Is 99 Homes a True Story? Plot, Cast, Where to Watch and More

“99 Homes” poignantly portrays the impact of the 2008 housing crash, drawing inspiration from real events and individuals, although it is not a direct adaptation of a true story.

99 Homes

“99 Homes” is a 2014 American drama directed by Ramin Bahrani, depicting the struggles of single father Dennis Nash, played by Andrew Garfield, during the Great Recession in Florida. Facing eviction, Nash makes a difficult choice to collaborate with ruthless businessman Rick Carver, portrayed by Michael Shannon, in evicting others to secure a home for his family. The film, with a runtime of 112 minutes, explores the moral complexities of such decisions during economic hardship.

Featuring a cast including Tim Guinee and Laura Dern, the movie received acclaim, competing for the Golden Lion at the 71st Venice International Film Festival and winning the Grand Prix at the 2015 Deauville American Film Festival. Dedicated to the late Roger Ebert, the film highlights societal issues and the human toll of housing crises. With a modest $8 million budget, it was released by Broad Green Pictures on September 25, 2015, gradually expanding wide on October 9. “99 Homes” stands as a compelling and socially relevant drama, shedding light on the tough choices families face in the pursuit of shelter and stability during challenging times.

Is 99 Homes a True Story?

“99 Homes” is not a true story, but it poignantly captures the harsh realities of the 2008 housing crash. Director Ramin Bahrani and his co-writers extensively researched the film’s setting in Orlando, Florida, meeting with real estate professionals and observing court hearings to understand the challenges faced by families during evictions. While the main characters and plot are fictional, they drew inspiration from genuine experiences.

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The character Mr. Freeman, played by Clancy Brown, was influenced by a real-life figure known as the “foreclosure king of Florida.” The evictions depicted in the film were also inspired by real events witnessed by Bahrani during his research. The movie strives for authenticity by portraying the violence, corruption, and emotional toll of the housing crisis.

Actors, including Andrew Garfield, immersed themselves in the subject matter, meeting real families undergoing evictions to bring a universal and genuine feel to the narrative. In essence, “99 Homes” isn’t a direct adaptation of a true story, but it effectively communicates the profound impact of the housing crash, drawing from real events and individuals to create a compelling and emotionally resonant portrayal of the struggles faced by those affected.

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99 Homes Plot

“99 Homes” tells the story of Dennis Nash, a recently unemployed single father in Orlando, Florida, who faces eviction from his home during the Great Recession. Real estate operator Rick Carver is in charge of the eviction, and impressed by Dennis’s determination, he offers him a job. Dennis becomes Rick’s assistant, helping with evictions and learning the real estate schemes that exploit struggling homeowners.

Dennis, desperate to buy back his family’s old house, makes a deal with Rick. However, the legal process delays their move back into the house. Dennis faces challenges as he tries to balance his work with Rick and his family’s welfare. He decides to keep the money he earns to repurchase the house.

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The plot thickens when Dennis encounters threats from an evicted homeowner and faces suspicions from his mother and son. As Dennis secures a luxurious home for his family, they are shocked to discover the source of his newfound wealth – helping Rick victimize vulnerable homeowners.

The story takes a moral turn when a multimillion-dollar real estate deal orchestrated by Rick is jeopardized by a legal case. Dennis is tasked with delivering a forged document to court, putting him in a moral dilemma. When an armed stand-off occurs during an eviction, Dennis confesses to the forgery, leading to a tense resolution. The film explores the consequences of difficult choices made during tough economic times and the moral implications of chasing the American dream.

99 Homes Cast

Here’s a tabular column listing the main cast of “99 Homes”:



Andrew Garfield

Dennis Nash

Michael Shannon

Rick Carver

Laura Dern

Lynn Nash

Tim Guinee

Frank Greene

Noah Lomax

Connor Nash

Clancy Brown

Mr. Freeman

Cynthia Santiago

Mrs. Greene

J.D. Evermore

Mr. Tanner

Manu Narayan


Cullen Moss


Nadiyah Skyy


Where to Watch 99 Homes?

You can watch “99 Homes” on Peacock or Prime Video. To stream, you can rent or purchase it on Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, and Amazon. If you’re looking for a free option, you can stream it on Plex or Tubi. Whether you prefer a subscription service, rental platform, or free streaming, there are various options available to enjoy the film. Check Peacock or Prime Video for subscription streaming, or explore rental and purchase options on Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, and Amazon. If you’re looking for a cost-free experience, Plex and Tubi offer free streaming of “99 Homes.”

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99 Homes Trailer

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