I Saw the Devil Ending Explained, Plot, Cast, Where to Watch and More

“I Saw the Devil” is a heartbreaking Korean revenge thriller that challenges traditional narratives, exploring the moral complexity and devastating consequences of seeking justice through means of destruction.

I have seen the devil

“I Saw the Devil” is a 2010 South Korean action thriller film directed by Kim Jee-woon and written by Park Hoon-jung. Starring Lee Byung-hun and Choi Min-sik, the film tells the story of NIS agent Kim Soo-hyun, played by Lee, who seeks revenge after his wife is brutally murdered by Psychotic serial killer Jang Kyung-chul, played by Choi. .

The film had its US premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and later had a limited theatrical release in the United States. Overall, “I Saw the Devil” received generally positive reviews from critics.

Choi Min-sik’s role in the film is significant because it marks his return to a leading role after changes in South Korea’s screen quota system. The plot revolves around Kim Soo-hyun’s quest for revenge, highlighting the tense and suspenseful cat-and-mouse game between him and the brutal murderer. The film explores themes of morality and the consequences of seeking revenge, making it a compelling and thought-provoking action thriller.

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I saw the devil’s ending explained

“I Saw the Devil” unfolds as a heartbreaking Korean revenge thriller, exploring the consequences of revenge through the lens of National Intelligence agent Kim Soo-hyun. When his fiancee becomes the victim of brutal killer Jang Kyung-chul, Soo-hyun’s grief sends him on a relentless pursuit of retribution. The film’s story challenges the Nietzschean warning that fighting monsters risks becoming one, as both protagonist and antagonist see evil in each other.

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As Soo-hyun falls into darkness, the film questions the morality of his search. Initially seeking justice, his actions become increasingly extreme, leading to collateral damage and blurring the lines between right and wrong. The climax takes a shocking turn when Soo-hyun, angered by Kyung-chul’s cruelty, devises a cunning revenge. Relying on Kyung-chul’s family, he causes emotional pain, leading to a terrible outcome.

“I Saw the Devil” defies simple classification as torture porn, offering a nuanced exploration of moral complexity. Director Kim Jee Woon challenges the conventional narrative of revenge thrillers, presenting a thought-provoking case against vigilantism and violent retribution. The film’s haunting depiction leaves viewers grappling with the true cost of seeking justice through destructive means, emphasizing the devastating consequences of falling into darkness.

I have seen the devil’s plot

The story of “I Saw the Devil” begins with a school bus driver named Jang Kyung-chul meeting a woman named Jang Joo-yun. Instead of helping her with a flat tire, he beat her and took her to his home, where he dismembered her body. The police found her body parts, and her father, Captain Jang, and her fiancé, NIS officer Kim Soo-hyun, were devastated. Soo-hyun decided to find a way to take revenge on the murderer.

Soo-hyun interrogates the suspect and finds Joo-yun’s ring at Kyung-chul’s house. Instead of killing Kyung-chul, Soo-hyun forces him to swallow the tracking device, allowing him to track his movements. Soo-hyun begins to torture Kyung-chul, wanting to make him suffer for as long as possible.

Kyung-chul, a cruel killer, finds refuge with his friend Tae-joo, a murderer and cannibal. Soo-hyun discovered their hideout, neutralized them, and captured Tae-joo and his girlfriend. Despite their injuries, Soo-hyun and Kyung-chul still evade the police with the help of Soo-hyun’s subordinates.

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Kyung-chul, overhearing the conversation about the tracking device, steals the laxative to excrete it. Soo-hyun learns of Kyung-chul’s plan to target Captain Jang and his other daughter. Enraged, Soo-hyun kidnaps Kyung-chul in front of the police. He tortured him, setting up a guillotine trap.

In a tense final moment, Kyung Chul panics when his abandoned family arrives. Soo-hyun lets him hold a wire in his teeth, activating the guillotine to decapitate Kyung-chul in front of his family. Soo-hyun was overwhelmed with emotions and walked away in tears. The film explores themes of revenge, morality, and the dark consequences of seeking revenge.

I saw the devil actor

The table column below shows the cast of “I Saw the Devil”:



Choi Min Sik

Jang Kyung Chul

Lee Byung Hun

Kim Soo-hyun

Oh San Ha

Jang Joo Yun

Jeon Gook Hwan

Captain Jang

Kim Yoon-seo

Jang Se Yun

Chun Ho Jin

Chief Oh

Choi Moo Sung


Kim In Seo


South Bora

Chief Oh’s daughter

Jung Ji Yoon

Middle school female student

Chae-young Yoon

Small town nurse

Ha Seung Ri

Middle school female student

Review I saw the devil

“I Saw the Devil” is a South Korean film directed by Kim Jee-woon, characterized by violence and a revenge story. The story revolves around Soo-hyun (Lee Byung-hun), a government agent seeking revenge for the gruesome murder of his fiancee by psychopathic killer Kyung-chul (Choi Min-sik). . The film is noted for its graphic violence, with spinning heads and dark Nietzschean tones.

The New York Times review acknowledged the film’s violent nature but described it as a humorous Nietzschean allegory, recognizing that it descends into absurdity. The story unfolds through a cycle of capture, torture, and release, showing the painful revenge of both characters. Despite its gory elements, the film was praised for its control of tone, from the surprisingly touching first act to the hilariously disgusting encounter with Kyung-chul’s cannibal friend.

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Choi Min-sik’s screen presence is distinguished by his unwavering durability, emphasizing his resilience through various difficult situations in the film. The review praised the direction of Kim Jee Woon and cinematographer Lee Mogae, who navigate the film’s fluctuating tones and skillfully orchestrate the details.

While acknowledging its despicable elements and notable focus on violence against women, the final review described “I Saw the Devil” as a film with an impressive premise that maintains its ability to ability to control narrative tone and embrace Nietzschean influences. The film’s blend of gore, revenge and absurdity contributes to a unique cinematic experience.

Where to watch I saw a devil?

You can currently watch “I Saw the Devil” on Amazon Prime Video. Just visit this platform to stream this gripping Korean horror movie. Amazon Prime Video offers a convenient and accessible way to enjoy movies from the comfort of your own home. Just search for “I Saw the Devil” on Amazon Prime Video and you’ll be able to watch it at your convenience.

I Saw the Devil Trailer

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