Hell House LLC Origins Ending Explained, Release Date, Cast, Plot, Review, Summary, Where to Watch and More

The ending of Hell House LLC Origins unravels the dark connection between the Carmichael murders and a sinister Satanic cult, leading to a chilling revelation.

Hell House LLC Origins

Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor is a horror movie made in 2023 by Stephen Cognetti. It’s part of the ‘Hell House LLC series and acts as both a sequel and a prequel to the first film from 2015. This is the fourth movie in the series. The film features actors like Bridget Rose Perrotta, Destiny Leilani Brown, James Liddell, and Gideon Berger.

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Hell House LLC Origins Ending Explained

At the end of “Hell House LLC Origins,” the chilling mystery unfolds with shocking revelations. Margot, an internet sleuth, arrives at Carmichael Manor, a location with a dark past. Joined by her girlfriend Rebecca and mentally unstable brother Chase, Margot’s mission is to uncover the truth behind the house’s sinister history. As they investigate, they encounter eerie phenomena, including ghosts of past victims.

Their journey takes a terrifying turn when they discover hidden artifacts related to the Abaddon Hotel tragedy. Catherine’s recorded videos shed light on her brother Patrick’s descent into madness and his involvement in a Satanic cult. The cult, led by Andrew Tully, conducted sinister rituals, and Patrick was under their influence.

As Margot and Rebecca delve deeper, they realize the malevolent spirits are manipulating them. Chase’s ominous disappearance and ghostly encounters intensify the horror. In a chilling climax, Margot receives a text from Chase, leading to a horrifying revelation of his fate.

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Catherine’s footage unveils Patrick’s transformation and involvement in the cult’s sinister activities. The cult’s malevolent influence on Patrick and their ritualistic sacrifices become apparent. The cult’s connection to the man who targeted Margot as a child is revealed, possibly linking to Tully.

The “Hell House LLC Origins” ending not only unravels the Carmichael murder mystery but also hints at the continued presence of the malevolent cult, offering room for further exploration. Andrew Tully and his followers remain a menacing force, capturing souls to appease their sinister master.

Hell House LLC Origins Release Date

Hell House LLC Origin had its release on October 30, which was perfectly timed for Halloween, allowing audiences to enjoy some spooky thrills during the Halloween season. It was a well-planned release date that set the atmosphere for the horror movie and catered to those looking for a chilling cinematic experience during this popular holiday.

Hell House LLC Origins Plot

In ‘Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor,’ an amateur paranormal investigator named Margot, along with her girlfriend Rebecca, visits the haunted Carmichael Manor in Rockland County, New York, to solve the cold case of the Carmichael family’s gruesome murder. As they explore the mansion, they uncover eerie mannequins and strange occurrences. Margot’s mentally troubled brother, Chase, also joins them.

As they investigate, they discover that the Carmichael family’s murders are connected to a Satanic cult from the Abaddon Hotel, and the evil force behind it all. The movie ends with Margot and Rebecca being killed by the sinister clowns and reveals a dark link between Margot, the cult, and the tragic events at the Carmichael Manor.

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Hell House LLC Origins Cast



Bridget Rose Perrotta

Margot Bentley

Destiny Leilani Brown

Rebecca Vickers

James Liddell

Chase Bentley

Cayla Berejikian

Catherine Carmichael

Victoria Andrunik

Margaret Carmichael

Darin F. Earl II

Bradley Moynahan

Searra Sawka

Alice Harper

Thomas J. Cipriano

80’s News Anchor

Michael Caprioli


Celeste Cicon

Antique Store Clerk

Marlene Williams

Eleanor Carmichael

Dayna Michelle Kurtz


Joe Bandelli

Hell House Clown

Robert Savakinus

Arthur Carmichael

Hell House LLC Origins Where to Watch?

Hell House LLC: The Carmichael Manor could be watched exclusively on Shudder starting on Monday, October 30. If you wanted to see the movie, you needed a subscription to Shudder to access it. Shudder was the place to go to watch this horror film.

Hell House LLC Origins Review

‘Hell House LLC Origins’ is a found-footage horror movie directed by Stephen Cognetti and is the fourth part of the ‘Hell House LLC’ franchise. In the film, an amateur paranormal investigator named Margot and her girlfriend Rebecca explore the eerie Carmichael Manor, where a gruesome family murder took place.

As they delve into the mystery, they encounter unsettling mannequins and disturbing events. The movie gradually uncovers a connection between the Carmichael family murders and a sinister Satanic cult. The film’s ending is filled with suspense and reveals a dark secret linking Margot to the cult, adding a chilling layer to the story. The movie offers a spooky and mysterious atmosphere, making it a compelling addition to the horror franchise.

Hell House LLC Origins Trailer

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