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We regularly recognize and admire celebrities who work onscreen to entertain us. But have you ever considered the people who work behind the scenes to make them famous? For example, Clive Davis is one of them. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with many superstar musicians and amassed a huge net worth.

Quick Info

Famous name:Clive Davis
Real name/Full name:Clive Jay Davis
Year old:90 years old
Date of birth:April 4, 1932
Place of birth:New York, USA
Height:1.57 m
Sexual orientation:Straight
Marital status:divorce
Spouse (Name):Janet Adelberg (d. 1965–1985), Helen Cohen (d. 1956–1965)
Children:Yes (Doug Davis, Fred Davis, Lauren Davis, Mitchell Davis)
Job:American record producer, A&R executive and music industry executive
Net worth in 2023:900 million USD

Clive Davis Biography

Clive Davis is an American music executive and producer, born on April 4, 1932 in Brooklyn, New York. He was born into a Jewish family, his father was both an electrician and a salesman. Clive Davis, unlike other children, had a difficult childhood. He lost his parents when he was a teenager. His childhood was ruined, he became homeless and penniless. But he didn’t give up and kept going. He studied hard at school and received excellent grades.

During this difficult time, his married sister approached him and invited him to her home. He lived with her for a few months before moving to New York to pursue a full scholarship at New York University’s College of Arts and Sciences. He was later awarded a full scholarship to Harvard Law School. He graduated from law school in 1954 and began working in a law firm. Clive Davis had no idea what was about to happen to him at the time.

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Clive Davis Age, Height, Weight

Clive Davis Born on April 4, 1932, as of 2023, he is 90 years old. His height is 1.57 meters and weight is 58 kg.

Clive DavisClive Davis


When you are suddenly left alone in this world, life becomes harder. The same goes for Clive Davis. When his parents passed away, life became difficult for him and he struggled to find a way to survive in this world. Clive started working as a small lawyer after graduating as a brilliant student. He was working for a company with ties to Columbia Records, and this became his starting point in the music industry. He rose to fame as a creator of musical tastes after years of hard work as president of Columbia Records.

He expanded his musical group and began to collaborate with famous musicians. However, when the group settled down, he was fired due to some personal issues. However, this is not the end of his career. That same year, he founded his own music production company, ‘Arishta Records’ and debuted with great success. What is next? He continuously released hits. He has introduced many new musicians and restarted the careers of many others.

Clive Davis Achievements and Awards

How can a man who turns ordinary people into celebrities be without praise? He is one of the greatest music producers of all time, having won four Grammy Awards. He has also received a Grammy Trustee Award and a Presidential Commendation Award. Not only that, but the Grammy Museum was renamed the Clive Davis Theater in his honor in 2011. Additionally, he was inducted into the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ in 2000.

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Clive Davis net worth in 2023

Clive Davis has been in the music industry for over eight decades and has worked with legendary musicians such as Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson. With this, you can estimate his level of success, which ultimately translates into his net worth. Clive Davis has an amazing net worth of $900 million as of April 2023. Yes, he has amassed a huge net worth solely through his music production company. As one of America’s top music producers, his net worth is expected to increase in the coming years.

Clive Davis is a self-made celebrity. There is no better example of determination or hard work than this man. Seriously, his transformation from an orphan boy to a billionaire is an inspiration to the whole world.

Clive Davis Wife, Marriage

When it comes to professional success, Clive Davis is at his peak. However, he did not achieve much success in his personal life. He was married twice but is currently single. In 1956, he married Helen Cohen. They had two children before divorcing in 1965. Clive married Janet Adelberg the following year. Their marriage produced two children and they divorced in 1985 after 20 years of marriage.

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