Brain Teaser Matchstick Puzzle: 8+7=9 Can You Move 2 Sticks and Fix this Equation in 20 Secs?

Brain teaser: 8+7=9 Can you move 2 sticks and fix this equation in 20 seconds? One of the most popular types of brain teaser matchstick puzzles is a topic that many people are looking for such puzzles to solve recently. We have a fun matchstick puzzle that you can try, we also have a solution for this puzzle. Follow our Fresherslive website for regular updates on new Mind Trailers that will continue to challenge your logic and problem-solving skills.

Brain Teaser Matchstick Puzzle

Matchstick puzzle is one of the kind of brain games that includes picture puzzles, math puzzles, puzzles, etc. Fun brain puzzles are one of the recent trends on social networks, with Many people are looking for different kinds of mind games to stimulate the mind and train the mind.

The matchstick puzzle is basically a rearrangement puzzle in which you need to rearrange the matchsticks arranged in a shape or an equation to correct and solve the puzzle.

In general, matchstick puzzles are in the form of imprecise equations and need to be solved. For all those who are looking to improve their IQ and logic problem solving skills, in this article we have such a matchstick puzzle. Continue reading to find out what this puzzle is and try to solve it.

Benefits of solving matchstick puzzles

Enhance critical thinking skills: Matchstick puzzles require you to think critically and use logic to solve them. They can help you develop problem-solving skills and enhance your ability to analyze situations and think creatively.

Improve spatial reasoning: Matchstick puzzles often involve manipulating and rearranging objects in space, which can help improve your spatial reasoning.

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Improves Concentration and Attention: Solving a matchstick puzzle requires concentration and attention, as even a small mistake can make the whole puzzle unsolvable. Practicing with matchsticks can help you improve your concentration and attention to detail.

Mental training: Solving matchstick puzzles can be a fun way to challenge your brain and keep it active. It’s a great way to keep your mind sharp and engaged.

Offer a low-stress activity: Matching matches can be a relaxing and low-stress activity that you can do anywhere. They are also a great way to pass the time while waiting or traveling

Brain teaser: 8+7=9 Can you move 2 sticks and fix this equation in 20 seconds?

In this section we have one of the most interesting matchstick puzzles in which you need to rearrange the matches to solve the problem presented. In fact, there are many different types of matchstick puzzles. Some require you to move 1 stick to solve the puzzle, some ask you to move 2 or more sticks and there are also cases where you may need to add 1 or more matchsticks or remove 1 or more matchsticks to solve. solve the problem.

You will need to find a solution based on the matchstick puzzle you are facing. The picture below has a matchstick puzzle that you need to solve. Look carefully before trying to tackle them as they can test your limits. If you can solve this super difficult matchstick puzzle, you’ve outdone yourself. But don’t give up! Keep trying until you solve them

Brain teaser: 8+7=9 Can you move 2 sticks and fix this equation in 20 seconds? Solution

This brain-damaging matchstick puzzle is one of the hardest we’ve come across, we challenge you to solve this matchstick puzzle. If you find it easy, challenge yourself with a time limit. Try to solve it in seconds if you can. If you lose on the first try, keep trying until you succeed. When you finally solve the puzzle, the fruits of your efforts will be sweet. But don’t lose hope if you don’t find a solution. We have provided the solution for all of you.

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The photo below has the answer to this conundrum. Now that you have your answer, you can also test this solution and find out if you got it right. Keep practicing such matchstick puzzles to improve your problem solving skills.

Step 1

Step 2


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