Is Angela Scanlon Pregnant? Know About Her Husband, Children and more

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Who is Angela Scanlon?

Angela Scanlon is an Irish TV presenter and broadcaster for RTE and BBC. She made her debut on Irish television, where she hosted several shows on RTÉ. One of her notable works is the documentary titled “Oi Ginger!” in 2014, marking her first foray into broadcasting. From 2016 on, she was a regular reporter for The One Show, in the absence of Alex Jones, she took on the role of presenter.

This role in a popular British TV show marked an important milestone in her career. In 2016 she also landed her first leading role in a British show as co-host of Robot Wars, alongside Dara Ó Briain. This opportunity allows her to show off her hosting skills and enthusiasm for the popular show. Her journey in television was marked by her presence on various shows and her growing role as a reporter and presenter.

Is Angela Scanlon pregnant?

Angela Scanlon is not pregnant in 2023. Angela Scanlon, presenter of RTÉ, posted an emotional photo on Instagram as she is due to give birth to her second child in 2022. The photo captures the tender moment when the baby is born. Her daughter Ruby curiously examined her pregnant belly.

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In the series of photos shared on Wednesday, Angela, 39, documented her recent check-in, and among the adorable snaps were captivating shots of Ruby playfully placing stethoscope on her mother’s growing belly.

The photos not only show the anticipation surrounding the arrival of Angela and her husband, Roy Horgan, the new family member, but also highlight the special bond between siblings. The joy and excitement radiating from the images reflect the happiness of a growing family eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new bundle of joy. As Angela’s due date approaches, the photos are heartfelt as a reminder of the precious moments and the love that filled their lives.

This glimpse of an intimate family moment has resonated with many, capturing the beauty and wonder of motherhood as well as the anticipation of welcoming a new family member.

Who is Angela Scanlon’s husband?

Angela Scanlon has been married to Roy Horgan since 2014. Angela Scanlon married Roy Horgan in 2014 and the couple has had a happy marriage ever since. Their enduring relationship is testament to their love and commitment to each other. Despite the demands of their careers, Angela and Roy have built a solid foundation of love, trust and support.

Together, they overcome the joys and challenges of married life, forging a partnership filled with shared dreams and experiences. Their journey as a couple is a beautiful reflection of their deep connection and enduring bond.

Angela Scanlon children

Angela Scanlon has two daughters. After expanding the family size with two children, Angela Scanlon and her husband Roy Horgan, an eco-entrepreneur from Cork, embarked on a remarkable journey together. Amid their shared experiences, Angela vividly recalls the pivotal moment she considers her “rock bottom”. This poignant memory serves as a reminder of the challenges they faced and the resilience they showed as a couple.

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Through the ups and downs of life, Angela and Roy have supported each other, drawing strength from their enduring relationship. This particular moment of adversity serves as a turning point, the moment when they confront their deepest struggles head-on. Despite the difficulties, they have become stronger and more determined to face any obstacle that stands in their way.

Angela’s recollection of this bottomless moment is testament to the depth of their relationship and their ability to overcome life’s challenges together. Their commitment to each other and their shared journey reflects their unwavering support and unwavering love. Together, they continue to build a life filled with love, resilience, and determination to overcome any challenge that may arise.

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