Elena Knows Ending Explained, Summary, Cast, Plot, And More

“Elena Knows” on Netflix unfolds as a gripping drama with an emotional ending. Elena initially suspects foul play in her daughter Rita’s death, accusing others, but the plot reveals Rita’s decision to end her life due to the stress of caring for her ailing mother. 

Elena Knows Ending Explained

“Elena Knows” is a gripping Netflix film that premiered on November 24. The story revolves around Elena, a mother battling Parkinson’s disease, who tries to uncover the mystery behind her daughter Rita’s sudden death. Initially, Elena accuses others, like a student and a priest, of playing a role in Rita’s demise. However, as the plot unfolds, it is revealed through flashbacks that Rita took her own life due to the stress of caring for her deteriorating mother.

In the film’s final act, Elena seeks comfort from Rita’s closest friend, hoping for answers. Instead, she learns the heartbreaking truth that Rita chose to end her life because she couldn’t cope with the challenges of caring for her mother. A doctor had informed Rita that she would essentially become her “mother’s mother,” amplifying the emotional struggle. Shattered by this revelation, Elena eventually accepts the painful reality and tries to move forward, acknowledging the difficulties faced by her daughter.

Overall, “Elena Knows” explores themes of family, sacrifice, and the toll of caregiving, delivering a poignant and emotionally charged ending that sheds light on the complexities of the characters’ relationships.

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Elena Knows Release Date

“Elena Knows” premiered on November 4, 2023, at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival in Argentina. The film had its initial limited release in cinemas in Argentina on November 16, 2023. Later, it became available worldwide on Netflix starting November 24, 2023.

The movie, with a runtime of 100 minutes, falls under the drama genre and carries a +13 age classification. Directed by Anahí Berneri, the film is an adaptation of Claudia Piñeiro’s novel of the same name.

Elena Knows Cast

Mercedes MoránElena
Erica RivasRita Alonso
Miranda de la SernaRita Alonso (teenager)
Mercedes ScápolaIsabel Herrera
Marcos MontesFather Juan
Rocío BelzuzIsabel Herrera (teenager)
Agustina MuñozElena (young)
Marcos FerrantePablo Almada
Alfredo ZenobiDr. Banegas
Horacio CamanduleOfficer Avellaneda
Susana PampínTeacher
Renata LavadoVictoria Sacotti
Muriel SagoMargaret
Monica GonzagaMimi

Elena Knows Summary

“Elena Knows” narrates the story of Elena and her daughter Rita, exploring their strained relationship. When Rita, responsible for caring for her mother diagnosed with atypical Parkinson’s, mysteriously disappears, Elena embarks on a quest to unravel the truth behind her daughter’s death.

The film employs flashbacks to portray the dynamics between Elena and Rita during their younger years, adding layers to their complex connection. The narrative unfolds as a blend of drama and mystery, revealing the challenges faced by both characters.

Elena Knows Review

“Elena Knows” has received positive reviews for its poignant storytelling and standout performances. Mercedes Morán’s portrayal of Elena, grappling with Parkinson’s, has been widely praised for its emotional depth.

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Critics appreciate the film’s editing, seamlessly merging past and present. However, some express reservations about its pacing, describing it as slow and methodical. While the movie is deemed a decent drama, opinions on the ending vary, with some feeling it could have had a stronger impact.

Elena Knows Plot

The plot of “Elena Knows” centers around Elena, dealing with Parkinson’s, and her daughter Rita. Rita abruptly leaves her mother, triggering a police notification of her death. Elena, suspecting foul play, investigates, uncovering their complex past. Flashbacks reveal Rita’s struggles, leading to her decision.

Despite introducing potential suspects, the film focuses on Elena’s relentless pursuit of the truth, with Morán’s powerful acting standing out. The film, while praised for its editing and acting, is critiqued for its slow pace.

Where to Watch Elena Knows?

“Elena Knows” is available for streaming on Netflix. The film, which premiered on the platform on November 24, 2023, can be accessed by subscribers. Viewers can choose from various subscription plans, including a standard monthly plan with ads, an ad-free version, or a premium plan. The film’s availability on Netflix offers a convenient option for those interested in exploring the emotional journey of Elena and Rita.

Elena Knows Trailer

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