Blxst Presale Code, How to Get Blxst Presale Code?

The Blxst presale code provides exclusive access to purchase tickets for Blxst concerts before they are available to the general public. Fans can use this code during the presale period to secure their seats early.
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Who is Blxst?

Matthew Dean Burdette, professionally known as Blxst (pronounced “blast”), is a versatile American artist hailing from Los Angeles, California. Born on September 17, 1992, Blxst has made a name for himself as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer, showcasing his talents across various musical genres.

Blxst gained recognition in the music industry with his distinct style and creative abilities. His record label, Evgle, teamed up with Red Bull Records for the launch of his debut EP titled “No Love Lost,” which was released on September 4, 2020. The EP featured the standout track “Chosen,” featuring prominent artists Tyga and Ty Dolla Sign. This track garnered significant attention and showcased Blxst’s ability to blend his musical skills with notable collaborations.

Following the success of his EP, Blxst continued to make waves in the music scene. He released his debut album, “Before You Go,” on April 22, 2022. The album demonstrated his growth as an artist and his willingness to explore various sounds and emotions. With his unique blend of rap and singing, Blxst’s music often delves into personal experiences, relationships, and the ups and downs of life.

Birth Name

Matthew Dean Burdette


September 17, 1992 (age 30)


Los Angeles, California, U.S.


Hip hop, R&B


Rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer

Years Active



Evgle, Red Bull Records

Blxst Presale Code

BLXST Presale Codes and Access:

Many fans eagerly anticipate concerts and events featuring their favorite artists like BLXST. To ensure fans have the opportunity to secure tickets before they become available to the general public, artists and promoters often offer presales. These presales provide fans with access to a limited number of tickets before the official sale date, giving them a better chance of getting good seats.

How BLXST Presales Work:

Presale Announcement:

The announcement of a BLXST concert usually includes information about presales. This could be through the official artist website, social media, or partnered platforms.

Presale Code Requirement:

To participate in a presale, fans typically need a presale code. These codes are provided by the artist, event organizers, fan clubs, or certain platforms.

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Access to Better Seats:

Presales often give fans access to a wider range of available seats compared to the general public sale. This means better chances of getting desirable seats.

Limited Availability:

Presales usually have a limited quantity of tickets available. This adds urgency for fans to act quickly and secure their tickets.

Time Sensitivity:

Presales have a specific start and end time. It’s important to purchase tickets during this window, as the presale code won’t be valid after it expires.

Presale Code Entry:

During the ticket purchase process, there’s usually a field to enter the presale code. Once the valid code is entered, the available presale tickets will be revealed.

Using the BLXST Presale Codes:

In your provided information, there are three different dates for the “Blxst & Bino Rideaux: Sixtape Live” event at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA: September 18, 2023. The associated presale dates are August 22, 2023, August 23, 2023, and August 24, 2023.

To make use of these presale codes:

  • On the specified presale dates, you will likely need to visit the ticketing website for the event.
  • Look for the option to enter the presale code during the ticket purchasing process.
  • Enter the appropriate presale code for the date you wish to attend.

Remember, presale codes are unique to each event and date, so ensure you’re using the correct code for the desired event. Additionally, as presales are time-sensitive and have limited availability, acting quickly is recommended to secure your tickets.

Money Back Guarantee and Membership:

The service you mentioned offers a Money Back Guarantee on memberships, indicating their confidence in providing access to valid presale codes. This can be reassuring for fans who want to ensure they’re getting reliable access to tickets.

In conclusion, BLXST presale codes provide fans with early access to tickets for BLXST concerts, allowing them to secure seats before the general public sale. It’s important to pay attention to the presale code release dates, enter the correct code, and complete your purchase within the specified time frame to make the most of this opportunity.

Date and Time



Sep 16 9:00pm

Blxst & Bino Rideaux

Showbox SoDo – Seattle, WA


Sep 18 8:00pm

Blxst & Bino Rideaux

Fox Theater – Oakland – Oakland, CA


Sep 20 8:00pm

Blxst & Bino Rideaux

The Novo – Los Angeles, CA


Sep 21 8:00pm

Blxst & Bino Rideaux

SOMA – San Diego, CA

Blxst Presale Codes & Passwords

To obtain these presale codes and passwords, I recommend the following steps:

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Official Sources:

Check the official BLXST website, social media profiles, and the event’s official page. Often, artists and event organizers will announce presale details through these channels.

