Cube Escape The Cave Walkthrough: A Complete Guide

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Cube Escape The Cave Walkthrough

Prologue: When entering the cave, priority should be given to solving the puzzle about the spider first. If the spider eats a fly, it will invalidate the achievement, requiring a game reset. However, if you are sure that a fly is about to be eaten, you can exit and reset the puzzle.

Arachnophobe: Make sure no flies are eaten by spiders.

  • Go to the right and slide open the cabinet.
  • Pick up the book.
  • Take the molten pot from above.
  • Continue right.
  • Take the knife, match, and petri dish from the drawer.
  • Place the book on the stand.

Chapter 1: To edit the family tree, refer to the game “Roots”. The appropriate position of each character is indicated by shaders.

  • Take the tag and place it on the specified page.

Genealogy: Achievements related to the story.

  • Go right twice and collect wood.
  • Trace the puzzle on the door.
  • Solve the dog puzzle.
    • Assemble all the pieces together and give the completed puzzle to the man on the right, then to the man on the left and take the caterpillar.
  • Continue to the right.
  • Light a torch and feed the moth to the bat to get a card.

Chapter 2: Insert the obtained card into chapter 2 of the book.

  • Keep track of new pictures on the door.
  • In the spider room, there is a cipher puzzle. Each room contains a bug that will reveal a pattern to solve.
  • Pick up the pickaxe.
  • Return to the dog for another puzzle.
    • Guide the detective to the white cube by strategically moving the diver to navigate through the spirits.
  • Use the pickaxe on the crack.
  • Give the arm the knife to take the arm.
  • Grind arms to create food.
  • Go back to the dog and pet it.
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Good boy! Interact with the dog affectionately.

  • Feed the dog food, which results in a lump of poop.
  • For further instructions on next steps, refer to the back of the book.
  • Continue with the driver and the wall above it.
  • Replicate the model on the side. If you make a mistake, use the fourth rock to erase it.
  • Use the pickaxe to get a water bottle.
  • Go to the microscope and use the petri dish and the turd.
  • Make sure there is no red line and pass.
  • Place your bottle next to it.
  • Pick up the elixir and use it on the bottle.
  • Pick up the elixir and use it in the mirror, starting a series of transformations.
  • Convert multiple times.

Break the glass to get the next card.

Chapter 3: Repeat the book lookup and pattern tracing process.

  • For the next dog puzzle, collect the items the fish is looking at.
  • Use the pickaxe to get the ore.
  • Burn wood in the fireplace.
  • Use the melting pot to melt the ore.
  • Create a silver key using a key mold.
  • Use the key on the drawer to find the tape.
  • Fix the broken diver’s hose with tape, then turn the valve.
  • Pick up his helmet and give him the elixir.

Fresh Air: Achievements related to the story.

  • Join the conversation until you get a diamond and a card.

Chapter 4: Last time, using tags and pattern tracking.

  • The dog provides a hint.
  • Open the door and adjust the knobs.
  • Pull the lever down and enter the submarine.
  • Upon entering, the matches will be unlocked.

Submarine: Achievements related to the story.

  • An upcoming achievement involves locating a series of coordinates. To simplify the process, refer to the achievement guide as it can be confusing. However, if you don’t want to go through there, I’ll provide directions on how to get there.
  • Turn right twice.
  • Pick up the case and ink bottle from the bottom shelf.
  • Locate and get four blocks. The map will assist in their recovery.
  • Use the note to get the first set of coordinates.
  • Enter the numbers into the machine, the machine also displays GPS indicating the amount of space to move.
  • Left head.
  • Insert the diamond into the submarine camera using the nearby compass.
  • If you want to skip the whole process, go to a specific location where there is a box with a word waiting to be entered on the machine near the compass.
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The story continues: Uncover hidden memories.

  • Return to the GPS and notice the red valve above, which controls the depth.
  • Right head.
  • Use the claw to get the cube.
  • Navigate blocks through pipes.
  • Solve the puzzle to get the white cube.

Black Block: 59. Go to another window and collect six fish.

  • Put all six fish in the smoker and ignite it.
  • Reopening the smoker will reveal a code.
  • Enter the code into the mail machine.
  • Give crab shells to get pearls.
  • Place the pearl in the box to get the geographic triangle, which provides the next clue.
  • Use triangles to determine coordinates.
  • Insert the white block into the machine.
  • Repeat the process from the previous to get the black block.
  • Insert the black block into the machine and repeat the whole process.
  • At the end you will get the blue cube.

Golden cube: 70. While taking the cube, you will see a fish.

  • Use Morse code to eat small fish and get a three letter word.
  • Align all the tentacles sticking out and then collect the ink into the ink bottle.
  • Ink the coordinates to get the next set.
  • Insert the black block into the machine and repeat the whole process.
  • The result will be a blue block.
  • If you look through the periscope, you will see a boatman.
  • Guide the fish to the hook as you did earlier.
  • Watch the rower for the next word.
  • Pick up the hook.
  • Use the hook on the bottle ship to drop a note, indicating the next position.
  • By now, the process should be familiar. Insert the blue block into the machine and repeat.
  • The machine will malfunction, need to recover the cubes.
  • Open the mirror by clicking on each ball.
  • Enter the cube.
  • Place the machine on her head and pull the lever.
  • Turn right twice.
  • Place the machine on top and pull the lever.
  • Continue right.
  • Insert the blocks into the machine.
  • Adjust the upper part to the correct position and press the button.
  • Collect gold blocks.
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Golden Cube: Achievements related to the story.

Please note that instructions are provided in English.

Game Cube Escape The Cave

Cube Escape: The Cave, developed by Rusty Lake, is an engaging point and click adventure game belonging to the popular Cube Escape and Rusty Lake series. This installment, the ninth installment in the Cube Escape series and the eleventh installment in the Rusty Lake series, follows the protagonist, Mr. Crow, as he embarks on an exploration of a mysterious cave. Along the way, he assists a familiar guest, delving deeper into the mysterious world of Rusty Lake.

The game can be played for free on, Playit-online and the Google Play Store, making the game easily accessible to a wide audience. It has received rave reviews from players and critics alike for its stimulating puzzles, eerie atmosphere, and engaging storyline.

Cube Escape: The Cave consists of two separate levels: The Cave and The Mine. In the first level, the player is tasked with helping a struggling friend while unraveling the secret rituals of the Vanderbooms. The next level requires the player to use various tools and objects to successfully escape from a dangerous mine.

Overall, Cube Escape: The Cave is a critically acclaimed adventure game that challenges players to solve intricate puzzles and uncover intriguing mysteries lurking in the world of Rusty Lake.

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