Destined With You Episode 7 and 8 Recap, Ending Explained, Cast, Release Date and Trailer

“Destined With You” is an ongoing South Korean TV series, available on JTBC and Netflix, featuring a captivating love story with Jo Bo-ah, Rowoon, Ha Jun, and Yura in the lead roles.

Destined With You Episode 7 and 8 Recap 

In Episode 7 of “Destined With You,” Hong-Jo tries to explain the magical spell to Jae-Gyeong, who doesn’t believe her. He starts having feelings for her. Meanwhile, Shin-Yu learns that his feelings for Hong-Jo might be due to a condition called “neural coupling.” Na-Yeon, Shin-Yu’s girlfriend, finds pictures of him with Hong-Jo and confronts her, slapping her. Hong-Jo decides to end things with Shin-Yu, but he kisses her.

In Episode 8, Hong-Jo tells Na-Yeon the truth, and she asks Shin-Yu to stop contacting her on her personal phone. Hong-Jo realizes she might have feelings for Shin-Yu. They discover a hidden box with black magic spells and a cursed straw doll with their names on it. They suspect someone is stalking them. They go on a fake date to catch the stalker. Hong-Jo gets a mysterious call and notices someone following her.

Shin-Yu becomes suspicious of Jae-Gyeong and investigates. The flower shop owner is also acting strangely. The episode ends with Shin-Yu in the hospital. The mysteries continue to unfold, and Hong-Jo’s feelings for Shin-Yu grow stronger.

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Destined With You Episode 7 and 8 Cast



Jo Bo-ah

Lee Hong-jo


Jang Shin-yu

Ha Jun

Kwon Jae-kyung


Yoon Na-yeon

Destined With You Episode 7 and 8 Release Date

Destined with You Season 1 Episode 7 had been released on Netflix on September 13, 2023. Typically, it was scheduled to be available at 4:00 p.m. (BST), although this timing could occasionally change in the world of K-Dramas. Fortunately, there were no expected alterations to the release schedule at that time.

Following Episode 7, Destined with You Season 1 Episode 8 aired on Netflix at the same time on September 14, 2023. Both episodes maintained an approximate runtime of about 65-70 minutes each. Fans eagerly awaited each new episode as the captivating story unfolded, enjoying the drama’s regular release pattern.

Destined With You Episode 7 and 8 Ending Explained

At the end of Episode 7 of “Destined With You,” things get complicated as secrets are revealed. Hong-Jo and Jae-Gyeong start to have feelings for each other, which adds a new layer of complexity to their relationships. Shin-Yu discovers that his attraction to Hong-Jo may be due to a psychological condition called “neural coupling,” making his feelings confusing.

In Episode 8, the mystery deepens as a hidden box with dark magic spells and a cursed straw doll is discovered, suggesting that someone is trying to harm Hong-Jo and Shin-Yu. They go on a fake date to catch a mysterious stalker, and Hong-Jo gets an unsettling call while being followed.

The ending leaves us with questions about the identities of the stalker and the person behind the curses. It also hints at a growing connection between Hong-Jo and Shin-Yu, despite their efforts to keep their distance. The story becomes more intriguing and suspenseful as these mysteries unravel, keeping viewers eagerly waiting for the next episodes to uncover the truth behind these strange occurrences.

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Destined With You Episode 7 and 8 Where to Watch?

People around the world can enjoy watching Season 1 Episodes 7 and 8 of “Destined with You” by having a Netflix subscription. These episodes were made available on the dates and times we mentioned earlier. Additionally, for viewers in South Korea, there’s the option to catch these episodes on JTBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 (KST).

So, whether you’re a global Netflix subscriber or in South Korea, there are opportunities to follow the story of “Destined with You” and stay up to date with the latest developments in the series. This dual-release strategy allows fans from different parts of the world to access the show through their preferred platforms, making it accessible and convenient for a diverse audience.

Destined With You

“Destined With You,” is a currently airing South Korean TV series featuring Jo Bo-ah, Rowoon, Ha Jun, and Yura in the main roles. The show made its debut on JTBC on August 23, 2023, and it follows a schedule of airing every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 (KST).

For those who can’t catch it on television, the good news is that the series is also available for streaming on Netflix in specific regions. This means that viewers around the world have the opportunity to enjoy the show’s intriguing storyline and captivating performances by the talented cast.

The show’s availability on both traditional television and popular streaming platforms like Netflix allows a wide audience to access and enjoy the drama, making it easily accessible to viewers with different preferences and from various locations. It’s an exciting addition to the world of Korean television entertainment.

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Destined With You Trailer

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