Atlas Fallen All Bosses With Cutscenes

Uncover the secrets of Atlas Fallen through intense showdowns with all bosses and their stunning cutscenes. Dive into a world of action and drama, where every victory brings you closer to the heart of the story.
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Atlas Fallen All Bosses With Cutscenes

Atlas Fallen requires a combination of strategic thinking, skillful execution, and mastering the mechanics unique to each encounter. Throughout the game, players will face a diverse array of bosses, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and attack patterns.

In one instance, players might find themselves confronting a colossal mechanical titan deep within the heart of a futuristic factory. To defeat this boss, they must identify its vulnerable points while evading its devastating ranged attacks and seismic stomps. Quick reflexes and agile movement are key as players aim to disable the titan’s weaponry and dismantle its armor, all the while utilizing the environment to their advantage.

In another scenario, players might be pitted against a cunning sorceress who commands the powers of the elements. To emerge victorious, they must anticipate her spellcasting patterns, using deft dodges and well-timed counters to exploit her moments of vulnerability. This encounter might also involve manipulating the environment to neutralize her magical advantages, ensuring a balance between offensive strikes and defensive maneuvers.

The bosses in Atlas Fallen demand adaptability and resourcefulness. A battle against a ferocious beast roaming the untamed wilderness, for instance, might require players to utilize crafted traps and environmental hazards to weaken the creature before engaging in direct combat. This approach not only showcases the game’s emphasis on strategic planning but also provides players with a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

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In essence, the defeat of each boss in Atlas Fallen hinges on a combination of player skill, understanding of the boss’s mechanics, and creative problem-solving. Whether through precision swordplay, elemental manipulation, or ingenious use of the surroundings, players must uncover the unique approach that will lead them to triumph over these formidable adversaries.

Atlas Fallen All Bosses

  • Boss 1: Cloaker

  • Boss 2: Mawer

  • Boss 3: Diver 

  • Boss 4: Shellbasher 

  • Boss 5: Scrimmur

  • Boss 6: Heaver

  • Boss 7: Coylur

  • Boss 8: Tailguarder

  • Boss 9: Marauder

  • Boss 10: Spiker

  • Boss 11: Scatterer

  • Boss 12: Tailwhipper

  • Boss 13: Soarer

  • Boss 14: Dromur

  • Boss 15: Skorpur

  • Boss 16: Gashur

  • Boss 17: Novur

  • Boss 18: Orbitur

  • Boss 19: Fractur

  • Boss 20: Echur

  • Boss 21: Devorur

  • Boss 22: Conjurer

  • Boss 23: Fiur 

  • Boss 24: Veilur

  • Boss 25: Skorchur

Atlas Fallen

Atlas Fallen emerges as a captivating and exhilarating action role-playing masterpiece, a true testament to the creative prowess of Deck13 Interactive and the publishing finesse of Focus Entertainment. With its much-anticipated arrival in August 2023, the gaming landscape is forever altered as players delve into a meticulously crafted universe.

This immersive experience unfolds across platforms, gracing Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and Series S, ensuring that a multitude of gamers can partake in its splendor.  As adventurers traverse the stunning landscapes of Atlas Fallen, they are met with a seamless fusion of heart-pounding action and intricate role-playing elements.

The game’s world teems with rich lore, engaging quests, and formidable foes, all brought to life through cutting-edge graphics and a meticulously composed soundtrack. Atlas Fallen isn’t merely a game; it’s an odyssey that beckons players to embark on an unforgettable journey, weaving their destinies within its virtual realm.

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Atlas Fallen GamePlay

Atlas Fallen is a third-person action RPG where players craft their own avatar at the outset. Armed with an ancient gauntlet, they harness sand to mold formidable weapons, selecting from a trio of options (carrying two at once). Departing from Deck13’s prior titles, the game emphasizes classic action, requiring adept dodges, counters, and land-to-air combat shifts.

Striking enemies build Momentum, leading to weapon transformations upon reaching a threshold, unleashing devastating abilities. The vast open world comprises multiple regions, inviting exploration, side quests, and interactions with NPCs. Movement is vital, with sand-enabled gliding and feats like air dashing. Unearthing “Shards” and “Catalyst Pieces” enhances the gauntlet’s power. A cooperative multiplayer mode enriches the experience further.

Atlas Fallen OverView




Deck13 Interactive


Focus Entertainment


Jan Klose


Jérémy Hartvick




Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S


August 10, 2023


Action role-playing


Single-player, multiplayer

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