Haruka’s Career Was Cut Short When She Was Unexpectedly Taken Out Of The LE SSERAFIM Debut

LE SSERAFIM’s first documentary, The World Is My Oyster, has revealed a new trainee named Haruka, who has been shown learning choreography and is ready to debut with a girl group. The documentary provides new details about girl group FEARLESS, including the hardships and trials they endured before debuting with Source Music and HYBE. One of the surprises was the large number of never-before-seen films by a trainee named Haruka. In the first episode, she prepares for monthly reviews, reviews reviews, and practices with Sakura, Chaewon, and Yunjin. However, her debut dreams were cut short when she was dropped from the debut lineup for no apparent reason.

Meet Haruka, a trainee on LE SSERAFIM’s waiting list.

LE SSERAFIM’s debut documentary, The World Is My Oyster, introduced the world to some of the harsh realities old and new that a K-pop idol group faces before their debut, such as such as the selection process, playfulness, evaluation, constructive feedback, training, and most importantly, the company’s staff responsible for creating a successful idol group. In the documentary, Team Leader Kim Hyeong-eun commented that nothing is official until the debut group actually debuts. Being on the debut lineup doesn’t guarantee debut, as the Team Leader said, and this is true of Haruka, a Japanese trainee who was selected to be in the final lineup of LE SSERAFIM.

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When news of her being dropped from the debut lineup was announced, Sakura described the Japanese trainee as “quite young”. The trainee’s innocent appearance gave a realistic impression of her being the youngest member of the group. In the drama, the trainee was also criticized by Performance Director (PD) Park So-yeon about her posture, emotions and choreography, the PD said that she was very energetic. Significantly more significant input from other members is also provided.

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Not much is known about Haruka, other than the basics. Netizens thought the agencies were up to something because Source Music and HYBE included her in the comments while completely removing Garam (who was removed from the group when a bullying complaint arose in the ring). some week). According to one Twitter user, @bellaAria 06, the young Japanese trainee still doesn’t have any social media profiles.

Company policy prohibits trainees from having internet accounts because they may reveal confidential information. If a practitioner has one, they are asked to disable it or put it away when not in use.

Fans believe that Haruka will appear in I-LAND 2.

Survival audition events are a great way for aspiring K-pop groups and trainees to gain exposure. It provides students with the opportunity to showcase their abilities and personality to the rest of the world. Similarly, netizens have suggested that HYBE intends to lay the groundwork for Haruka by including her in LE SSERAFIM’s documentary The World Is My Oyster.

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HYBE launched the female version of I-LAND, a survival show in partnership with Mnet, last September. The first season gave birth to the now-popular ENHYPEN, which became the fastest million-selling book ahead of their debut anniversary. As debuting members, four bright trainees of the show participated in &AUDITION – The Howling. They will debut as &TEAM in December of this year along with 5 other trainees.

Many argue that the purpose of LE SSERAFIM’s documentary is to introduce viewers to Haruka, who is young and capable of making her a formidable participant in I-LAND 2. Several others believe Leader Kim Hyeong-eun’s comment too. According to some tweets regarding Haruka, she might not fit the strong, powerful image of LE SSERAFIM and HYBE might have a spot for her in I-LAND 2’s next girl group. Not much is known about the young Japanese trainee, but one thing is for sure: a K-pop giant like HYBE makes no mistake when it comes to introducing students to the public. It will be interesting to see where Haruka ends up.

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