Dr. James Heaps Was Found Guilty Of Sexually Abusing 5 Of His Patients

According to the Los Angeles Times, the charges against James Heaps first surfaced in 2014, when the state health board investigated him for a similar complaint. Another complaint was made with UCLA in 2017 and the institution reported his retirement in June 2018. Following the 2017 allegation, the institution was punished for allowing Heaps visiting patients for almost six months.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office accused the 65-year-old former gynecologist of physically abusing two former patients on May 22, 2019. According to NBC, when many former patients began complaining to Heaps, the organization agreed to pay more than $700 million in lawsuits for alleged victims.

#BREAK: District Attorney George Gascón announced today that jurors have convicted James Mason Heaps, an obstetrician and gynecologist formerly with the University of California, Los Angeles, on five counts in connection with the assaults. sexually assaulting some of his patients. pic.twitter.com/wI0KhDSs9c

– George Gascon (@LADAOffice) October 21, 2022

UCLA was singled out in the James Heaps case.

According to NPR, James Heaps will take advantage of his position as a doctor and gynecologist to engage in inappropriate behavior with his patients. In an official statement, John Manly, an attorney representing many of Heaps’ alleged victims, said that many of the women the former doctor allegedly sexually abused were cancer patients.

Manly stated:

“The barbaric abuse he inflicted on cancer patients and those who trusted him as their doctor has been revealed, and justice has been served.”

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Heaps’ defense attorney, Lenny Levine, asserted that the doctor engaged in what appeared to be personal contact with the patient because of the nature of his job.

Levine stated:

“He’s either a doctor doing his job or a crazy monster out there.”

According to NBC, despite numerous complaints, James Heaps pleaded not guilty to 21 counts of abuse-related charges. A grand jury in California found him guilty on three counts while finding him innocent on seven more. Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon addressed the charges against Heaps in an official statement. He mentioned how the jury was deadlocked on nine additional charges, leading to a mistrial.

Gascon stated:

“The pain Dr. Heaps caused the very people he swore to care for was immeasurable.” While we accept the jury’s verdict on the acquitted charges, we are certainly not satisfied.”

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UCLA released an official statement in response to the decision against James Heaps.

According to the statement:

“UCLA Health values ​​patients who come forward.” Sexual misconduct of any kind is abhorrent and unforgivable. Our first goal is to provide the best possible treatment while making patients feel safe, protected and appreciated.”

Heaps will be sentenced on November 17, 2022.


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