Gabrielle Union Stirs Up Controversy With Her Reason For Cheating On Her First Husband

On Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert Podcast on January 2, 2023, actress Gabrielle Union discussed her previous romance with NFL player Chris Howard. From 2001 to 2006, the couple was married. The 50-year-old actress joked in the interview that she felt “entitled” to cheat on Shepard, saying:

“I paid all the bills, worked hard, and I feel like that’s what happened.”

The actress said that neither she nor Howard are ready to commit and that their marriage is a “stupid relationship that should never go beyond the dating stage”.

Fans are shocked by Union’s infidelity revelation. It created a discussion on the internet about what would happen if the positions were reversed. Twitter user @mikeyperk had this to say about it:

“How does that even correlate?”: Gabrielle Union podcast interview sparks online discussion

After publishing the Armchair Expert Podcast, netizens chastised the actress from Cheaper by the Dozen for her remarks. One Twitter user, @NSRd4tmsz, asked if the actress was right in cheating, implying that if a man “pays all the costs, he should also have the freedom to cheat.” : Many others insist that “paying off debt” does not mean “unfaithful”. .” Some responded by saying that the 50-year-old’s argument also implies that a spouse is “liked and respected” only if he has “money” and “provides for the family.” Others questioned her logic, calling it “wrong” and “stupid”.

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Some netizens expressed outrage at the two’s infidelity and said that “no one should cheat”. Others questioned the reason for getting married when neither party wanted to be together.

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In the end, many people pointed out that Being Mary Jane actress was misquoted and only part of her podcast interview was released. They argued that because Chris Howard had cheated before Gabrielle Union, it was unfair to exclude the actress.

One user, @maresarustla, argued that Union’s claims “made in jest” were overblown. She speaks, “

“If you listen to the entire show The Armchair Expert with Gabrielle Union, you’ll find that the unfair synthetic statement is made (for fun) in the midst of a complicated conversation about infidelity, which Dax also offers stories, imbalanced relationships, evolving views on marriage, and the like.”

Twitterati’s other thoughts regarding misquotes and misrepresentations are presented below:

Agenda >>> the truth on this street.. Gabrielle Union’s issue confirms it…Babe literally says she feels entitled to cheat BECAUSE HER HIS HIM HAS BEEN SCAM while completing it absolutely nothing and twitter twists everything..Omo!!!

— Arógóménìté Ujatólì🇨🇵 (@Iamkunevrizzy) January 4, 2023

All Gabrielle Union said was that her ex-husband was a cheater who had the nerve to cheat when she paid all the bills and provided for the family – so she got hit back. . I don’t find anything wrong with her logic.

– .𝒴 (@Mochasso__) January 4, 2023

What did Gabrielle Union say?

In an interview with Dax Shepard, the LA’s Finest actress said that despite her “dysfunctioning” marriage to NBA star Chris Howard, “none of us felt that the marriage was going to happen.” My partner will get in the way of our dating.” She said emphatically that she would not receive the “Wife of the Year” award.

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She added that she felt “entitled” to have her own problems after confessing to both sides’ infidelity. Union chose not to continue the uncomfortable marriage that was damaging to both parties after a brief visit with a couples counselor, where the therapist determined that the couple had no principles, beliefs, or relationships. similar hesitation. Gabrielle Union married Dwyane Wade in 2014 and the couple adopted a daughter through surrogacy in 2018.


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