Charissa Thompson Boyfriend 2023, Who is Steven Cundari? Know Everything About Charissa Thompson Boyfriend Steven Cundari

Charissa Thompson Boyfriend 2023 – Who is Charissa Thompson’s Boyfriend, and does Charissa Thompson have a Boyfriend are the questions of the hour; fortunately, we have provided the details about Charissa Thompson Boyfriend 2023.

Who is Charissa Thompson’s Boyfriend?

Andrea Rajacic is Charissa Thompson’s Boyfriend according to Online Sources. He is formerly known as Charissa Thompson’s Boyfriend. Get to know more about Charissa Thompson in the following sections.

Name Charissa Thompson
Real Name Charissa Jean Thompson
Date of Birth 4 May 1982
Age 41 years old
Birthplace Seattle, Washington, United States
Height 168 cm
Weight 58 kg (128 lbs)
Nationality American
Boyfriend Steven Cundari

Who is Charissa Thompson?

Charissa Thompson is an accomplished American television host and sportscaster, currently working for Fox Sports. Born on May 4, 1982, in Seattle, Washington, she grew up surrounded by sports enthusiasts and developed a passion for athletics at a young age. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of sports, coupled with her natural charisma, made her a prime candidate for a career in sports broadcasting. 

Thompson’s journey began in 2006 when she joined the Fox Sports team as an assistant in the human resources department. Her talent and dedication soon caught the attention of her superiors, and she quickly rose through the ranks, landing various on-air opportunities. In 2013, she became a permanent fixture on Fox Sports 1 (FS1) as a host on Fox Sports Live.

Throughout her career, Thompson has demonstrated her versatility and expertise, covering a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and more. She has hosted numerous pre-game and post-game shows, including FOX NFL KICKOFF, the Sunday morning NFL pre-game show leading into FOX NFL SUNDAY. Her engaging personality and insightful commentary have made her a fan favorite.

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Beyond her work on FS1, Thompson has also made appearances on various other networks, including ESPN, Versus, and the Big Ten Network. She has also served as a co-host of SportsNation alongside Marcellus Wiley until her departure from ESPN in 2013.

In addition to her broadcasting career, Thompson is also a successful entrepreneur. She is the founder of House and Home, a design firm that specializes in creating stylish and functional living spaces. Her passion for design is evident in her work, which has been featured in various publications.

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Charissa Thompson Age

As of now, Charissa Thompson is 41 years old (born 4 May 1982). Originally from Seattle, Washington, she began her journey into the media industry at a young age, eventually becoming a prominent television host and sportscaster. Charissa’s career highlights include hosting roles on major sports networks, and contributing to popular shows and events.

With a vibrant and engaging on-screen presence, she has gained recognition for her charisma and professionalism. Born in the picturesque city of Seattle, Charissa’s upbringing likely influenced her passion for sports, which she seamlessly integrated into her broadcasting career. As she continues to make her mark in the entertainment world, Charissa Thompson’s age in 2023 signifies not only her personal milestones but also her enduring impact on the field of sports journalism.

Charissa Thompson Height and Weight

Charissa Thompson, a well-known television host and sportscaster, stands at a height of 168 cm (5 feet 6 inches) and maintains a weight of 58 kg (128 lbs). Her physical dimensions reflect a balanced and healthy lifestyle, contributing to her overall well-being and professional image. At this height and weight, Charissa embodies a physique that aligns with industry standards while emphasizing the importance of fitness and health in her field.

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This combination of height and weight suggests a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, crucial in the dynamic world of television hosting and sports commentary. Charissa’s ability to maintain a proportional and fit appearance may also inspire others, reinforcing positive body image ideals. In the competitive realm of media, her physical attributes, coupled with her talent, contribute to her success and enduring presence in the industry.


Physical Attributes Measurements
Height 168 cm
Weight 58 kg (128 lbs)

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