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Hurricane Season’s ending unravels the tragic events that lead to profound choices. Deeply emotional and thought-provoking, this Mexican film sheds light on societal issues through multiple perspectives.

Hurricane Season

“Hurricane Season” is a recently released movie that you can watch on Netflix. It’s an exciting drama from Mexico, originally called “Temporada de huracanes.” The movie shows a tough and very real world where people are trying very hard just to stay alive, and sometimes, the value of human life is not given enough importance.

This film first came out on Netflix on November 1, 2023. It was directed by Elisa Miller, the person in charge of bringing this story to life on the screen.

What is Hurricane Season about? 

“Hurricane Season,” also known as “Temporada de huracanes,” is a Mexican thriller drama. The movie explores the hardships people face in a harsh and often cruel world. It portrays a reality where the value of human life is sometimes not given the importance it deserves.

The story begins with the discovery of a body, and then it takes the audience back in time to understand the events that led to this point. The narrative unfolds from various perspectives, and while the timeline may overlap at times, it all comes together to reveal the challenges people endure in this unforgiving environment.

The film provides a gritty and realistic portrayal of life’s difficulties, where survival becomes the utmost priority.

Hurricane Season Ending Explained

What is the reason for Luismi’s change of heart?

Luismi changes his mind because of some very upsetting things that happen. After he talks with Brando, he goes home and finds Norma in a really bad condition, all covered in blood. He rushes her to the hospital, and there they find out that she lost her baby. It gets even worse because the authorities accuse Luismi of getting Norma, who is too young, pregnant.

All of this is very shocking and sad. It makes Luismi think about what he’s been doing and why. The strong emotions from these events make him reconsider his plans and decide to do something different.

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Later, when he leaves the hospital, he goes outside and makes a very disturbing discovery in the garden: he finds the foetus of Norma’s baby. This makes him believe even more that the Witch did something to hurt Norma with magic. Luismi gets really angry and wants to get back at the Witch for what he thinks she did to Norma.

What is the reason for the witch’s death?

The Witch is killed because Brando and Luismi believe she has gold coins. They go to her house looking for them, but she says she’s poor and doesn’t have any money. Brando doesn’t believe her

When Brando sees the Witch near Luismi, he gets very angry and hits her. Luismi also joins in hitting her because he thinks she hurt Norma. The Witch starts bleeding a lot and can’t move. Brando searches for the coins but doesn’t find anything.

They decide to take her to a canal in Munra’s truck. When they get there, the Witch is still alive. Brando tells Luismi to stab her, but Luismi can’t do it. So Brando helps him and makes him stab her. It’s a very sad and violent situation.

Are Brando and Luismi facing consequences for killing the Witch?

After killing the Witch, Brando and Luismi face consequences. Brando tries to leave his home, but his father doesn’t let him stay. He leaves without knowing where to go.

At the same time, the Witch’s body is discovered, and Yesenia goes to the police to tell them she saw Luismi, Brando, and Munra taking the Witch’s body from her house. The police catch Brando and put him in a jail cell. In there, he’s mistreated by other inmates.

But Brando is not alone for long. Luismi and Munra are also arrested and brought to jail. It’s clear that they’ve been hurt by the police. When Luismi sees Brando in jail, they hug each other, and that’s how the movie ends.

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Hurricane Season Release Date

“Hurricane Season” is a movie that was released on Netflix on November 1, 2023. It’s adapted from a book written by Fernanda Melchor and directed by Elisa Miller. The story focuses on a small town struggling with many challenges, including crime, poverty, and social issues. People were quite excited to watch this movie because they were curious about how the story would play out and how the characters would tackle the problems in their tight-knit community.

In the film, viewers can expect to see the characters’ lives intertwine and witness the impact of their decisions on the town. The movie explores themes like poverty, corruption, and gender roles, which can make for a thought-provoking and engaging viewing experience. It’s a film that not only tells a story but also sheds light on important societal issues.

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Hurricane Season Cast 

  • Paloma Alvamar
  • Edgar Treviño
  • Andrés Cordova
  • Kat Rigoni
  • Norma Reyna
  • Conchi León
  • Ernesto Meléndez
  • Said Sandoval
  • Reyna Mendizábal
  • Guss Morales

Hurricane Season Plot 

A group of boys finds the body of a transwoman known as the Witch in a canal. The film delves into the events leading to her murder from four viewpoints.

Yesenia reports her cousin Luismi to the police, who attended the Witch’s parties. She tries to expose Luismi’s actions but isn’t believed, leading her to investigate further.

Yesenia later sees Luismi, along with Brando and Munra, carrying the Witch’s body. Frustrated by her earlier ordeal, she reports Luismi for the murder.

Munra reveals Luismi’s troubled relationship with his pregnant girlfriend, Norma. They believe the Witch is connected to her condition, leading to tragic events.

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Norma, who fled due to her pregnancy, is convinced by Chabela to have an abortion through the Witch. Norma’s suffering prompts suspicions of witchcraft.

Brando’s perspective uncovers secrets and complications. His attraction to Luismi leads to significant events, including theft and a plan to rob the Witch.

Hurricane Season Review

The movie’s story is deep and interesting, with different characters’ viewpoints making it more meaningful. It talks about important things like family, identity, and the results of our actions. It’s good for tackling social issues like LGBTQ+ and teenage pregnancy in a sensitive way.

The plot keeps you interested with different perspectives and slowly reveals what happened. It’s emotional and makes you think about the choices people make. The film shows how the characters’ feelings change and their complicated relationships.

It also shows the tough consequences the characters face, reminding us to be more understanding and caring. In the end, it’s a captivating and thought-provoking story with great acting and a message that matters in society.

Hurricane Season Overview 




Drama, Mystery & Thriller

Original Language



Elisa Miller


Fernanda Melchor

Release Date

November 1, 2023 (Streaming)


1 hour and 39 minutes



Production Company

Woo Films

Where to Watch 

You can watch “Hurricane Season” on Netflix now! This new Mexican movie is directed by 

Elisa Miller, who has won prestigious awards in the past. It’s based on a well-known novel, and the screenplay is written by talented writers.

Hurricane Season Trailer 

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