Gulsen Goes To The Court To Appeal For Her Own Insults And Hatred Towards Religious Schools

Gulsen, a Turkish pop artist, went to court on October 21, 2022, to appeal her acquittal following allegations that she incited hatred and hatred in her community with statements against the schools of Imam Hatip according to Islam. A Turkish court has decided to suspend the singer’s previous order requiring her to register and register at the nearest police station once a week. However, they will continue to maintain her worldwide travel restrictions in effect.

During her trial, Gulsen explained in court how she was assaulted by the public. She said she was executed and beaten many times due to her clothes. Her reputation as a performer has also suffered as more than 50 of her gigs have been cancelled. She stated:

“As a woman, wife and mother, I have been repeatedly attacked and verbally assaulted.” All of this is my punishment for being Gülşen.”

According to court records, the 46-year-old will be excused from the proceedings. The next hearing is scheduled for December 21.

Gulsen dropped out of college to pursue a career in music.

Gulsen Colakoglu (née Bayraktar) is his full name. She was born on May 29, 1976 in Istanbul and grew up there. Her parents, Arslan and Nimet, had three children. After graduating from ehremini Anadolu High School, she studied Turkish classical music at Istanbul Technical University. She started playing in nightclubs and pubs all over Istanbul during her freshman year but found it difficult to balance her studies with her enthusiasm. Gulsen dropped out of college after his first year.

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After that, the singer established herself as a musician with her first album Be Adam (Oh Man!), released in 1995. Her popularity increased rapidly thanks to her distinctive voice. However, her popularity plummeted almost quickly after TV sensors deemed Sarşnm (my Blonde)’s music video indecent. Despite her turbulent career, Colakoglu’s combination of pop music and old Ottoman compositions, as well as her penchant for scandals, have earned her the nickname “Madonna” Turkey”.

Why was Gulsen arrested?

On the August 25 program, the musician commented on a member of the ensemble, claiming that his “metamorphosis” was due to his attendance at a hatip school. According to the singer:

“I went to Imam Hatip schools.” That is where debauchery arises.”

People have called for her arrest after seeing the video of her making this comment. The Imam Hatip School is a subject of national controversy because, despite its religious background, it has been implicated in many controversies over sexual assault. It is speculated that this is a cover for various illegal activities going on using public funds.

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Despite declaring her innocence, she was detained for 5 days for inciting hatred and hatred, then placed under house arrest for 15 days. Gulsen said that comment was made as a joke between two friends. Singer said:

“I have not shown an attitude that will promote hostility and hatred among the people.” “I don’t want to attack a third person, socioeconomic class or a segment of society.”

Gulsen’s arrest sparked outrage on social media, with many suggesting she was a target for her outspoken support of the LGBTQIA+ community and liberal beliefs. She is currently being sentenced to three years in prison for her crimes.

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