Cote de Pablo Husband: Who Is She Married To? Relationship And Family Details

The Chilean-American actress Cote de Pablo has made a name for herself in the entertainment sector. Her personal life frequently piques the interest of viewers who like her parts in prominent TV shows such as NCIS and The Mentalist. Pablo has accumulated an estimated net worth of $16 million in the world of fame and glamour, reflecting her great career in both television and movies. Her personal life, particularly her marital status, is still a source of contention.

A Look into Cote de Pablo’s Net Worth

Cote de Pablo’s rise from small-screen to big-screen success is nothing short of amazing. She has a net worth of $16 million as a result of her remarkable acting abilities. Her booming career and lucrative endorsement agreements continue to add to her riches. Her acting abilities aren’t restricted to the small screen. Her roles in films such as “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” demonstrate her flexibility as an actor, which contributes to her fortune.

The Romantic Relationships of Cote de Pablo

When discussing “Who is Cote de Pablo married to?” it is vital to remember her prior partnerships. She was romantically linked with actor Diego Serrano for 15 years, beginning in 2000. While the specific reason for their 2015 breakup is unknown, they maintain a modest and polite manner about their history. Rumors also circulated that Cote was dating her NCIS co-star, Michael Weatherly. However, these reports remain unsubstantiated, prompting fans to speculate about their possible off-screen romance.

Cote de Pablo

Who Is Cote de Pablo’s Husband?

Cote de Pablo is not presently married, according to accessible sources. When it comes to her romantic life, the actress tries to keep a low profile. Despite the interest of her followers, she has neither acknowledged nor denied any current partnerships.

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A Look into Cote de Pablo’s Family and Personal Life

Despite her successful profession, Cote de Pablo has no children. She often expresses her desire to establish a family. She, like many other elements of her personal life, keeps such plans confidential.

Cote de Pablo: A Look Back at 2023

Cote de Pablo has remained largely calm as of 2023. Her followers are eagerly awaiting her comeback, despite the fact that she has no new projects or public engagements. Nonetheless, she communicates with her supporters through occasional updates on social media channels. There have also been rumors regarding her return to television and a possible partnership with Michael Weatherly. However, no formal confirmation has been made as of yet.

Cote de Pablo


To address the question, “Who is Cote de Pablo married to?” the actress is not married at the moment. Cote de Pablo is a quiet person who skillfully divides her business and personal lives. She continues to win hearts with her skills, ensuring her fan base’s loyalty. Her future seems bright, both professionally and emotionally, and her fans anxiously await her return to the big screen.

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