Bread Cast Where are They Now? Bread Cast, Plot, and More

The actors from the show “Bread” are doing different things now. Some have passed away, while others continue acting or have moved on to new careers.

Bread Cast Where are They Now?

“Bread” was a popular BBC sitcom set in Liverpool during the 1980s, focusing on a working-class family’s struggle with unemployment and financial difficulties. Here’s an overview of where the main cast members are now:

Jean Boht (Nellie Boswell):

Jean Boht, who played the family matriarch Nellie Boswell, passed away in September 12, 2023 at the age of 91.

Peter Howitt (Joey Boswell):

Peter Howitt, known for portraying Joey Boswell, has transitioned to a successful career as a Hollywood director, with notable credits including “Sliding Doors” and “Reasonable Doubt.” He currently resides in Vancouver, Canada and is 66 years old.

Ronald Forfar (Freddie Boswell):

Ronald Forfar, who played Freddie Boswell, moved to France in 1997 and later returned to the UK to pursue a career in writing screenplays and novels. He passed away in 2020 at the age of 81.

Nick Conway (Billy Boswell):

Nick Conway, who portrayed Billy Boswell, continued his acting career post-“Bread” with roles in various TV shows. He now works as an actor, DJ, and voiceover artist.

Victor McGuire (Jack Boswell):

Victor McGuire, who played Jack Boswell, went on to have a successful acting career in both stage and film. He featured in notable roles in “Goodnight Sweetheart” and “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,” among others.

Gilly Coman & Melanie Hill (Aveline Boswell):

Gilly Coman initially played Aveline Boswell, later replaced by Melanie Hill. Gilly sadly passed away in 2010, while Melanie Hill continues to have a successful television career.

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Jonathon Morris (Adrian Boswell):

Jonathon Morris, who portrayed Adrian Boswell, pursued mainly stage roles after “Bread” and also appeared on reality television. He continues his career in acting.

Eileen Pollock (Lilo Lill):

Eileen Pollock, who played Lilo Lill, continued her acting career in various shows and films after “Bread.” She passed away in December 2020 at the age of 73.

Kenneth Waller (Grandad):

Kenneth Waller, who played Grandad, passed away in 2000 at the age of 72. He was also known for his role as Old Mr. Grace in “Are You Being Served?”


“Bread” is a funny British TV show. It’s about a family that lives in Liverpool, a city in England. The show was made by the BBC and was on TV from May 1, 1986, to November 3, 1991. The show was created and written by Carla Lane.

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Bread Cast



Jean Boht

Nellie Boswell

Peter Howitt

Joey Boswell

Nick Conway

Billy Boswell

Victor McGuire

Jack Boswell

Jonathon Morris

Adrian Boswell

Gilly Coman

Aveline Boswell

Kenneth Waller


Ronald Forfar

Freddie Boswell

Bryan Murray

Cousin Shifty

J. G. Devlin

Father Dooley

Graham Bickley

Joey Boswell

Melanie Hill

Aveline Boswell

Deborah Grant

Leonora Campbell

Pamela Power


Bread Plot

“Bread” is a TV show about a big family in Liverpool, England. They’re called the Boswells and they live in Dingle. The family is Catholic and they aren’t very rich.

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The boss of the family is Nellie Boswell, who is very strict and talks tough. In the beginning, the show is mostly about her kids trying to find ways to make money for the family, even if it’s not always legal. They call money “bread” in a fun way.

As the show goes on, it’s not just about making money. It starts to focus more on the family’s love stories and marriages, showing the ups and downs of their lives. It’s all about their adventures and how they stick together through thick and thin.

Bread Episodes


Original broadcast dates


1 May–5 June 1986


8 January–19 February 1987


6 September–29 November 1987


18 September–11 December 1988

Christmas special

25 December 1988


10 September–3 December 1989

Christmas special

25 December 1989


2 September–4 November 1990

Christmas special

25 December 1990


1 September–3 November 1991

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