Ava Louise Is Facing Backlash After She Made Remark About Her Relationship

Addison Rae may be one of the most famous online stars, but it’s her parents, Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling, who have recently made headlines. Things began to heat up when Sheri and her girlfriend, Yung Gravy, made their first public appearance together on the MTV VMA 2022 red carpet on August 29. Yung Gravy and Easterling’s ex-husband, Monty Lopez, have been seen dissing one other on social media since then.

Monty’s girlfriend, Ava Louise, has now joined in on the fun. Ava voiced her dissatisfaction in a recent TikTok video over viewers criticizing her and Lopez’s relationship while applauding Yung Gravy and Easterling. In response, she received a lot of flak, with one TikTok user saying:

“He had a whole family, babies.”

The remarks were in reaction to a previous kiss shared by Ava and Lopez, a video of which was published by the latter less than a month after he was accused of cheating on his wife.


Why are netizens criticizing Monty Lopez’s girlfriend Ava Louise?

In a recent TikTok video, Louise discussed how Gravy and Easterling’s relationship is celebrated on social media, but she and Monty aren’t. The caption stated:

“Gravy is applauded for dating Sheri, who is twice his age, while I get chastised for being 24 and dating Monty.”

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The TikTok video was made in reaction to the backlash she received from netizens when she and Monty Lopez were seen kissing during a charity basketball tournament. Lopez posted the video on TikTok on August 21, 2022. The kiss caused a stir on the internet at the time, especially since it drew Yung Gravy to the comments area, where he was overheard saying:

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“My son is channeling his inner high school gym instructor on ’em.”

Monty Lopez, on the other hand, eventually erased Gravy’s remark on the video.

Netizens criticize Ava Louise for comparing her relationship to Yung Gravy’s.

Ava’s new TikTok video sparked outrage among netizens, who pointed out that the only difference between her and Yung Gravy’s relationships was that Monty Lopez was married, whilst Yung Gravy was not. One viewer commented on her video, saying:

“How can you not understand that because they were married?”

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Some also accused Louise of being with Monty only for financial gain. Some blamed her for the breakdown of Monty and Sheri Nicole Easterling’s marriage. A user commented:

“It’s not about your age; it’s about the fact that you divorced.”

A few internet users also pointed out that the difference is that Monty Lopez behaves infantile whereas Gravy is much more mature than him. According to sources close to Addison Rae, she is humiliated and troubled by her parents’ feud. Addison has yet to provide a formal remark on the situation.

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