Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Condensed Milk Location, How to find Condensed Milk in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk you can find the Condensed Milk AKA Cybermilk by locating it in the air between two half pipes at the Hideout.
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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk 

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a video game that combines elements of street culture, hip-hop, and futuristic themes. Its development process was influenced by the creator’s personal interests and experiences. The game’s gameplay mechanics focus on performing tricks, graffiti, and dance moves to accumulate points. The soundtrack features a diverse collection of music styles that enhance the player’s immersion.

The characters and world of the game offer a fresh perspective on cyberpunk themes, and the release details highlight its availability on multiple platforms, generating anticipation within the gaming community.

 “Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” was initially released for PC and Nintendo Switch on August 18, 2023. It is also set to be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on September 1, 2023.

The decision to release on Nintendo Switch first was influenced by the platform’s popularity and the game’s vibrant and playful aesthetic. The game’s release garnered attention from gamers and the media, with excitement building around its unique fusion of street culture, cyberpunk, and engaging gameplay mechanics.

The game features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique styles, personalities, and abilities. The protagonist starts the game by losing their human head and embarks on a journey to uncover the mystery behind it. Various crews populate the city, each specializing in different dance styles and activities.

The Eclipse crew, for example, stands out for their challenging dance moves and astrology-themed motifs. The characters provide a range of perspectives and interactions as players progress through the game’s story.

“Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” is a video game developed by Team Reptile. The game’s creator, Dion Koster, shared insights into the development process during an interview. The game’s concept began with Koster’s passion for drawing characters and his desire to combine street culture, hip-hop, and futuristic elements.

Koster mentioned that he drew characters in his free time and then incorporated them into the game’s story. The storyline emerged when he conceptualized a character with a robot head, sparking questions about the character’s origins and purpose.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Condensed Milk Location  

The Condensed Milk CD, named “Cybermilk,” can be found suspended in the air between two half pipes at the Hideout. To collect it, position your character at the base of one of the half pipes, gain momentum, perform a well-timed jump, and align yourself with the CD mid-air. Successfully grabbing the CD while in flight completes the collection.

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The game draws inspiration from various sources, including street culture, hip-hop, and classic games like “Jet Set Radio” and the “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” series. Koster’s personal background as a breakdancer for over 20 years influenced the inclusion of hip-hop and dance elements. Additionally, the game’s world and aesthetic are inspired by cyberpunk themes and a desire to blend technology with street culture.

How to find Condensed Milk in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

CD Name: Condensed Milk – Cybermilk Location: In the air between two half pipes at the Hideout.

To find the Condensed Milk CD, follow these steps:

Locate the Hideout:

 The Hideout is a key area in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, and it serves as a hub for various activities and challenges. Make your way to the Hideout.

Search for Half Pipes:

Inside the Hideout, you’ll come across a section with two half pipes placed in close proximity to each other. These half pipes are used for skating and performing tricks.

Position Yourself for the Jump: 

Position your character at the base of one of the half pipes. You’ll need to gain some speed to perform a jump that allows you to reach the CD.

Perform the Jump: 

Build up enough momentum by skating back and forth within the half pipe. As you approach the lip of the half pipe, perform a jump by pressing the designated button or key for jumping.

Aim for the CD Location: 

While in mid-air, control your character’s trajectory to align them with the Condensed Milk CD. The CD is suspended in the air between the two half pipes.

Grab the CD: 

As you soar through the air, make sure to position your character close enough to the CD. When you’re in proximity, your character will automatically collect the CD.

Land Safely: 

After grabbing the CD, ensure that you land safely back on the ground to successfully collect the CD and complete the task.

Remember, precision and timing are crucial when attempting to grab CDs in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. It might take a few tries to get the jump just right, but with practice, you’ll be able to master the technique and collect all the CDs in the game.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk CDs 

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, an exciting and vibrant game, features a captivating element beyond its gameplay: hidden collectibles known as CDs. These CDs are scattered throughout the game’s diverse locations, waiting to be discovered by players with an eye for exploration. Each CD is associated with a unique track from various artists, contributing to the game’s dynamic and immersive soundtrack. 

