Is Final Space Leaving Netflix? Why is Final Space Leaving Netflix? When is Final Space Leaving Netflix?

“Final Space” is leaving Netflix on December 16, 2023. The departure is due to licensing agreements, and the creator, Olan Rogers, is concluding the series with a comic book set to release in 2024.

Final Space

“Final Space” is a funny and adventurous animated TV show for grown-ups. It was created by Olan Rogers and is about an astronaut named Gary Goodspeed and his alien buddy Mooncake. Together, they go on exciting space adventures to save the whole universe. The show first came out on TBS in 2018 and then moved to Adult Swim. People really liked it for its great performances, cool art, good writing, and interesting story.

But, sadly, after three seasons, Adult Swim canceled the show in 2021 because of a big company merger. Now, the creator, Olan Rogers, says that after the show finishes airing on Netflix in other countries, it will be officially done. However, there’s a bit of good news a graphic novel called “Final Space: The Final Chapter” will continue and finish the story, and it’s expected to come out in 2024.

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Is Final Space Leaving Netflix? 

Yes, “Final Space” is leaving Netflix on December 16, 2023. The animated series, which follows the interstellar adventures of a human prisoner in space, had exclusive rights on Netflix outside the United States. The removal is part of the normal course of licensing agreements, and viewers have until December 15th to watch the show before it officially leaves the streaming platform.

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However, there’s some good news for fans as the show’s creator, Olan Rogers, is working on a comic book to provide a conclusion to the main storyline, set to be released in 2024. Despite its departure from Netflix, the legacy of “Final Space” will continue in a different form. Tweet

Why is Final Space Leaving Netflix? 

“Final Space” is leaving Netflix due to the expiration of its licensing agreement with the streaming platform. Despite being labeled as a Netflix Original, the show’s availability is subject to licensing terms, and in this case, the agreement is ending. This means that Netflix will no longer have the rights to stream the animated series in international territories.

The decision to remove the show is not related to its prior removal from another streaming service but rather a common occurrence in the entertainment industry where titles are licensed for a specific period. Fans, however, can anticipate closure to the series through an upcoming comic book by creator Olan Rogers, set to be released in 2024.

When is Final Space Leaving Netflix?

“Final Space” is saying goodbye to Netflix in December 2023. The removal notice on Netflix reveals that the last day to watch the animated series is December 15th, and it will be officially taken off the platform on December 16th. This marks the end of the show’s approximately two and a half years on Netflix, as the third and final season was added on September 16th, 2021.

Final Space Cast



Voiced by

Gary Goodspeed

Olan Rogers


Olan Rogers

Jack the Lord Commander

David Tennant


Coty Galloway

Little Cato

Steven Yeun


Tom Kenny

Quinn Ergon

Tika Sumpter




Fred Armisen

Ash Graven

Ashly Burch

Sheryl Goodspeed

Claudia Black


Ron Funches

Clarence Polkawitz

Conan O’Brien


Jane Lynch


Keith David


Vanessa Marshall

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Final Space Plot 

“Final Space” has an adventurous plot that centers around Gary Goodspeed, an energetic but not so bright astronaut serving the last days of his five-year sentence aboard the prison spacecraft Galaxy One. Everything takes a cosmic turn when Gary encounters Mooncake, a mysterious planet-destroying alien, and befriends him. The duo finds themselves pursued by the sinister Lord Commander, a telekinetic villain.

With the help of Mooncake, the artificial intelligence HUE, and a growing crew of quirky shipmates, each dealing with their personal troubles, Gary embarks on a quest to save the universe. Their intergalactic journey is filled with challenges and mysteries, including the enigmatic realm known as Final Space, where the universe meets its end.

The series explores friendship, bravery, and the unexpected twists of space adventures, making it an engaging and entertaining animated show for audiences of all ages.

Final Space Trailer

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