Böhse Onkelz Tour 2024 Tickets: How to Get Böhse Onkelz Presale Tickets?

Böhse Onkelz Tour 2024 Tickets: Discover how to secure presale tickets for the highly anticipated Böhse Onkelz Tour 2024, know about the pre-sale start date. Find tips on how to get the best price and ensure a memorable experience at their electrifying concerts.

Böhse Onkelz 2024 Tour

Böhse Onkelz have just announced their much-anticipated Open Air Tour for 2024 on their official Instagram page. The post conveys the excitement shared by the band and their fans, emphasizing the long-awaited nature of this announcement. The upcoming tour is promised to be a truly remarkable experience for several reasons. Firstly, the tour is set to take place at some of the most breathtaking concert locations in the country. Furthermore, the inclusion of renowned venues like Loreley and the Waldbühne in Berlin in the tour schedule indicates that the band intends to create unforgettable moments for both themselves and their dedicated fan base.

The announcement also ensures that safety measures will be implemented for a secure concert environment. Moreover, the band plans to surprise the audience with a selection of songs that have never been performed in any of their previous concerts, promising an exclusive and unprecedented musical experience for their loyal supporters. This declaration has undoubtedly generated considerable anticipation and excitement among fans, who are eagerly looking forward to witnessing Böhse Onkelz’s highly-anticipated tour in 2024.


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Böhse Onkelz Tour 2024 Tickets

According to the official Instagram announcement by Böhse Onkelz, important details regarding the Böhse Onkelz 2024 Tour Tickets have been revealed. Here are the key points summarized:

  • The VVK (Vorverkauf, pre-sale) for the tour will commence on 11/03 at 5 pm on onkelz.myticket.de and onkelz.myticket.at. It is important to note that ticket purchases for all shows, except those in Austria, will require personalization with the name of the buyer, following a similar protocol to the 2022 tour.

  • Each person can order a maximum of four tickets per concert. For any necessary ticket repersonalization, the myticket platform will facilitate the process after the initial purchase.

  • Fans are encouraged to refer to the FAQs section on the myticket platform, where they can find answers to the most common questions related to ticketing and the tour.

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The post concludes with an enthusiastic promise from the band, assuring fans of an unforgettable summer of concerts in spectacular venues, creating an atmosphere that is set to surpass any previous experiences in the band’s history.

How to Get Böhse Onkelz Presale Tickets?

To secure presale tickets for the Böhse Onkelz 2024 Tour, follow these guidelines:

  • Mark the date: The VVK (pre-sale) will commence on 11/03 at 5 pm on onkelz.myticket.de and onkelz.myticket.at. Make sure to note the exact start time and date in your calendar to be among the first to access the tickets.

  • Personalization process: Understand that all tickets, except for the shows in Austria, will require personalization with the name of the buyer, similar to the protocol followed during the 2022 tour. Ensure you have the necessary details ready to facilitate the ticket purchase.

  • Maximum ticket order: Note that each person can order a maximum of four tickets per concert. Plan accordingly if you are purchasing tickets for a group.

  • Repersonalization option: Familiarize yourself with the repersonalization process, which will be available via the myticket platform after the initial ticket purchase. This allows for any necessary changes or adjustments to the ticket holder’s information.

  • Check FAQs: Visit the FAQs section on the myticket platform for any additional questions or concerns you may have. Many common queries are often addressed in this section, providing helpful information and clarifications regarding the ticketing process.

By following these steps, you can enhance your chances of securing presale tickets for the Böhse Onkelz 2024 Tour, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free ticket purchasing experience.

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Böhse Onkelz Air Tour 2024 Dates




Berlin / Waldbühne


Dresden / Rinne (open air area at the trade fair)


Dresden / Rinne (open air area at the trade fair)


St. Goarshausen / Loreley open-air stage


St. Goarshausen / Loreley open-air stage


St. Goarshausen / Loreley open-air stage


Oberhausen / Rudolf-Weber-ARENA Open Air


Oberhausen / Rudolf-Weber-ARENA Open Air


Neu-Ulm / Wiley Sportpark


Neu-Ulm / Wiley Sportpark


Bischofshofen / Paul-Außerleitner-Schanze


Bischofshofen / Paul-Außerleitner-Schanze

Böhse Onkelz Tour Ticket Prices

The average cost of tickets for the Böhse Onkelz 2023-2024 tour stands at €75, but this price point can fluctuate based on several factors such as the venue, seat location, and the day of the week. For instance, tickets for concerts in larger venues or on weekends generally tend to be pricier.

The average ticket prices across different countries are varied. In Germany, the average ticket price is €75, while in Switzerland, it’s slightly higher at €90. Austria and Belgium both have an average ticket price of €80, and in the Netherlands, the average stands at €85.

It’s crucial to remember that these figures represent averages, and the actual prices may deviate from these points. To secure the most cost-effective Böhse Onkelz tickets, it’s advisable to explore various options and compare prices from different sellers. Several strategies can be employed to find reasonably priced Böhse Onkelz tickets:

  • Purchasing tickets in advance is recommended as prices often rise as the concert date approaches.
  • Considering seats located towards the back of the venue can be a more economical option compared to premium locations.
  • Exploring secondary marketplaces may provide the opportunity to purchase tickets at a price lower than the face value, but caution is advised to ensure the validity of the tickets.
  • Keeping an eye out for discounts and promotions, such as group discounts or early purchase incentives, can also lead to more affordable ticket options.
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By keeping these tips in mind and utilizing these strategies, attendees can increase their chances of finding reasonably priced Böhse Onkelz tour tickets and enjoy the band’s performances without overspending.

About Böhse Onkelz

Böhse Onkelz is a renowned rock band that originated in Frankfurt in 1980. Notably, the band regrouped in 2014 after a period of hiatus. Despite facing criticism from the mass media due to their earlier association with the skinhead subculture, Böhse Onkelz managed to achieve significant commercial success.

Their later music releases witnessed remarkable triumphs, with several of their albums claiming top positions on the German album charts. Notably, they have sold over 5,338,000 records along with 425,000 videos or DVDs, indicating their enduring popularity and widespread appeal within the music industry and among their fan base. Among their discography, the album E.I.N.S. stands out as their most successful, having sold over 510,000 copies.

Böhse Onkelz’s journey in the music industry reflects their ability to overcome obstacles and criticism, demonstrating their resilience and musical talent. Their achievements speak to their lasting impact on the German rock scene and their dedicated fan following.


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