Dalton Kincaid Age: How Old Is He? NFL Player Wiki And Career

Dalton Kincaid has quickly risen in popularity, particularly after joining the Buffalo Bills. With a bright NFL future ahead of him, many fans and aficionados want to learn more about this young tight end, including his age. There’s a lot to learn about Dalton as an NFL draft candidate and former University of Utah player.

Dalton Kincaid’s Birthday

“How old is Dalton Kincaid?” is a simple question that everyone has. Dalton, who was born on October 18, 1999, is now 23 years old. He will be 24 years old when the leaves turn color and October 2023 approaches.

NFL Prospects Kincaid

Dalton Kincaid’s path from aspiring athlete to NFL draft candidate has been nothing short of thrilling. Many eyes are on him as he navigates his debut NFL season, particularly given that he will be 24 in October 2023.

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Kincaid Background Information

Dalton, a product of the entertainment hub of Las Vegas, Nevada, excelled not just in athletics but also in academics. He studied Business Administration at the University of Utah, demonstrating his wide variety of interests and abilities.

Further Information

Dalton Kincaid proudly wears the number 86 jersey for the Buffalo Bills. He is a strong figure on the field, standing 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m) tall and weighing 240 pounds. His career numbers in Division I football are excellent, with 55 total games and 24 starts. This emerging star has been mentioned in a number of publications and conversations in the media.

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Many people are inspired by Dalton Kincaid’s tale. With just 23 years old and so many successes, his future in the NFL seems to be bright. As October 2023 approaches and he reaches 24, it will be interesting to watch how his NFL career progresses.

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