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Explore the comedic yet thought-provoking world of “Douglas Is Cancelled,” a four-part British series starring Hugh Bonneville, addressing cancel culture’s impact.

About Douglas is Cancelled

“Douglas Is Cancelled” is an upcoming British TV series that mixes comedy and drama. Created and written by Steven Moffat, it’s a four-part show directed by Ben Palmer. The story follows Douglas Bellowes, a well-respected news anchor, played by Hugh Bonneville, who faces the repercussions of a poorly thought-out joke at a wedding in the era of cancel culture.

The cast also includes Karen Gillan, Alex Kingston, Nick Mohammed, Simon Russell Beale, Ben Miles, and Madeleine Power. Moffat, Palmer, and Sue Vertue serve as executive producers, with Lawrence Till as the producer. Filming began in London in November 2023, and the series is set to air on ITVX in 2024. The production involves Hartswood Films, SkyShowtime, and BBC Studios, promising a mix of humor and social commentary.


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Douglas is Cancelled Cast



Hugh Bonneville

Douglas Bellowes

Karen Gillan


Alex Kingston


Nick Mohammed

Not specified

Simon Russell Beale

Not specified

Ben Miles

Not specified

Douglas is Cancelled Broadcast

“Douglas Is Cancelled” is set to be broadcast on ITVX in the UK in 2024. This four-part British comedy-drama television series, created by Steven Moffat and directed by Ben Palmer, features a stellar cast including Hugh Bonneville, Karen Gillan, and Alex Kingston. The storyline revolves around Douglas Bellowes, a respected news anchor who becomes entangled in cancel culture after making an ill-advised joke at a wedding.

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The series promises a blend of humor and social commentary on contemporary issues. With production by Hartswood Films, in collaboration with SkyShowtime and BBC Studios Distribution, the show aims to explore the consequences of a changing media landscape and the impact of cancel culture on individuals. Viewers can anticipate an engaging and thought-provoking narrative when “Douglas Is Cancelled” hits the screens.

Douglas is Cancelled Executive Producers

The executive producers of “Douglas Is Cancelled” are key figures overseeing the creative and strategic aspects of the show. Steven Moffat, the creator and writer of the series, takes on this role along with Ben Palmer and Sue Vertue. Moffat, known for his work on various successful television projects, contributes his expertise to guide the overall vision of the show.

Ben Palmer, serving as an executive producer and director, brings his creative insights to the project, ensuring a cohesive and engaging production. Sue Vertue, Moffat’s wife, also plays a crucial role in overseeing the executive production, contributing to the show’s overall quality and success.

Together, these executive producers collaborate to shape the narrative, production, and overall direction of “Douglas Is Cancelled,” contributing to its potential success in the television landscape.

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