Is A Day and a Half Based on a True Story? A Day and a Half Plot, Cast, and Where to Watch

Is “A Day and a Half” based on a true story? The Swedish Netflix thriller is inspired by real-life events but is not directly based on a specific true story.
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Is A Day and a Half Based on a True Story?

“A Day and a Half” is inspired by real-life events, it is not directly based on a single true story. It is a Swedish Netflix thriller that explores a tense and rapidly escalating situation when Artan, the protagonist, confronts his ex-wife Louise at her workplace.

Instead, it draws inspiration from a real-life incident that occurred in Sweden, where a man entered a doctor’s office with a pistol and attempted to force his ex-wife to reveal the whereabouts of their child. However, the script for the movie, co-written by director Fares and journalist Peter Smirnakos, is entirely fictional.

The film captures the essence of the intense emotions and conflicts that can arise in complex relationships, particularly those involving custody disputes. It is billed as being “inspired by true events,” which distinguishes it from being a “based on a true story” adaptation. The story unfolds rapidly, with Artan making impulsive and potentially dangerous decisions, leading the audience on a suspenseful journey.

While it doesn’t directly replicate one specific real-life incident, it serves as a reflection of the many unfortunate situations that can unfold when love turns to conflict between people who were once close.

A Day and a Half

“A Day and a Half” is an upcoming Swedish drama thriller film that marks the directorial debut of Fares Fares, who also takes on one of the lead roles in the movie. The film draws inspiration from true events and is set to have its global release on Netflix on September 1, 2023.

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Directed by Fares Fares and produced by Christina Legkova and Hanna Lundmark, the film boasts a captivating narrative crafted by Fares Fares himself, alongside first-time feature screenwriter Peter Smirnakos. The cast includes talented actors such as Alexej Manvelov, Alma Pöysti, and Fares Fares, who bring their skills to breathe life into the characters and intensify the suspenseful storyline.

With a runtime of 94 minutes, “A Day and a Half” is presented in the Swedish language, immersing the audience in a gripping narrative that promises to captivate viewers with its thrilling and dramatic elements. As it makes its global debut on Netflix, the film is expected to provide an intense and compelling cinematic experience, exploring the tensions and emotions that can arise in complex relationships.

A Day and a Half Plot

In “A Day and a Half,” the plot unfolds as Artan, estranged from his ex-wife Louise, is desperate to see their young daughter, Cassandra, who is in Louise’s custody. He bursts into the health clinic where Louise works and demands immediate access to her. When denied, Artan escalates the situation by brandishing a gun, causing panic among patients and co-workers. Louise’s life hangs in the balance as Artan demands to know Cassandra’s whereabouts.

Amidst the tense standoff, police officer Lukas intervenes, attempting to negotiate with Artan, who is becoming increasingly emotional and unstable. Lukas strives to defuse the terrifying situation as crowds gather outside, and news crews document the unfolding drama. To prevent Artan from pulling the trigger, Lukas brokers an unconventional deal, leading to a high-stakes road trip with Artan holding Louise at gunpoint in the back seat and a convoy of police vehicles in pursuit.

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Artan’s destination is Louise’s father’s house, where he believes Cassandra is staying. As the journey progresses through stunning landscapes of forests, fields, lakes, and coastlines, each stop along the way brings new and urgent threats. Sensing Artan’s deteriorating state of mind, Lukas begins to share his own life story during the tense moments, revealing surprising connections between the characters.

The road trip in “A Day and a Half” is unlike any other, with the changing landscape mirroring the surprising turns and revelations in the characters’ lives. As darkness falls and the road becomes rough, the intricate and shocking stories that led them to this critical juncture come to light, ultimately shaping the course of their fates.

A Day and a Half Cast



Alexej Manvelov


Fares Fares


Alma Pöysti


Stina Ekblad


Bengt C.W. Carlsson


Annica Liljeblad


Annika Hallin

Dr. Gardelius

Johni Tadi

Dr. Yakoub

Where to Watch A Day and a Half?

“A Day and a Half,” originally titled “En dag och en halv,” is now available for a global audience to stream on Netflix, starting from September 1, 2023. This Swedish language film, inspired by true events, marks the remarkable directorial debut of Fares Fares, a versatile actor known for his roles in various international productions.

You may recognize him from his appearances in films like “Child 44” (2015) and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” (2016), as well as his contributions to acclaimed TV series such as “Westworld” (Season 2), “The Wheel of Time,” and “Chernobyl.”

Fares Fares has consistently delivered outstanding performances throughout his career, and “A Day and a Half” is no exception. His ability to excel both in front of and behind the camera as a director for the first time is a testament to his talent and dedication. In addition to his directorial role, Fares Fares is also the co-writer of the screenplay, collaborating with Peter Smirnakos, who embarked on an impressive debut with this film, as reflected in his IMDb resume.

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A Day and a Half Review

“A Day and a Half” is an exciting addition to Netflix’s thriller collection, offering a narrative that strikes a balance between familiarity and innovation. Hailing from Sweden, under the original title “En dag och en halv,” this film boasts a modest yet exceptionally talented ensemble, delivering captivating performances. It’s a deeply character-focused thriller that manages to sustain its intrigue and freshness throughout.

With a concise runtime of just 94 minutes, the film’s tight plot and intricate storytelling captivate viewers, keeping them perched on the edge of their seats. It delves into the complexities of personal relationships, illuminating the multiple facets of every story. This is a must-watch for those seeking an engaging and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

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