GI Joe OMG Passed Away At The Age Of 33

GI rapper Joe OMG has passed away at the age of 33. Rebecca Kinchen, his spokeswoman, announced the news. He is best known for his On My Grind line and clothing brand. His close friend and partner, K Deuce, expressed sympathy, saying the rapper was a great friend, father, musician, and role model to many in South Central Los Angeles. He continued:

“[GI] was a strong and honest guy, 10 feet tall… he passed away the way we all wanted to go… in peace.”

We continue to lose great people. RIP Gi Joe OMG

– B. (@brionnaanicole) September 20, 2022

GI Joe OMG Cause of Death

Rebecca Kinchen, a spokeswoman for GI Joe OMG, acknowledged his death but did not determine the cause. She told US Sun they had no idea what happened. She stated:

“He was found dead and we are awaiting the results of the coroner’s investigation to find out more.”


Kinchen also denied claims that the rapper was fatally shot in a car crash. She ended by saying:

“If there’s one thing we’d like to say about this guy, it’s that he’s an incredible, tough man, the best father of two and always puts his family first. “

On social media, GI fans and followers pay their respects to him. His family has yet to make an official comment.

All about GI Joe OMG

GI Joe OMG is a rising talent in the rap game. His most recent album was released under the name of his record company, On My Grind Entertainment. OMG also has a clothing brand of the same name, which just revealed new designs that are now available for purchase. OMG, whose real name is Brandon Joseph, is best known for his collaborations with Nipsey Hussle and J Stone. Hussle and Joseph grew up together and are great friends. In 2018, they collaborated on an album called Mailbox Money.

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Because Joseph had a history of legal problems, he began composing and singing songs for convicts in prison. After his release, he wanted to continue his music career. His compositions blend jazz, R&B and hip hop, with lyrics influenced by 1990s hip hop stars like Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.


Despite being a celebrity, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, so details regarding his career and education are unclear. No one knows anything about his personal life, and no one knows if he was dating or married. His family members, whose names are unknown, have survived him.

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