Is Nina Dobrev Engaged? Who is Nina Dobrev Dating Now?

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Is Nina Dobrev engaged?

No, Nina Dobrev is not currently engaged. There is no evidence or mention that Nina Dobrev was engaged. While Nina Dobrev and Shaun White were seen happily riding scooters together in New York City, there is no indication that they are engaged.

The couple has been in a relationship for many years and they continue to support each other in their careers. Shaun has been seen accompanying Nina to set and red carpet events, demonstrating his commitment to their relationship. However, there is no confirmation or news of an engagement at this time.

Nina Dobrev recently appeared on CBS Mornings to promote the upcoming Netflix series “The Out-Laws” with co-star Adam DeVine. She wears a pink suit for the appearance, paired with a white blouse, and shoulder length hair.

While her acting career is thriving with this new project, there is no word that she is engaged. The focus remains on her career achievements and her strong relationship with Shaun White.

In the absence of any official announcements or reports, it can be concluded that Nina Dobrev is not currently engaged. As she continues to excel in her acting career and enjoys a love relationship with Shaun White, any news of the engagement could be shared publicly by the couple themselves.

Who is Nina Dobrev?

Nina Dobrev, born Nina Kamenova Dobreva, January 9, 1989, is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress. She gained widespread recognition for her roles as Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce in the popular supernatural television series “The Vampire Diaries” from 2009 to 2015.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria and raised in Toronto, Canada, Dobrev began her acting career with supporting roles in films before landing her breakout role as Mia Jones in the television series “Degrassi” : The Next Generation” from 2006 to 2009.

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Dobrev’s career began with a role in “The Vampire Diaries”, which brought her to international fame. She has also demonstrated her acting skills in various films, including “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, “Let’s Be Cops”, “The Final Girls” and “Flatliners”.

Besides his acting work, Dobrev also forayed into television, starring in the sitcom “Fam”. With her versatility and talent, she has successfully established herself as a standout actress in the industry, attracting audiences with her performances in a variety of genres, from supernatural dramas to romantic comedies. .

First and last name

Ekaterina Konstantinova Dobreva


Actor, Model



Date of birth

January 9, 1989

Year old

34 years old

Place of birth

Sofia, Bulgaria


5 feet 7 inches (1.68 m)


55 kg (122 lbs)

Who is Nina Dobrev currently dating?

Nina Dobrev is currently dating Olympic skier Shaun White. The couple’s romance first sparked rumors in March 2020 when they were spotted cycling together in Malibu, California. While they initially kept their relationship relatively private, Dobrev’s Instagram posts during the COVID-19 pandemic suggest that they are spending time together in self-isolation.

In May 2020, they appeared to have confirmed their relationship when Dobrev shared a photo of her cutting Shaun’s hair. Since then, Dobrev and White have been together for more than two years and continue to support each other openly.

They made their first red carpet appearance together at the UK premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick” in May 2022, cementing their status as a couple. In January 2023, White took to Instagram to celebrate Dobrev’s 34th birthday, expressing his love and admiration for her.

The couple’s relationship is characterized by affection and appreciation, which is evident in social media posts and public appearances. While the details of their relationship may not be made public, their continued presence together shows that they are in a joyful and supportive partnership.

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Nina Dobrev Dating History

Nina Dobrev, the Canadian actress known for her role in “The Vampire Diaries,” has had a notable dating history with a number of famous individuals. One of her most prominent relationships was with co-star Ian Somerhalder, who played Damon Salvatore on the show.

They were together for many years before ending their relationship in 2013. Despite their breakup, Nina and Ian remain friends and she maintains a close relationship with both him and his wife, Nikki Reed. After breaking up with Ian, Nina briefly dated Derek Hough, the brother of her close friend Julianne Hough.

She has also been romantically involved with Liam Hemsworth, James Marsden, Orlando Bloom, Austin Stowell and Glen Powell at various times in her life. However, her current long-term partner is Shaun White, a professional snowboarder. They publicized their relationship on Instagram in May 2020 and have been happily together ever since.

Nina’s dating history has caught the attention of fans, who are intrigued by her romantic relationship, especially her past relationship with Ian Somerhalder. However, she maintains a positive and humorous view of her past relationships, emphasizing the importance of friendship and happiness.

Is Nina Dobrev married?

Nina Dobrev is currently unmarried. However, she has had a committed relationship with Shaun White, the Olympic skier, for nearly many years. They have openly discussed their future together, including the possibility of marriage.

According to sources, they have talked about going public with their relationship and have expressed their love and commitment to each other. There is no information regarding the current marital status of Nina Dobrev and Shaun White, there have been hints that an engagement could take place in 2023.

Does Nina Dobrev have a boyfriend?

Yes, Nina Dobrev has a boyfriend. She is currently in a relationship with Shaun White, the famous Olympic gold medalist and retired skier. The couple have been together for many years and their relationship seems to be going strong.

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They have been seen together taking part in various activities, including a recent scooter ride through the streets of New York City. Nina and Shaun are photographed with smiles on their faces, expressing their happiness as they ride an electric motorbike together.

They were spotted standing side by side, with Nina holding the handle in front while Shaun stood behind her, resting his head on her shoulder. Their synchronized attire further shows their closeness and sharing of experiences.

Although there is no mention of Nina and Shaun’s engagement, they continue to support each other both on and off screen. Shaun has been seen accompanying Nina to set and red carpet events, demonstrating his commitment to their relationship.

In contrast, Nina has expressed admiration and pride for Shaun’s achievements, especially after he took a break from skiing. With a strong bond and shared experiences, Nina Dobrev and Shaun White continue to enjoy their relationship and the adventures they embark on together.

Is Nina Dobrev dating?

Yes, Nina Dobrev is currently in a relationship. She is dating Shaun White, a three-time Olympic gold medalist and retired skier. The couple have been together for many years and their relationship seems to be growing stronger. They were recently seen riding scooters together in New York City, appearing happy and affectionate.

Nina and Shaun have supported each other in their careers, Shaun often accompanies Nina to filming sets and red carpet events. Although there is no mention of their engagement, their relationship is strong and they continue to nurture their relationship.

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