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Unravel the mysteries of the alien invasion and the fate of key characters. Prepare for a thrilling journey in this sci-fi series Invasion Season 2.

Invasion Season 2

“Invasion” Season 2 is the continuation of the American science fiction TV series created by Simon Kinberg and David Weil. The series first premiered on Apple TV+ on October 22, 2021. While the show received a mixed response from critics, it was renewed for a second season in December 2021.

Season 2 of “Invasion” arrived on August 23, 2023, continuing the story of an alien invasion and how people are coping with it. This season explores the challenges faced by the characters as they try to understand and confront the alien threat. To watch Season 2 of “Invasion,” you need a subscription to Apple TV+. Y

ou can stream it on the Apple TV+ platform, which is accessible through various devices with an internet connection. The series delves deeper into the mysteries of the alien invasion and the characters’ struggles to survive.

Invasion Season 2 Ending Explained

At the end of Invasion Season 2, things get mysterious. Caspar, who has a connection to alien consciousness, seems strange when he meets Trevante through an alien portal. His eyes turn blue, hinting that he might be under alien control. Meanwhile, Mitsuki learns to control the portal by connecting with the aliens, allowing Trevante to enter it.

But she collapses, possibly entering the alien hive mind or sacrificing herself. The portal leads to a maze with a bright light at the center, possibly where the alien consciousness exists. Trevante and Caspar may uncover important answers there. The alien shard, a mysterious object, appears to repel the aliens and could be a weapon.

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Trevante might use it to fight the alien hive mind. Many questions remain unanswered, like the meaning of “wajo” and the true motives of the aliens. Invasion Season 2’s cliffhanger ending sets up Season 3, where we hope to find more answers about the central aliens and what lies on the other side of the portals.

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Invasion Season 2 Release Date

Invasion Season 2 was released on August 23, 2023. This new season of the show continues the story of how people on Earth are dealing with an alien invasion. It’s full of mysteries and questions about the aliens’ intentions and the special abilities of some individuals. The ending of Season 2 leaves us with even more questions about the characters and the aliens.

Caspar, one of the characters, does something strange when he meets another character named Trevante through an alien portal. His eyes turn blue, hinting that something might be wrong. The show also reveals that a special object called the alien shard could be a weapon against the aliens. Trevante might use it in the future.

Invasion Season 2 Plot

The science fiction show “Invasion” is back with its second season, and it premiered on August 23. You can watch it on Apple TV+. The series explores a world where aliens have attacked Earth, causing a lot of destruction. In this new season, we see how people on Earth are trying to rebuild their lives and recover from the alien attack. It’s a tough situation because the aliens are still causing trouble and fighting against humanity.

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So, the story mainly focuses on the aftermath of this alien invasion. People are doing their best to survive and find a way to deal with the ongoing alien threat. The show portrays the resilience of humans, their struggles, and their efforts to stand up against these powerful aliens.

Invasion Season 2 Cast



Golshifteh Farahani

Aneesha Malik

Shiori Kutsuna


Shamier Anderson

Trevante Ward

India Brown

Jamila Huston

Billy Barratt

Caspar Morrow

Azhy Robertson

Luke Malik

Paddy Holland


Tara Moayedi

Sarah Malik

Enver Gjokaj

Clark Evans

Nedra Marie Taylor

Maya Castillo

Naian González Norvind

Rose Callaway

Invasion Season 2 Review

“Invasion” Season 2 is an action-packed science fiction series that continues the story of an alien invasion on Earth. The second season begins 121 days after the invasion started, with humans still struggling to survive against the relentless alien attacks. The show doesn’t waste any time and immediately plunges the audience into intense action, showcasing the global war between humans and aliens.

The season introduces new characters and focuses on various perspectives, making it a bit different from the first season. The action sequences are a significant highlight, with episodes like “The Tunnel” and “Pressure Points” providing suspense, thrills, and a sense of danger. The new alien threats and how characters deal with them add to the excitement.

However, the real standout in this season is Mitsuki Yamato, played by Shioli Kutsuna. Her portrayal of grief, emotions, and resilience is a powerful driving force in the series. She adds depth to the story, making it more than just a sci-fi action series.

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Invasion Season 2 Where to Watch?

You can watch “Invasion” Season 2 on Apple TV+. This science fiction series continues the story of an alien invasion on Earth and is packed with action and suspense. The second season picks up 121 days after the invasion began, showing humanity’s struggle to survive against the alien attacks. The show introduces new characters and perspectives, making it even more exciting.

It delves into intense action sequences, like the episodes “The Tunnel” and “Pressure Points,” which add a thrilling element to the story. The standout performance in this season comes from Shioli Kutsuna, who plays Mitsuki Yamato. Her portrayal of emotions and resilience adds depth to the series.

However, the season feels a bit incomplete, leaving certain characters and storylines unexplored. Despite that, “Invasion” Season 2 is available for streaming on Apple TV+ and is worth watching for its action, suspense, and the remarkable character journey of Mitsuki.

Invasion Season 2 Trailer

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