Gileno Santoro Age: How Old Was He? Mater Rosgi Voice Actor Wiki And Net Worth

Gileno Santoro (Gileno Santoro) Wikipedia: Continue reading to discover all there is to know about the late voice actor. Gileno Santoro was a well-known Brazilian voice actor who contributed his talents to a variety of projects, allowing him to establish a large name and reputation. Sandy & Junior, A Starry Sky, and Você Decide all feature his voice.

Santoro has been involved in the entertainment sector for a long time and has worked on several projects. His voice may be heard as Alberto in Zatch Bell. Furthermore, Santoro is most known for his role as Mestre Kame in the Dragon Ball Z popular anime. He worked in several segments of the successful series that many people enjoyed. Following his death on April 15, 2023, everyone has been asking questions about his professional life, which we’ve covered extensively here.

Gileno Santoro Wikipedia

Gileno Santoro was a well-known Brazilian voice actor who appeared in several films and television shows. Santoro’s debut film, Pecado Sem Nome, was released in 1978, according to his IMDb biography. Similarly, we can hear his voice in a variety of TV episodes and films, including Akira, Alice in Wonderland, Barom One, Black Cat, Demon Lord Dante, and many more. Furthermore, Santoro was universally regarded as one of the most popular names in national dubbing, particularly since he had dubbed multiple Japanese cartoons with Master Roshi from the Dragon Ball series.

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Furthermore, Santoro was known for his role in Futurama as Professor Hubert Farnsworth. His career started as a model for commercials. Because his voice was too low, Santoro later opted to become an actor. He was also interested in acting from an early age. His career as a voice actor began when he was just 48 years old. Santoro operated from a distance during the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Gileno Santoro Age: How Old Was Mater Rosgi Voice Actor Gileno Santoro?

At the time of his death, Gileno Santoro was 74 years old. Santoro was reportedly born on October 22, 1948, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Gileno Pinal del Santoro was his complete birth name. Furthermore, Santoro was Fabio del Santoro’s elder brother. Fabio is an author who has published over 20 books on ufology and spirituality.

Meanwhile Santoro was not married and had neither his nor his children. More information about his other family members is unclear since Gileno kept his personal life secret. Gileno Santoro died on April 15, 2023, from malignant tumor complications, according to his family. Santoro is supposed to have been buried at the Araçá cemetery.

Voice actor Gileno Santoro’s Net worth

Gileno Santoro, a voice actor, performed in a number of films, which undoubtedly helped him keep a large income. His true net worth is unknown, however, internet sites indicate it is in the six digits. The dedicated actor has a lengthy history in the film business and has produced several great films. The majority of Gileno’s initiatives have undoubtedly rewarded him well. With his incredible fortune, Gileno undoubtedly had a high-quality life. Genius Celebs also honors the late soul.

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