Fan Clubs and Newsletters:

If BLXST has an official fan club or newsletter, consider joining. Sometimes, they provide members with exclusive access to presale codes.

Ticketing Websites:

Keep an eye on reputable ticketing websites that offer presale options. They might provide information about presales and codes.

Presale Websites:

Some websites specialize in sharing presale codes for various events. These sites might have information on BLXST presale codes as well.

Social Media:

Follow BLXST and relevant event organizers on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They often share presale codes with their followers.

Online Communities:

Visit online forums, fan groups, and communities dedicated to music and concerts. Fans often share presale information and codes within these communities.

Email Notifications:

If you have subscribed to event-related newsletters or platforms, they might send you updates about presale codes via email.

Remember, presale codes are often time-sensitive and may have limited availability, so it’s important to act quickly once you obtain a valid code.

Blxst presale codes and passwords are unique access credentials that allow fans to purchase tickets for Blxst concerts before the general public sale. These codes provide an exclusive window to secure tickets, often with better seat options. Presale codes are typically distributed through various channels such as artist websites, fan clubs, social media, and ticketing platforms.

Fans can follow official sources to stay updated on upcoming presale events and receive the necessary codes. It’s important to note that presale codes are time-sensitive and offer a valuable advantage in obtaining tickets for highly anticipated events.

How to Get an Artist Presale Code?

Getting an artist presale code can provide you with the opportunity to purchase tickets to events like concerts or shows before they are available to the general public. These codes are often distributed through various methods, and here’s how you can obtain an artist presale code in detail

Advance Registration:

  • Some artists allow fans to register for tickets in advance through their official websites or platforms like Ticketmaster.
  • On the day of the presale, registered fans will receive a text or email containing a unique presale code.
  • To participate, follow the instructions provided on the artist’s website or platform.

Ticketmaster Presale:

  • Sign up for a Ticketmaster account if you don’t have one already.
  • Use the desktop site to favorite artists, performers, teams, and venues you’re interested in. This will help Ticketmaster notify you about upcoming presales.
  • Check your email for notifications about presale events.
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Live Nation Presale:

  • If you have a Live Nation account, you may receive email alerts about upcoming Live Nation presales.
  • Use the same login details as your Ticketmaster account to access Live Nation.
  • You can often use the presale passwords “LEGEND” or “TRACK” for Live Nation presales.

Social Media Presale:

  • Follow your favorite artists, venues, or shows on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Keep an eye out for posts about unique presale codes that may be shared with followers.
  • These codes are typically shared on the day the presale goes live.

Venue Presale:

  • Visit the websites of your favorite venues and subscribe to their newsletters.
  • Many local venues also host presales. Subscribing to their email lists will provide you with information about upcoming presale events.

Fan Club Presale:

  • Many artists offer presale access to members of their official fan clubs.
  • Joining a fan club might involve a cost, so make sure to review the details before signing up.
  • Check the artist’s official website or fan club site for information on how to join and access the presale.

Spotify Presale:

  • Active Spotify users who follow their favorite artists may be selected to receive a unique presale code.
  • Ensure you are receiving email notifications from Spotify by reviewing your account settings.

Album Pre-order Presale:

  • Some tours offer presale codes to fans who have pre-ordered the artist’s new album.
  • Sign up for notifications from your favorite artist and platforms like Live Nation to be informed about these opportunities.

Team and Radio Presales:

  • Sports teams’ websites may offer presale opportunities to their email subscribers.
  • Listen to radio stations that play your favorite artists for details on how to sign up for presales.

Remember that not all events will have presales, and the availability of codes can vary. It’s essential to stay connected with official sources like artist websites, official social media accounts, and reputable ticketing platforms to ensure you receive accurate and up-to-date information about presales and their associated codes.

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