed as a business development manager at Rowan Oak Ltd. Prior to this, she worked as a Personal goal pursuit during a career break. Laura’s extensive work history includes serving as a Claims Team Manager at Ageas in the UK from 2009 to 2023, where she managed disputed claims.

She also held a position as a fraud investigator at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd from 2007 to 2008. Laura’s educational background includes graduating from the University of Plymouth and Itchen College, contributing to her professional expertise in the insurance field.

Who is Arthur Poremba?

Arthur Poremba is a 35-year-old tennis coach from Poland who appeared on the 2023 season of “MAFS UK,” a show where strangers get married upon their first meeting. He attracted attention for using pre-written vows during his wedding, which he defended as a result of time constraints.

Arthur is also involved in charity work, supporting “Tennis for All,” and resides in London, England. His family details are limited, but his father’s name is Dariusz Poremba.

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Arthur Poremba


35 years old


Tennis Coach



Featured Show

“MAFS UK” 2023


London, England

Father’s Name

Dariusz Poremba


“MAFS UK,” which stands for “Married at First Sight UK,” is a reality TV show in the United Kingdom. In this show, people who have never met each other before agree to get married as soon as they meet. It’s a bit like a real wedding, but the catch is that the bride and groom are strangers to each other.

Before the wedding, a group of experts carefully chooses and matches these couples based on what they think will make a good match. Once the couples meet and get married, they live together for a while, just like any newlywed couple. Throughout the show, they go through various experiences and ceremonies where they decide if they want to stay together or not.

It’s a unique and sometimes dramatic show that explores love, relationships, and the idea of marrying someone you’ve never met before. “MAFS UK” has gained popularity for its unconventional approach to matchmaking and has captured the attention of viewers who are curious about how these arranged marriages turn out.

MAFS UK 2023 Contestants




Luke Worley & Jay Howard


Arthur Poremba & Laura Vaughan


Thomas Kriaras & Rosaline Darlington


Nathanial Valentino & Ella Morgan Clark


Georges Berthonneau & Peggy Rose


Paul Liba & Tasha Jay


Brad Skelly & Shona Manderson


Terence Edwards & Porsha Pernnelle


John Joe “JJ” Slater & Bianca Petronzi


Jordan Gayle & Erica Roberts


Mark Kiley & Sean Malkin


Matt Pilmoor & Adrienne Naylor

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MAFS UK 2023 Overview


Married at First Sight


Reality television

Created by

Michael Von Würden

Based on

Gift Ved Første Blik (Danish TV series)

Developed by


Country of origin

United Kingdom

Original language


No. of series


Original network

Channel 4 (2015–2020), E4 (2021–present)

Original release

9 July 2015 – present

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