Is Past Lives on Netflix? Why is Past Lives Not on Netflix? Where to Watch Past Lives?

Find out why ‘Past Lives’ isn’t on Netflix and where to watch this heartfelt 2023 romantic drama starring Greta Lee and Teo Yoo.

Is Past Lives on Netflix?

Past Lives is not on Netflix right now. If you want to watch it, you can’t find it on Netflix. But you might be able to watch it on other places like Prime Video, where it could be available in the future. You can also buy or rent it on platforms like Amazon or Apple if you want to watch it sooner.

Why is Past Lives Not on Netflix?

“Past Lives” is not on Netflix because it’s available on other platforms and not all movies can be on Netflix at the same time. Sometimes, movies are released in theaters first, like “Past Lives,” and then they become available on streaming services like Netflix later. Netflix has a limited number of slots for movies, and they choose which ones to show based on different factors like agreements with movie studios and what their viewers want to watch. So, if “Past Lives” is not on Netflix, it’s because it’s currently on other platforms, and it might come to Netflix in the future.

Additionally, the availability of movies on Netflix can vary by region. Not all movies are available in every country due to licensing agreements, so even if “Past Lives” is not on Netflix in one place, it might be available in a different country. Netflix also rotates its content, adding and removing movies and TV shows regularly, so it’s possible that “Past Lives” could be on Netflix at a later time.

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Past Lives Overview

“Past Lives” is a movie made in 2023, and it’s a romantic drama. It’s about two friends named Na Young and Hae Sung who meet when they are kids in South Korea. They like each other, but then Na Young’s family moves to another country, and they lose contact.

After many years, in 2012, they find each other again on Facebook. They can’t meet in person because they have busy lives, but they talk on video calls. Eventually, they decide to stop talking for a while to focus on their own lives. Twelve years later, they meet again, but now things are different. Nora (which is what Na Young is called now) is married to someone else, and Hae Sung has his own experiences. They spend time together and think about their past and what might happen in the future. The movie is about love, time, and how people change, but some connections stay strong.

Past Lives Plot

The plot of Past Lives is a heartwarming and emotional story that spans over many years. It begins in Seoul, South Korea, where two twelve-year-old friends, Na Young and Hae Sung, start to develop feelings for each other. They even go on a date set up by their parents. However, Na Young’s family moves to Toronto, Canada, and she changes her name to Nora Moon, which leads to them losing contact.

Twelve years later, in 2012, Hae Sung has completed his military service, and Nora has moved to New York. They rediscover each other through Facebook, but their lives are still quite busy. Nora is about to attend a writer’s retreat, and Hae Sung is heading to China for a language exchange. Despite their connection through video calls, Nora decides they should take a break from talking to focus on their own lives. During this time, Nora meets Arthur Zaturansky, and they fall in love, while Hae Sung also starts dating someone.

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Twelve years later, Nora and Arthur are married and living in New York. Hae Sung, no longer with his girlfriend, comes to meet Nora. They all spend time together, and the movie explores their past, present, and uncertain future. It delves into questions of love, destiny, and the enduring bond between Nora and Hae Sung, leaving viewers with a touching and thought-provoking experience.

Past Lives Cast



Greta Lee


Seung Ah Moon

Young Nora

Teo Yoo

Hae Sung

Seung Min Yim

Young Hae Sung

John Magaro


Ji Hye Yoon

Nora’s mom

Choi Won-young

Nora’s dad

Min Young Ahn

Hae Sung’s mom

Jojo T. Gibbs


Emily Cass McDonnell


Federico Rodriguez


Conrad Schott


Kristen Sieh


Where to Watch Past Lives?

If you want to watch “Past Lives,” you can find it on different platforms. You can buy or rent it on platforms like Amazon, Vudu, YouTube, or Apple. It became available on these digital platforms starting from August 22, 2023. So, if you’re eager to watch it at home, you can choose one of these options to get it. Additionally, “Past Lives” is expected to be available on Prime Video for streaming in the future, but there is no specific date mentioned for when it will be on Prime Video.

Past Lives Trailer

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