Is Nina Warhurst Suspended From BBC? Who is Nina Warhurst?

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Has Nina Warhurst been suspended from the BBC?

Nina Warhurs is not suspended by the BBC but instead she is on maternity leave. Nina Warhurst, presenter of BBC Breakfast, recently wrapped up her last show before taking maternity leave. In the June 21 breakup episode, she playfully mentioned “damaging” the iconic red sofa while providing an update on her pregnancy.

Sally Nugent and Jon Kay hosted the show that day, admitting the atmosphere was a bit chaotic due to Nina’s impending departure. Sally asked about how much time was left until the baby was born, to which Nina responded by mentioning that she had been experiencing early pregnancy symptoms and jokingly called herself a “big bone”.

Nina announced her pregnancy on Mother’s Day in a heartfelt Instagram post detailing the challenges and joys she’s experienced along the way. Expressing gratitude for the privilege of being a mother again, she also sympathized with those who have gone through the pain of losing a child.

News of Nina’s pregnancy and subsequent departure from the show was followed by an update from BBC Breakfast, announcing the birth of her third child. Although she’s only just begun her maternity leave, colleagues Jon Kay and Sally Nugent shared the good news with viewers, saying that Nina gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl. The baby girl’s name is still under review and Nina expressed her appreciation for the care she received at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester.

Nina is already the mother of two boys, Digby and Michael, whom she shares with her husband Ed Fraser. The couple got married in 2014 after meeting on a vacation in Tisno, Croatia, in 2013. Nina’s colleagues and audience showed great support and sent kind messages to her and family as they begin this new chapter of parenthood.

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Nina Louise’s career

Nina Louise Warhurst began her screen career with roles in television shows such as 1997’s Casualty’s Christmas Special, 1998’s Heartbeat and 1999’s Butterfly Collectors. Her broadcast journey began at Russia Today in Moscow.

In April 2007, Warhurst joined Channel M Breakfast on the Guardian’s regional television channel, Channel M. However, due to station cuts, Channel M Breakfast was canceled and she switched to Channel M Today, the show ChannelM’s weekday news.

In 2010, Warhurst joined BBC East Midlands and began presenting the regional news programme, East Midlands Today. In the same year, she expanded her role by joining BBC North West, where she presented BBC North West Tonight and North West Politics Sunday. Her experience also brought her to Brazil in June 2014, where she covered the 2014 FIFA World Cup as a BBC Sport reporter. Realizing his expertise, in September 2016, Warhurst was appointed political editor for BBC North West.

In 2018, Warhurst started covering BBC Breakfast as a freelance contributor. Over time, she became a relief presenter, joining in when her usual host was not available. Her dedication and professionalism led to her being appointed as the main business presenter for BBC Breakfast in October 2020, succeeding Steph McGovern in this prominent role.

Nina Warhurst Age

Nina Warhurst, known as host of business and consumer shows on BBC Breakfast, born October 1980, As of 2022 she is 42 years old showing the passage of time and rich experience which she has accumulated throughout her career.

Growing up, she later moved to Salford during her teenage years. Her educational journey began at All Saints RC Primary School, followed by Loreto Grammar School in Altrincham, where she received a Catholic education. Continuing her education, she pursued A-levels in English Literature, History and Politics at St Bede’s College in Manchester.

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With a passion for history and politics, Warhurst went on to study at the University of Edinburgh. There, she devoted herself to these subjects and graduated with a first-class Master’s degree in 2004. To expand her knowledge and skills in journalism, she attended PG Dip . in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Westminster, she successfully completed her studies in 2005. Her academic record laid a solid foundation for her career in the media industry.

Warhurst’s Personal Life

Warhurst’s personal life is intertwined with love, family, and poignant moments. She is happily married to Ed Fraser, a talented caterer who adds flavor to their lives. Their beautiful journey began when they crossed the streets of Tisno, Croatia, in 2013. Intrigued by their relationship, they decided to embark on an adventure of a lifetime together. On the big day of March 21, 2014, they exchanged vows and bonded their love in a sincere ceremony.

Their love nest is nestled in the vibrant community of Chorlton, Manchester, where they have built a warm and welcoming home. Within the walls of their abode, laughter echoes and memories bloom as they embrace the joys of family life. Their hearts have opened wider with the arrival of their children, who bring boundless happiness and love into their lives. The couple shares the joy of raising two sons, who have graced the world with their presence in 2016 and 2018, adding love to their dynamic family.

In a joyful twist of fate, the Warhurst-Fraser clan welcomed another precious member to their family. In July 2023, a radiant daughter was born, filling their lives with the sweetest moments and endless possibilities. Their home echoes with the love and laughter of their growing family.

However, in the midst of joyful occasions, life sometimes poses its challenges. In March 2023, Warhurst and her two sisters, Amy and Mel, were featured on BBC Breakfast. With heavy hearts, they spoke candidly about their father, Chris, who was diagnosed with dementia in 2022. Their bravery in sharing their personal journey sheds light on reality. that many families are facing with this disease. Their united front demonstrated the strength of their relationship and the unwavering support they had for each other during difficult times.

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Warhurst’s personal life is a testament to the beauty of love, the importance of family, and the resilience needed to face life’s obstacles. She cherishes every moment, cherishes the love and connections that have shaped her world.

Who is Nina Warhurst?

Nina Louise Warhurst, born October 1980, from Sale, Greater Manchester. During her teenage years, she moved to Salford. She received her early education at All Saints RC Primary School and attended Loreto Grammar School in Altrincham, a Catholic school. Continuing her academic journey, she enrolled at St Bede’s College in Manchester, where she pursued A-levels in English Literature, History and Politics.

Warhurst continued her studies at the University of Edinburgh, where she focused on History and Politics. In 2004, she graduated with honors with a first class MA. To broaden her skills in journalism, she attended PG Dip. in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Westminster, completing her studies in 2005.

Real name

Nina Louise Warhurst


Journalist, News reader, TV presenter, Actor

Year old



October 1980


For Sale, Greater Manchester





net value

1 million USD


Ed Fraser

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