Is Archie On ITVX Based On A True Story? Unraveling the Truth: Is ITVX’s Archie Based on the Real Story of Cary Grant?

“In this ITVX series, Archie is not just a character; he’s the embodiment of Cary Grant’s true story, intricately woven with the threads of his triumphs, tribulations, and the enigmatic persona that defined a Hollywood legend.”

Archie Wiki

“Archie” is a British television drama series that premiered on ITV on November 23, 2023. Created and written by Jeff Pope, the series delves into the life of iconic actor Cary Grant. Starring Jason Isaacs as Cary Grant, the show features a talented cast including Kara Tointon, Harriet Walter, Jason Watkins, Calam Lynch, and Laura Aikman. The drama unfolds over four episodes, providing a glimpse into the untold aspects of Cary Grant’s private life. The series is produced by ITV Studios and BritBox International, with Jennifer Grant and Dyan Cannon serving as executive producers. Rebecca Hodgson is the producer, and the show is directed by Paul Andrew Williams.

Is Archie On ITVX Based On A True Story?


Yes, “Archie” on ITVX is based on the true story of Cary Grant.

The new series on ITVX is about the life of Cary Grant, the famous actor who passed away in 1986. The team behind the series used accounts from Grant’s family members to bring his story to the screen.

Award-winning screenwriter Jeff Pope, known for works like “Philomena” and “The Reckoning,” created the four-part series. It delves into the private side of Grant, exploring aspects of his life that were not widely known.

Pope collaborated with Dyan Cannon, who published her memoir “Dear Cary” in 2011. Cannon, also an executive producer on the series along with her daughter Jennifer Grant, worked closely with Pope to bring Grant’s life to the small screen.

Discussing the decision to create a series about Grant’s life, Cannon mentioned that the idea initially started as a movie in 2008 but evolved into this miniseries over time.

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The heart of the series focuses on the profound impact of Grant’s traumatic childhood on his adult life. Discovering shocking truths about his family, such as his mother being alive after he thought she was dead, adds layers to his complex story.

The series takes viewers through Grant’s life, from growing up in poverty in Bristol to becoming an international Hollywood star. It explores significant relationships, including his marriages and his devotion to caring for his daughter, Jennifer Grant.

Jason Isaacs, who plays the role of Grant in the series, expressed the complexity of portraying a man with such a baggage-laden past. He emphasized that the series is not just about a Hollywood legend but about a person shaped by his history.

Isaacs highlighted the challenges of understanding Grant’s true self, given his reluctance to be seen or known off-screen. The actor acknowledged the immense complexity of Grant’s personality, his quest for universal love, and the intricate dynamics of his marriages.

The series captures the essence of Cary Grant’s life, offering insights into the man behind the charming on-screen persona. Isaacs, through his portrayal, provides a nuanced glimpse into the legendary actor’s complexities, making “Archie” a compelling exploration of Grant’s journey.

Archie on ITVX Release Date


“Archie” on ITVX was released on 23 November 2023. The four-part series takes viewers on a captivating journey through the life of Cary Grant, exploring both the public and private facets of the iconic actor’s experiences. With a release date in late 2023, the series has become available for audiences to delve into the fascinating story of Grant’s life, from his early days in Bristol to his Hollywood stardom and the complex relationships that shaped his journey.

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Archie on ITVX Cast

Jason IsaacsCary Grant
Dainton AndersonYoungest Archie
Oaklee PendergastYoung Archie
Calam LynchArchie
Harriet WalterElsie Leach
Kara TointonYoung Elsie
Henry Lloyd-HughesYoung Elias Leach
Laura AikmanDyan Cannon
Ian Puleston-DaviesBob Pender
Ian McNeiceAlfred Hitchcock
Jason WatkinsStanley Fox
Lisa Faulkner
Niamh CusackAlma Reville
Lily TraversGrace Kelly
Lolly JonesMae West
Stella StockerAudrey Hepburn
Christian LeesGeorge Burns
Alexandra GuelffDoris Day

Archie on ITVX Plot

“Archie,” the captivating drama series on ITVX, explores the untold life of Cary Grant, portrayed by Jason Isaacs. Set against the backdrop of Cary Grant’s real-life experiences, the four-episode series takes viewers on a journey through his formative years, providing insights into the actor’s complex and private world. The plot unfolds the traumatic impact of Grant’s childhood on his adult life, revealing secrets, challenges, and the pursuit of survival in the face of personal struggles.

As viewers delve into the narrative, they witness the actor’s transformation from a young boy growing up in poverty to the Hollywood legend known as Cary Grant. Through compelling storytelling and stellar performances, “Archie” on ITVX offers an intimate portrayal of the man behind the iconic Hollywood persona.

Archie on ITVX Review

“Archie” begins with Jason Isaacs portraying Cary Grant, navigating his expansive mansion in LA with a desire for companionship. Despite his apparent success, a voiceover, delivered in Grant’s unique mid-Atlantic accent, reveals his lack of happiness. Seeking change, he arranges a meeting with a young actress.

The series then flashes forward to an 80-year-old Grant participating in a public Q&A session, providing glimpses into his early life as Archie Leach in turn-of-the-century Bristol. Growing up amid his parents’ tumultuous relationship and facing poverty, Archie’s life takes a dramatic turn when he joins a troupe of performers and rises to stardom with the help of notable figures like George Burns and Mae West. However, his past catches up with him, unraveling shocking revelations that reshape his life.

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“Archie” focuses on Grant’s brief marriage to Dyan Cannon in the 1960s, drawing inspiration from Cannon’s memoir. It candidly explores Grant’s struggles away from the camera, delving into his LSD use, fluid sexuality, and a tumultuous relationship with Cannon marked by control issues.

Created and written by Jeff Pope, the series masterfully navigates through various timelines, supported by director Paul Andrew Williams. The cast, including Kara Tointon and Laura Aikman, delivers strong performances, but it’s Isaacs who shines as he embodies Grant’s charisma and complexity.

“Archie” emerges as a show about building identities to shield oneself from trauma, relevant in the social media age. It probes Grant’s quest for love and validation amid personal struggles, asking whether he found peace. The series concludes with a poignant real-life clip of Grant playing with his daughter, offering a touching glimpse behind the Hollywood icon’s dazzling smile.

While some facts are adapted for storytelling purposes, “Archie” provides a nuanced exploration of Cary Grant’s multifaceted life, offering a deeper understanding of the man behind the iconic performances. It’s a welcome addition for fans seeking a closer look at the real Cary Grant.

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