Gracie Gold Net Worth: How Rich Is He? Explore Figure Skater Wiki & Health Problem

Gracie Gold’s net worth is $700,000. The Olympian was one of the most famous figure skaters in the United States in the early 2010s. Many felt Gracie’s career would only advance after winning a bronze medal at the Olympics. However, Gracie was unable to live up to expectations due to a series of bad circumstances in her life.

Gracie just released the book Outofshape, Worthless Loser, in which she reveals that she was sexually abused. Her book also discusses her struggles with an eating disorder, despair, and anxiety. Many figure skating enthusiasts have questioned the role of parents as well as instructors in these cases in educating children at a young age.

Gracie Gold Net Worth 2024

Gracie Gold, an American figure skater, has a net worth of $700,000. The figure skater began skating at the age of eight and trained under Amy Vorhaben and Max Liu. Gold’s first junior tournament came in 2007 at the US Junior Championships, with Sean Hickey. They placed seventh, and three years later, Gracie placed fourth in the beginner category at the 2010 US Championships.

Golden Gracie

She made her international debut in 2012, winning a gold medal in the Junior Grand Prix. Later that year, she won a gold medal in the junior division at the US Championships. Gold could earn $1 million if her team wins the World Squad Trophy. However, Gracie and her team placed sixth in the competition. In 2013, Gracie won the ISU Grand Prix Series gold medal at Skate Canada. It is worth noting that the ISU Grand Prix prize money for individual events remained at $180,000 in 2013.

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The athlete went on to win medals and accolades, including her first NHK Trophy championship in 2014. That was also the year she won a bronze medal at the Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Gracie won her first global title in Boston in 2015 and before that she won her second national crown.

Gracie Gold discusses her struggles with mental health.

Gold withdrew from competitive events in 2017 to seek therapy when it was revealed she had eating and anxiety problems. Only later did she admit that she had suicidal thoughts. On Tuesday, the 28-year-old released her book, Outofshapeworthlessloser. In her book, Gracie revealed that at age 21, she was raped by a skater at an after-party event.

Gracie reported this incident to the American Center for SafeSport five years after it happened. Gold said she did not know whether the lawsuit had been resolved. Gracie admits that she has always been a perfectionist in her judgment. In her biography, Gracie describes how her eating condition worsened during the 2014 Olympics. Gracie struggled to compete at the 2016 World Championships and into the competitive season. the next, she was mistreated and attempted suicide. She also gained 50 pounds and after arriving for the program, she departed for inpatient treatment in Arizona.

Golden Gracie

Gracie was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and mild obsessive-compulsive disorder. In her most recent interview, Gracie said that she still enjoys skating but feels that certain aspects of skating culture and some athletes in the sport need to grow and improve. .

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