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As players glide, grind, and dash through the futuristic urban landscapes, they have the opportunity to uncover these musical gems, enhancing their experience with both visual and auditory delights. Embarking on a quest to find all the CDs not only adds an extra layer of challenge but also allows players to engage deeply with Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’s fusion of gameplay and music. 

Also, all the music is claim free and there will be no copyright issues officially confirmed as the “Idea of street art game” kept alive in the game music too. Below is the tweet mentioning them.

CD Name



Condensed Milk – Cybermilk


In the air between two half pipes at the Hideout.

Morning Glow – Dom Mclennon

Dom Mclennon

At the top of the center building at the Hideout. Drop down onto it.

Light Switch – SkyBlew


On the rooftop to the right of the exit leading to Versum Hill.

Precious Thing – Olli


Grind on the train rail to the end. Wallride on top wagons, dash up, repeat.

Bounce Upon a Time – SKALP


Hit all Robo Boy posts in the main plaza of Versum Hill.

Operator – GRRL


Hit all Robo Boy posts around the basketball court in Versum Hill.

GET ENUF – Hideki Naganuma

Hideki Naganuma

Slide under the wall behind the basketball court in Versum Hill.

Plume – Legove


Hit all Robo Boy posts in Millenium Square from Versum Hill’s entrance.

Feel the Funk – Sebastian Knight

Sebastian Knight

Hit all Robo Boy posts in the center plaza of Millenium Square with a manual.

Sunshine Popping Mixtape


Jump between billboards in a building near the second loop.

Hair Dun Nails Dun – Color Plus

Color Plus

On the opposite side of Brink Terminal’s entrance. Inside an alley.

whatchyaback! – wev


Behind Solace’s gate in Brink Terminal. Jump on electric cables to reach it.

Refuse – Swami Sound

Swami Sound

Under a glass ceiling over Planet Square. Cess slide with inline skates.

DA PEOPLE – Hideki Naganuma

Hideki Naganuma

First section of Millenium Mall, break glass atop a grindable cylinder.

Anime break – Klaus Veen

Klaus Veen

Hall between grindable cylinders in Millenium Mall.

Two Days Off – KiloWatts


Hit all Robo Boy posts in the second section of Millenium Mall.

Spectres – Reso


Top floor of the second section in Millenium Mall. Heat level 2 required.

I Wanna Kno – 2 Mello

2 Mello

Theater area of Millenium Mall, behind crates after spiraling ramp.

JACK DA FUNK – Hideki Naganuma

Hideki Naganuma

Mataan, past the first gas wall by Futurism. Inside a dumpster.

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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Story 

“Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” is an innovative game brought to you by Team Reptile, designed by Dion Koster. The game’s setting envisions a futuristic world where self-styled graffiti crews, equipped with personal boostpacks, engage in battles for dominance over the urban streets. Players immerse themselves in this unique universe, engaging in a range of activities to establish their presence in the sprawling metropolis of New Amsterdam.

The story follows the journey of Red, a graffiti writer who has replaced his head with a cyberhead for mobility. Driven by a quest to uncover his origins, Red joins forces with the Bomb Rush Crew, including Tryce and Bel.

Their mission is to become the preeminent graffiti crew in the city, expanding their territory and confronting rival crews through Crew Battles. As they progress, they unravel the mystery behind Red’s decapitation and explore the deep connection between his human side and the world of graffiti.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Gameplay 

The gameplay in “Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” combines elements of skateboarding, inline skating, BMX, and various dance styles. Players traverse a futuristic city known as New Amsterdam, performing tricks, graffiti, and dance moves to gain points.

The game features a unique trick system where players must touch different spots in the environment to accumulate multipliers and achieve high scores. The game’s trick system encourages players to explore the entire stage rather than focusing on a single area.

The game’s soundtrack plays a significant role in immersing players in its world. The soundtrack is a collection of danceable music that blends elements of electro funk, house, hip-hop, and more. The music complements the gameplay and reflects the game’s fusion of futuristic and street culture themes.

Notable artists such as Knowledge, Anderson .Paak, Dom McLennon from Brockhampton, and others contribute tracks to the soundtrack. The soundtrack is also tied to the game’s narrative, as players find individual tracks within the game’s stages. 

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