Everything You Need to Know About Pele’s 7 Children

The Brazilian football legend died in December at the age of 82, the father of 7 children: Kely, Flávia, Sandra, Edson, Jennifer, Joshua and Celeste.

Pelé, the legendary Brazilian soccer player, died at the age of 82 while being treated for colon cancer.

“King Pelé’s path was marked by inspiration and love, and today he passed away peacefully. Throughout his journey, Edson has captivated people with his outstanding athletic talent, stopped wars, conducted social work around the world, and preached what he thought was the cure for all our problems: love,” a statement on his Instagram account said. “Your life message will be passed on to future generations.”

Pelé is the father of seven children in addition to being a football legend. Throughout his life, he had various partnerships, some ending in romance and others leading to scandal.

Pelé was married three times, first in the late 1960s to Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi. They welcomed three children: daughters Kelly and Jennifer, as well as son Edinho Nascimento.

Decades later, when Pelé became romantically involved with Brazilian singer Xuxa, the couple divorced. The World Cup winner is said to have dated the pop star for four years before splitting in 1986.

In the 1990s, Pelé married his second wife, Assiria Lemos Seixas. They have twins Celeste and Joshua at the same time. Pelé and Assiria broke up after 12 years of marriage.

Marcia Cibele Aoiki, a Brazilian businessman, became the star’s third and final marriage a few years later.

Pelé also had two children with women he did not marry: Sandra Regina Machado, his fourth daughter, with his maid Anizia Machado, and Flávia, a fifth daughter, with journalist Lenita Kurtz.

1. Kelly Christina Arantes do Nascimento

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Kelly is Pelé’s first child and eldest daughter, born on January 13, 1967, to his first wife, Rosemeri. Kelly has always admired her father’s passion, discipline and humility as an athlete, as well as the way he inspires young people.

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As adults, Kelly and her sisters founded the Nascimento Foundation, an organization dedicated to creating a sustainable and peaceful future for children around the world through sport and the arts.

Recently, she has turned her attention to sport diplomacy and sport for development, where she has helped advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through global tourism and telling stories. She gave a TEDx presentation on breaking barriers for women in football in June.

Kelly is currently in post-production for her featured documentary, Warrior of a Beautiful Game, which focuses on sexism in sports. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her four children, Malcolm, Ruby, Enzo and Ella, as well as going to the soccer field.

2. Flávia Arantes do Nascimento

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Pelé had her second child, Flávia, with journalist Lenita Kurtz in 1968, while still married to Rosemeri (and would continue to do so for many more years).

Flávia currently works as a consultant at a large hospital in Brazil. It was named one of the best specialist hospitals in the world in 2021. She was also invited to join the Board of Directors of the Little Prince Hospital.

3. Sandra Regina Machado Nascimento

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Sandra Regina Machado, Pelé’s second daughter, was born in 1963 due to an affair with the maid Anisia Machado. For years, the soccer legend denied he was the girl’s father and refused to take a DNA test.

Sandra then took the soccer star to court in 1991. Based on DNA evidence, the court identified Sandra as his daughter two years later. Despite Pelé’s appeal, it remained in place in 1996 and she was allowed to use his father’s last name.

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Sandra ended up writing a book, The Daughter The King Didn’t Want, about her traumatic path after being rejected by her father. In addition, she was elected to the Santos City Council.

In 2001, she filed another complaint against her father, alleging that she did not receive the same amount of money from Pelé as her half-brothers Kelly, Edson and Jennifer. The request was denied by the court.

Sandra died in October 2006 of cancer. She and her husband and two children were left behind.

4. Edinho “Edson” Arantes do Nascimento

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Edinho is Pelé’s fourth and first son, born on August 27, 1970, in Rosemeri. Edinho, nicknamed Edson after his father, was a Brazilian footballer who played professionally before retiring in 1999.

Edinho served as a goalkeeper for four Brazilian clubs during his professional career: Santos, Portuguesa Santista, So Caetano and Ponte Preta. But his time on the pitch didn’t stop when he retired.

Edinho joined Santos in 2007 as a goalkeeping coach and was promoted to assistant coach in 2015. In the years that followed, he worked as a coach at many clubs. various clubs, including his father’s local club, Tricordiano, although he eventually returned to Santos as a player. development coordinator and then manager in 2019.

Outside of football, Edinho was arrested in 2005 and ended up in jail for money laundering and drug trafficking in 2014. While denying all charges, Edinho admitted to having a drug problem in the past despite though pure for many years. Pelé visited him several times in prison.

Edinho was hired as the coach of the Brazilian soccer team Londrina in early December 2022. He is currently preparing the team for the 2023 season.

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5. Jennifer Cholby Arantes do Nascimento

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In June 1978, the World Cup champion and Rosemeri welcomed their fifth child, Jennifer Cholby Nascimento. Jennifer, unlike her famous siblings and father, has decided to live a solitary life. There are very few details about her and only one published photo of her, which depicts Pelé holding her as an infant.

6. Joshua Arantes do Nascimento

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Pelé and his wife Assiria welcomed twins, a boy and a girl, on September 28, 1996, his sixth and seventh children. His son, Josh, prefers to keep his life private on social media, but public documents show that he, like his half-brother, Edson, and his father, is a football player.

While he is no longer playing, records show that he was a member of Santos in 2013 and 2014. In 2016 he moved to the United States to play for Spartans football club in the University of California. learn Tampa.

Josh has a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology and human activity, according to his Instagram bio. He now lives in the US and works in strength and conditioning. He also coaches at Florida’s Golden Goal Soccer Academy.

7. Celeste Arantes do Nascimento

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Celeste, Josh’s twin sister, was born on September 28, 1996 to Pelé and Assiria. Although she prefers to keep most of her life private, she occasionally appears on the social media profiles of her half-siblings.

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