David Aylor Passed Away At The Age Of 41

David Aylor, a prominent lawyer, died on Monday, January 2, at the age of 41. He was found dead at his home in downtown Charlestown, according to Counton2.com. WCBD TV’s Carolyn Murray pays homage to Aylor by uploading a photo to Facebook. ABC News 4’s Tessa Spencer also expressed her grief saying she’s known Aylor for almost 15 years. She continued,

“Many years ago, when he was a weekly guest at the Breakfuss Leather Club, I told him I was interested in the law. He didn’t think twice about hiring me as a legal assistant. He was always there when I needed him. In fact, he is always present… with everyone he considers friends. You can hardly miss. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.”

ABC News 4’s Scott Eisberg expressed his sadness at Aylor’s passing on Facebook. Eisberg says that Aylor has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to her student-athletes. In addition, he commented,

“He was very worried. He watched admission films and maintained contact with athletes after graduating from high school. He is a huge fan of HS sports and CofC basketball. Dizzy.”

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The circumstances behind Aylor’s death are unknown, however, there is no evidence of foul play.

On Twitter, people pay their respects to David Aylor.

David Aylor has become known as a criminal defense, personal injury and DUI attorney. As soon as people learned of his death, Twitter was flooded with tributes. Here are some answers:

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Just In- A statement from Lindsay Johnson, managing attorney at David Aylor Law Firm, regarding the departure of David Aylor.#chsnews pic.twitter.com/QuLtn2YvcP

– Quintin Washington (@QuintinOnCamera) January 2, 2023

Praying for your family and friends @DavidAylor. Tragic news… https://t.co/qPyRtfXRUJ

– FITSNews (@fitsnews) January 2, 2023

Law firm David Aylor was founded by Aylor.

Little is known about No Aylor’s youth, however, he attended Charleston College and University Law School. He later established his own legal offices, which are now located in Summerville, Walterboro, Greenville and other locations. The Law Office of David Aylor has been commended for their work throughout the years, with Aylor being sought after by many press sites for interviews. He works as a prosecutor in Hanahan and as an assistant attorney at the Ninth Circuit Attorney’s Office for Charleston County. David served as secretary to the South Carolina Judiciary Committee under former Senator Glenn McConnell, U.S. District Judge Robert Carr and criminal attorney Andrew Salvage III.

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Before his death, he was embroiled in a minor legal dispute over the distribution of evidence in a drug trafficking case in which David’s investigator flouted several laws by arranging to keep the evidence in another room. The government filed an appeal against the penalties against David and Aylor, and the presiding judge made the remarks during the hearing. Authorities ruled this was fraudulent public disclosure of sealed data. The penalties were rescinded when federal agents submitted another document stating that the regulations were not intentionally violated.

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