Is Blindspot Leaving Hulu? Where to Watch Blindspot?

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Is Blind Spot Leaving Hulu?

No, Blindspot is not leaving Hulu. No official information has been found about Blindspot Leaving Hulu. Blindspot is an attractive TV series broadcast from 2015 to 2020. The series belongs to the genre of action, crime and drama, attracting the audience with a compelling plot and attractive characters. The premise of Blindspot revolves around a mysterious woman named Jane Doe, who is discovered in Times Square with no recollection of her identity.

To add to the mystery, her body is covered with intricate and cryptic tattoos. As the movie goes on, Jane’s body tattoos become the key to unraveling an intricate plot and stopping dangerous threats. Created by Martin Gero, Blindspot showcases the talent of a remarkable cast. Sullivan Stapleton takes on a prominent role, portraying Kurt Weller, an FBI agent involved in the investigation surrounding Jane Doe.

Jaimie Alexander delivers a captivating performance as lead Jane Doe, overcoming the challenges of her forgotten past and the secrets hidden in her tattoos. Audrey Esparza adds depth to the series as Tasha Zapata, another skilled FBI agent working alongside Kurt and Jane. The film’s blend of action, crime and drama leaves viewers restless. Each episode presents new mysteries, intense action sequences and unexpected twists, making it a thrilling and addictive movie.

As the characters dig deeper into Jane’s past and the meaning of her tattoos, they uncover a web of interconnected secrets and face dangerous foes. Blindspot captivates audiences with its engaging storytelling, intricate plot, and engaging performances. This is a series that keeps viewers hooked as they embark on a thrilling journey alongside the characters, eager to solve the puzzle of Jane Doe’s identity and the truth behind her mysterious tattoos.

Blind spot assessment

Blindspot is an action thriller that revolves around a mysterious woman named Jane Doe, played by Jaimie Alexander. The show introduces us to Jane, who was discovered naked in Times Square, decorated with intricate tattoos and suffering from dementia. While NBC emphasizes her beauty in their description, it raises the question of whether the story would be the same if the protagonist wasn’t conventionally appealing.

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From the outset, Blindspot embraces its uplifting action-thriller premise, but unfortunately falls short in many other respects. Jane’s focus on beauty becomes a recurring theme, sometimes making even the most macabre situations captivating. The pilot episode featured Jane stepping out of a duffel bag labeled “Call the FBI”, using contorted body movements reminiscent of a couture photo shoot. Her back displays the permanently tattooed name of FBI agent Kurt Weller, conveniently providing a way to expose her body for inspection throughout the series.

Even in the privacy of her own room, Jane still spends considerable time looking at herself in the mirror, lamenting the impact her tattoos have had on her appearance. Her physical preoccupation seemed excessive, considering the circumstances she endured. In addition, the program raises questions about the plausibility of some factors. Although Jane’s amnesia erases her personal memories, it’s strange that it keeps her fighting skills and exceptional language abilities intact. These inconsistencies contribute to the overall lack of trust in the series.

Blindspot also shares similarities with other shows that explore dementia and mysterious tattoos as plot devices. However, the execution is unsuccessful, lacking the depth and originality found in equivalent TV series such as Memento, The Blacklist or Prison Break. It’s even comparable to the 2002 John Doe series, which follows a similar premise. The show’s reliance on stale fables and familiar storylines lessens its impact and doesn’t offer a fresh perspective.

Despite these criticisms, Blindspot still offers some worthwhile qualities. The ongoing mystery of who tattooed Jane and why is likely to cause curiosity and suspense. Marianne Jean-Baptiste’s portrayal of FBI head brings depth to her character, in hopes of developing further beyond the stern boss archetype. However, Jaimie Alexander’s performance alone struggled to carry the weight the show demanded, with humorous facial expressions inadvertently getting in the way of the desired demeanor.

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The biggest challenge for Blindspot lies in reconciling its premise with real-world rationality. Author Greg Berlanti, known for his work in comic worlds, and Jaimie Alexander, who has experience in similar genres, excel in imaginative storytelling that transcends logical constraints . Unfortunately, Blindspot tries to exist in a grounded reality while juggling the concept of a woman possessing superhuman abilities. This conflict prevents the show from fully engaging audiences unless they are willing to pause in disbelief.

Ultimately, Blindspot’s appeal may depend on a personal preference for its enhanced action-thriller storytelling and a willingness to overlook its flaws. If viewers can grasp the show’s escapist entertainment value without scrutinizing its inner logic, they may find themselves amused by the unfolding mystery and character motivations. However, for those looking for a more authentic and cohesive story, Blindspot might fall short of expectations.

Where to see blind spots?

Blind Spot is streaming on Hulu. To watch Blindspot on Hulu, visit the Hulu website ( and sign up for a subscription. Hulu offers different plans with different features, including access to their library of shows and movies. Once you’ve signed up for Hulu, visit the Hulu website on your computer or open the Hulu app on your favorite streaming device, such as a smart TV, smartphone, tablet, or online media player.

Use the search function in the Hulu platform to find the “Blind Spot” TV show. You can type “Blind Spot” in the search bar or browse through available TV shows until you find one. Click or tap the “Blindspot” program from the search results or the program-specific page. This will take you to the show’s page where you can access the show’s episodes and seasons.

When you’re on the “Blind Spots” page, you can choose the specific season and episode you want to watch. Click or tap the episode you want to start and Hulu will start streaming the show for you to enjoy. Blindspot availability on Hulu may vary depending on your region and existing licensing agreements. Make sure to check if the show is available in your area before subscribing to Hulu specifically to watch Blind Spots.

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About Hulu

Hulu is a subscription-based streaming service based in the United States. It is primarily owned by The Walt Disney Company, with NBCUniversal holding a minority stake in the process of being sold to Disney. This acquisition will result in Hulu becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Disney. The platform was launched on October 29, 2007 and offers an extensive collection of movies and TV series from various studios such as 20th Century Studios, Searchlight Pictures, Disney Television Studios, ABC, Freeform and FX Networks, along with Hulu-exclusive original content.

Initially, Hulu was formed as a partnership between News Corporation, NBC Universal, and Providence Equity, later joined by The Walt Disney Company. The purpose of the platform is to aggregate recent TV episodes from their respective networks. In 2010, Hulu introduced a subscription service called “Hulu Plus”, which gives subscribers complete seasons of shows from partner networks and instant access to new episodes. Additionally, in 2017, Hulu expanded its offerings by launching Hulu with Live TV, an out-of-the-box live TV service that includes broadcast programming channels.

As of April 1, 2023, Hulu boasts a substantial subscriber base of 48.2 million users in the United States alone. In 2011, Hulu ventured into international territory by launching its services in Japan, marking its only international expansion to date. However, in 2014, Hulu Japan was spun off and acquired by Nippon TV, signaling a shift in its international presence.

Hulu continues to be a prominent streaming platform, providing viewers with a massive library of content and an ever-growing selection of original programming. A wide range of services and partnerships with popular studios have cemented its position as a popular choice among streaming enthusiasts.

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