Is Pamela Ann Arrested? Who is Pamela Ann Merritt? What did Pamela Ann Merritt do?

Pamela Ann Merritt has been charged by the Houston Police Department in connection with the death of Colin Kerdachi.
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Who is Pamela Ann Merritt? 

A woman named Pamela Ann Merritt, 43 years of age and hailing from Houston, has been formally accused of the murder of Colin Kerdachi, her 78-year-old landlord. The remains of Colin Kerdachi were discovered at the address 605 West Clay Street, the very house where he had been living.

The unsettling discovery occurred on December 6, 2021, shedding light on a case that had been shrouded in mystery since Colin Kerdachi had been reported missing back in February of the same year. The Houston Police Department spearheaded the investigation, ultimately leading to the identification of Merritt as a suspect. This arrest marks a pivotal juncture in the effort to uncover the truth behind this unfortunate incident.

Is Pamela Ann Arrested?

On August 18, the Houston Police Department (HPD) pressed charges against Pamela Ann Merritt, a woman who had been wanted in connection with the death of Colin Kerdachi, a 78-year-old individual.

The HPD had previously sought the public’s help in locating Merritt. Following their efforts, she was successfully apprehended and taken into custody. The case pertains to a murder that transpired in the year 2021. This recent development signifies a significant step forward in the ongoing investigation as law enforcement authorities work to bring about justice for the unfortunate incident. 

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What Did Pamela Ann Merritt Do?

Pamela Ann Merritt has been a suspect in connection with the death of an individual whose skeletal remains were discovered at the address 605 West Clay Street on the night of December 6, 2021, around 11:30 p.m.

The now-captured suspect, identified as Pamela Ann Merritt, aged 43, faces charges of murder specifically within the jurisdiction of the 262nd State District Court. This recent development represents a significant breakthrough in the ongoing investigation, wherein law enforcement has diligently pursued leads to bring about justice for the victim and their family.

Pamela Ann Arrested Update  

Based on the details provided in the arrest affidavit against Pamela Ann Merritt, authorities assert that she is suspected of having fatally stabbed her landlord around February 15, 2023. Allegedly aided by an accomplice, Merritt is believed to have concealed the victim’s body behind a staircase within the house.

At the time of the incident, Merritt was residing in the same house alongside her purported boyfriend. This boyfriend claimed to have last heard from the landlord on February 15, 2021, which coincided with a significant winter storm.

During the summer of 2021, a new tenant moved into the residence, of which Merritt and her boyfriend were the landlords. In return for discounted rent, the tenant was tasked with cleaning the upper floors of the house. During this endeavor, the tenant stumbled upon unsettling signs, including a blood-stained mattress, as well as blood marks on the floor and wall.

Merritt and her boyfriend allegedly explained away these discoveries by attributing them to a deceased dog. However, unconvinced, the tenant contacted the police, initiating an investigation that eventually identified the remains as belonging to Colin Kerdachi. The authorities’ suspicions had initially been aroused when Kerdachi went missing in February 2021, prompting multiple visits to the residence.

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During these visits, officers encountered Merritt, who had been previously reported for burglary and had undergone a psychiatric evaluation. Once Kerdachi’s remains were uncovered, a comprehensive review of gathered evidence ensued, leading to the contact of an individual who had reported Merritt for burglary.

This individual corroborated Merritt’s alleged confession to the murder of her landlord. This intricate series of events highlights the extensive investigative efforts undertaken by law enforcement to unravel the truth behind this distressing incident.

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