Is Bambai Meri Jaan Based on a True Story? Bambai Meri Jaan Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Bambai Meri Jaan is based on true events and real-life Mumbai gangsters, drawing inspiration from S. Hussain Zaidi’s book Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia.

Bambai Meri Jaan Web Series

“Bambai Meri Jaan” is a new Indian TV show that came out in 2023. It’s a crime thriller set in the past. Some famous actors like Kay Kay Menon, Avinash Tiwary, Kritika Kamra, Nivedita Bhattacharya, and Amyra Dastur are in it. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

The show’s story comes from a book called “Dongri To Dubai: Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia.” It’s about a guy named Dara Kadri, who is the son of a police officer named Ismail Kadri. If you want more details, you can read about it here.

Is Bambai Meri Jaan Based on a True Story?

Yes, “Bambai Meri Jaan” is based on a true story. It takes inspiration from the book “Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia” written by former investigator S. Hussain Zaidi. This book, published in 2012, reveals the lives of real-life Mumbai gangsters.

The book mainly focuses on the life of the terrorist Dawood Ibrahim and how he went from Dongri to Dubai. It’s a well-researched account that goes deep into the world of the mafia, their power struggles, and conflicts.

Dawood Ibrahim, despite being the son of an honest policeman, became one of the most notorious criminals in the country. The book tells the story of how he became a powerful underworld don, planned several attacks, and was the mastermind behind the 1993 Mumbai bombings.

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The book also delves into the 1950s when smugglers like Haji Mastan and Varadarajan Mudaliar were prominent. It continues to narrate the stories of other gangsters like the Pathan gang, Manya Surve, Maya Dolas, and the events that eventually led to Dawood Ibrahim’s rise as a don. So, “Bambai Meri Jaan” is based on the real events and characters portrayed in this book.

Bambai Meri Jaan Cast



Kay Kay Menon

Ismail Kadri

Avinash Tiwary

Dara Kadri

Kritika Kamra

Habiba Kadri

Nivedita Bhattacharya

Sakina Kadri

Karmveer Choudhary

Home Minister

Amyra Dastur

Pari Patel

Saurabh Sachdeva

Haji Maqbool

Nawab Shah

Azeem Pathaan

Dinesh Prabhakar

Anna Rajan Mudaliar

Jitin Gulati

Saadiq Kadri

Vivan Bhathena


Shiv Panditt

Inspector Ranbir Malik

Sumeet Vyas

Ganya Surve

Lakshya Kochhar

Ajju Kadri

Sunil Palwal


Jai Singh Rajput


Aditya Rawa

Chota Babban

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Bambai Meri Jaan 2023 Release Date

“Bambai Meri Jaan” was released in 2023. It made its debut on Amazon Prime Video on September 14, 2023.

This crime thriller series, set in the world of Mumbai’s mafia, offered viewers a captivating storyline and a glimpse into the dark underbelly of the city. Fans of crime dramas had the opportunity to enjoy this show’s suspense and drama starting on that date.

Bambai Meri Jaan Plot

The trailer of “Bambai Meri Jaan” offers just enough to pique the audience’s interest in its subject matter, which revolves around the world of ruthless gangsters who once held sway over Mumbai through violence and fear. While the character names are fictionalized, they retain the essence of their real-life counterparts. The narrative follows Dara Kadri, reminiscent of Daud Ibrahim, the son of an upright police officer, as he charts a path quite different from his father’s aspirations. At the core of the show lies the intense rivalry between Hajji, an established gangster, and Dara, an up-and-coming smuggler. This clash of generations sets the tone, exploring the dynamics between father and son.

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The series promises an immersive period drama, delving into the growth of the smuggling network in Bombay and the potential ideological conflicts among gangsters. Dara’s evolution from an ambitious young man to a ruthless gangster funding terrorism and eventually fleeing the country is a central plotline. The trailer also hints at Dara’s sister, Habiba Kadri, who defied societal norms by entering her brother’s criminal business, mirroring real-life events. Set in Bombay, the show’s authenticity in portraying the Bambai Hindi slang is highly anticipated, given the makers’ track record with “Mirzapur.”

Bambai Meri Jaan Review

“Bambai Meri Jaan” takes inspiration from real-life events and is based on S. Hussain Zaidi’s book, “Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia.” Avinash Tiwary portrays the character of Dara Kadri, while Kay Kay Menon plays his father, Ismail Kadri. The series unfolds the story of a father, Ismail Kadri, who is determined to shield his son from the criminal underworld. It delves into the clash of ideals between father and son, highlighting the father’s sense of helplessness.

While the series follows a familiar gangster storyline, it distinguishes itself through outstanding performances and skilled direction. It offers a compelling viewing experience, but be prepared for some intense and graphic scenes. In summary, “Bambai Meri Jaan” stands out as one of the top series exploring the world of Mumbai gangsters.

Bambai Meri Jaan  Trailer

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