George Santos Health Update: What Happened To Him? Illness And Whereabout

As the States Representative mentioned in an interview about his key health issues, George Santos’ illness has been trending on social media. George Santos won the seat in the 2020 election and will serve New York’s 5th congressional district as the country’s representative.

Before joining politics, Santos worked as a Community Leader and small business owner in Queens, New York. He has been involved in various local clubs and NGOs, demonstrating his dedication to his community. He has campaigned for affordable housing, public transportation, and education, as well as for working families and small businesses.

George Santos Illness And Health Update: Is He Suffering From Cancer?

According to George Santos, he was one of the first people in the United States to be diagnosed with COVID-19, which was exacerbated by a primary brain tumor. But then something strange occurred. Among all the lies George Santos has told, one odd incident has received less attention: his recovery from COVID-19 at the start of the epidemic, despite having multiple serious underlying conditions. Santos, he noticed, was particularly sensitive to COVID-19 due to his underlying health issues. “Radioactivity is not a toy. Cancer is a possibility for me. It runs in my family.”

I have a weakened immune system as well as acute and chronic bronchitis. “I also had a brain tumor a few years ago, and I underwent radiation, which severely weakens your immunity in general,” he told the podcast hosts.

George Santos

Although Santos never admitted to having a brain tumor or going through radiation therapy again, he did repeat his COVID survival tale multiple times during his first unsuccessful Campaign. Santos said he was taken by ambulance to Queens’ Elmhurst Hospital, where he was put on a stretcher and spent around five hours in a “plastic bubble” with an “air filter” since the hospital had out-of-isolation rooms. He indicated that he got a chest X-ray, which was negative. Santos said that he was swabbed for COVID-19 and tested positive on March 14. He stated he had a fever for many days and was hallucinating and confused.

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What Happened to George Santos? Where is He?

Former prosecutor Dan Goldman, a fellow New York representative-elect, has urged for Santos to be charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States and making false allegations to the Federal Election Commission. In an interview with Vox, Goldman refused to comment on whether Santos’ standing in Congress should be challenged. “The key issue, in my opinion, is not whether George Santos should be a member of Congress.

The more pressing issue is whether Kevin McCarthy and the Republican leadership feel George Santos is qualified to serve in Congress.” Kevin Owen McCarthy is a politician from the United States who has been the House Minority Leader in the United States House of Representatives since 2019. McCarthy is nearly as reliant on Santos as Santos is on McCarthy. The Republican Leader is facing a mutiny from hard-right Republicans who reject his election as House Speaker in January.

George Santos

George Santos’ Net Worth in 2023

His net worth was estimated to reach $11 million in 2023. Santos subsequently worked for Harbor City Capital in Florida as a regional director. He was accused of running a $17 million Ponzi scheme. Santos was also the sole owner and managing member of the Devolder Organization, according to his financial papers.

He said that the firm was a family-owned enterprise with $80 million in assets. Devoldeer was also referenced by George as a capital introduction consultant firm. The business was dissolved in 2022 after failing to submit annual reports.

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