Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1444 Spoiler, Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1444 Raw Scan

Fans eagerly anticipate potential spoilers for Chapter 1444, eager to uncover hints about pivotal character developments or dramatic plot twists that may unfold in the upcoming installment.

Hajime No Ippo

Hajime No Ippo is a popular Japanese manga series created by George Morikawa. The story revolves around a young high school student named Ippo Makunouchi, who initially leads a quiet and uneventful life. However, everything changes when he encounters a professional boxer named Mamoru Takamura, who saves him from bullies using his boxing skills.

Impressed by Takamura’s strength and determination, Ippo becomes inspired to take up boxing himself. With the guidance of dedicated mentors and trainers at the Kamogawa Boxing Gym, Ippo begins his journey in the world of boxing.

The series showcases Ippo’s growth as a boxer, his trials, victories, and the relationships he builds with fellow boxers, trainers, and supporters. Known for its intense and realistic portrayal of boxing, Hajime No Ippo has gained immense popularity for its compelling storytelling, character development, and thrilling fight sequences.

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Hajime No Ippo 1444 Spoilers

As of now, the spoiler for Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1444 has not been released. Updates and spoilers will be provided once officially released by the authorized website. Stay tuned for further information on the latest chapter of the manga series.

Hajime No Ippo 1444 Raw Scans 

As of now, the raw scans for Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1444 have not been released. Updates regarding the release of these scans will be provided once they are made available by the producers. Stay tuned for further information on the release of the raw scans.

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Hajime No Ippo 1444 Release Date

The highly anticipated Chapter 1444 of the beloved manga series, Hajime No Ippo, is scheduled to be released on December 13, 2023. Fans are eagerly looking forward to this new chapter. However, the specific time of its release has not been officially announced yet.

The excitement among readers is palpable as they await the continuation of the story. Many fans are eagerly counting down the days until they can dive into the new chapter and follow the thrilling adventures of Ippo.

  • Pacific Daylight Time (PDT): 7:00 AM, Dec 13, 2023
  • Central Daylight Time (CDT): 9:00 AM, Dec 13, 2023
  • Indian Standard Time (IST): 8:30 PM, Dec 13, 2023
  • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT): 10:00 AM, Dec 13, 2023
  • Greenwich Mediterranean Time (BST): 5:00 PM, Dec 13, 2023
  • Japanese Standard Time (JST): Midnight, Dec 13, 2023
  • Korean Standard Time (KST): Midnight, Dec 14, 2023
  • Singapore Standard Time (SGT): 11:00 PM, Dec 14, 2023
  • Philippines Standard Time (PST): 11:00 PM, Dec 14, 2023
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time (EDT): 2:00 AM, Dec 14, 2023

Hajime No Ippo 1443 Recap

In Chapter 1443 of Hajime No Ippo, the spotlight was on Ippo’s refined and enhanced Dempsey Roll 2.0, which he chose to employ after dedicated practice. This improved version is built upon the original Dempsey Roll, known for its rapid left and right hooks performed in a weaving motion while advancing forward. What made Dempsey Roll 2.0 stand out was Ippo’s precise control over the hooks’ direction and angle, a notable advancement from the previous version.

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When Ippo unleashed this technique against Ricardo, the reigning champion, it caught him off guard. Despite Ricardo’s attempts to defend against Ippo’s lightning-fast punches, he struggled to keep up, resulting in numerous strikes that caused heavy bleeding and disrupted his balance. Ippo’s remarkable performance as the challenger overtook the world champion left viewers in sheer amazement as they witnessed the bout unfold on television.

Where to Read Hajime No Ippo 1444?

Readers seeking to enjoy Hajime No Ippo in its official capacity can access the manga from authorized sources. While numerous websites offer prints of the series, accessing the manga from an official platform is highly recommended.

Interested readers can visit the official website of Shonen Magazine to delve into the latest chapter, Chapter 1444, of Hajime No Ippo. This ensures a legitimate and authorized reading experience, supporting the creators and the official release of the manga. 

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