India Best Dancer Season 3 Elimination 2023

In India’s Best Dancer Season 3, notable eliminations included Debparna Gosam, Shivam Wankhede, and Norbu Tamang, each making their mark on the competition.
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India Best Dancer Season 3 Elimination 2023

Debparna Gosami was eliminated recently. Here is elimination list.



Elimination Date

Debparna Gosami


3 September 2023

Shivam Wankhede


3 September 2023

Sushmita Tamang11Quit: 6 August 2023

Norbu Tamang


11 June 2023    

Ram Bisht


Quit: 4 June 2023

Apeksha Londhe


21 May 2023

India Best Dancer 2023

“India’s Best Dancer 2023,” also known as “India’s Best Dancer: Har Move Se Karenge Prove,” is the third season of the popular Indian reality TV series. This highly anticipated season premiered on April 8, 2023, and is aired on Sony Entertainment Television.

With Jay Bhanushali as the host and a stellar panel of judges featuring Geeta Kapoor, Terence Lewis, and Sonali Bendre , the show promises to be a thrilling and entertaining dance competition.The season showcases the talents of 14 exceptional contestants from various cities across India, each paired with a skilled choreographer.

These contestants compete in a series of rounds, including auditions, mega auditions, and weekly performances, to prove their dancing prowess. The competition is fierce as they aim to impress the judges and secure their position as India’s Best Dancer.

The show’s unique format, electrifying dance performances, and emotional journeys of the participants make it a must watch for dance enthusiasts and viewers looking for top-notch entertainment. With the winner yet to be revealed, “India’s Best Dancer 2023” continues to captivate audiences and celebrate the art of dance in its most vibrant and dynamic form.

India Best Dancer Season 3 Contestants




Anjali Mamgai

Akash Thapa


Akshay Pal

Subhranil Paul


Samarpan Lama

Bhavna Khanduja


Aniket Chauhan

Kartik Raja


Hansvi Tonk

Rutuja Junnarkar


Vipul Khandapal

Pankaj Thapa


Boogie LLB

Soumya Kamble


Shivanshu Soni

Vivek Chachere


Debparna Gosami



Shivam Wankhede

Vaibhav Ghuge


Sushmita Tamang

Subhranil Paul


Norbu Tamang

Tushar Shetty


Ram Bisht

Pankaj Thapa


Apeksha Londhe

Arundhati Garnaik

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India Best Dancer Season 3 Judges

“India’s Best Dancer Season 3” boasts a distinguished panel of judges who bring their expertise, knowledge, and charisma to the show. Here’s an introduction to the esteemed judges of “India’s Best Dancer Season 3”:

Geeta Kapur:

  • Geeta Kapur is a renowned choreographer and dancer in the Indian entertainment industry. Her extensive experience and artistic flair make her a respected figure in the world of dance. Geeta is known for her candid and constructive feedback, guiding contestants to improve their skills while appreciating their unique talents.

Terence Lewis:

  • Terence Lewis is a multifaceted talent in the field of dance, excelling as a choreographer, dancer, and educator. His precision and technical expertise make him a discerning judge. Terence’s ability to identify nuances in performances helps contestants refine their dance routines and reach new heights in their artistry.

Sonali Bendre:

  • Sonali Bendre, a celebrated Bollywood actress, joins the judging panel in “India’s Best Dancer Season 3.” Her perspective as an artist and her keen eye for detail add a fresh dimension to the judging panel. Sonali provides a unique blend of empathy and constructive criticism, offering contestants a holistic perspective on their performances.

India Best Dancer Season 3 Host

“India’s Best Dancer Season 3” is graced by the charismatic and talented host, Jay Bhanushali. With his charming personality and dynamic stage presence, Jay adds an extra layer of excitement and entertainment to the show. He is known for his versatility as an actor, anchor, and host, and his energy resonates with both the contestants and the audience.

Jay Bhanushali’s ability to connect with the contestants, empathize with their journeys, and lighten up the stage with his witty humor makes him the perfect choice to helm the third season of this popular Indian dance reality show. His rapport with the judges, Geeta Kapoor, Terence Lewis, and Sonali Bendre, adds to the overall chemistry of the show, creating a seamless and engaging viewing experience for the audience.

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As the host of “India’s Best Dancer Season 3,” Jay Bhanushali not only introduces and interacts with the contestants but also keeps the viewers engaged and excited about each episode. His dynamic and spontaneous hosting style ensures that every moment on the show is filled with enthusiasm and anticipation, making him an integral part of the show’s success.

India Best Dancer Season 3 Release Date

“India’s Best Dancer Season 3,” also known as “India’s Best Dancer: Har Move Se Karenge Prove,” is the third installment of the popular Indian reality TV series. This exciting season premiered on April 8, 2023, and was broadcasted on Sony Entertainment Television.

With its debut in April, viewers across India eagerly tuned in to witness the incredible dance talents and captivating performances showcased by contestants from various regions. The show’s enthusiastic reception and anticipation for its fresh content continued to draw in audiences, making it a significant entertainment event in 2023.

As the competition unfolded, the new season, hosted by Jay Bhanushali and judged by esteemed panelists Geeta Kapoor, Terence Lewis, and Sonali Bendre (who replaced Malaika Arora), promised an exhilarating journey filled with remarkable dance acts and thrilling eliminations.

The release date marked the beginning of a spectacular season of dance, where participants from diverse backgrounds and cities showcased their skills, vying for the coveted title of “India’s Best Dancer.”

    Where to Watch India Best Dancer Season 3?

    “India’s Best Dancer” Season 3, the thrilling dance reality competition, can be enjoyed by viewers on Sony Entertainment Television. The show airs its latest episodes and showcases the incredible dance talents of contestants, along with the guidance and feedback of the esteemed judging panel. Viewers can catch the excitement of the competition as contestants battle it out for the coveted title of India’s Best Dancer.

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    In addition to watching the show on television, fans can also access the episodes and highlights of “India’s Best Dancer” Season 3 through SonyLIV, the official streaming platform of Sony Entertainment Television. SonyLIV offers the convenience of streaming episodes online, allowing viewers to catch up on missed episodes or enjoy their favorite performances anytime and anywhere.

    So, for those eager to witness the electrifying dance performances and dramatic moments of the competition, tuning in to Sony Entertainment Television or streaming on SonyLIV is the way to go.

    How to Vote In India’s Best Dancer Season 3

    Here are the steps on how to vote in India’s Best Dancer Season 3:

    • Download or update the SonyLIV app on your mobile device.
    • Open the SonyLIV app and search for “India’s Best Dancer.”
    • Browse through the contestant photos to find your favorite.
    • Click on the photo of the contestant you want to vote for.
    • You can cast your votes for that contestant. Each account can cast up to 100 votes.
    • Remember that the voting lines are open on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM.
    • You have the opportunity to vote 100 times on both Saturday and Sunday using a single account.

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